Thursday, September 4, 2014

Books In My Box + Hairy Armpits + Blasphemy

Maybe that should read "books in my slot" since I have a mail slot and not a mailbox, but it sounds dirty either way, so I'm happy.

Not much to say. Just showing off my beautiful contributor's copies of two new erotic anthologies which are apparently both FOR WOMEN according to their subtitles. (Sorry everybody else. Not for you.)

If you're Hungry for More and you Can't Get Enough, look for my work in these two collections next time you're buying books.

Also, as an outward expression of my increasingly undeniable genderqueerness, here's some armpit hair:
Ooh... I like the one on the right!
Finally, as a side note, I found another Hungry for More at Amazon... Hungry for More OF JESUS. Mmm... tastes like the Son of Man!


  1. Jealous of the books! Hopefully that means I'll get my CGE copies soon. I was thinking about that "For Women" subtitle. I get the point of making it clear that the books are different from stuff that's being marketed to the male gaze—there is a difference in tone. I'm going to a convention later this month attended by not just women though and was thinking about bringing some of those books. It was weird to imagine myself trying to explain those subtitles to non-women.

    In any case, love the armpit hair!

  2. Yeah I'm not a fan of the "for women" thing, obviously, but I am a fan of my armpit hair! I should tell Dove about it. They seem to have developed a naked armpit fetish.