Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I thought I was getting dumped, but actually...

You know how I've got this adorable combination of self-effacing Canadianism and full-blown low self-esteem?

Well, here's what happens when you're a self-effacing Canadian with low self-esteem: you get a manila envelope in the mail from one of your favourite publishers, and you think: "This is it. They're returning my rights on all my work. I did something to piss them off, or my work isn't selling, or they discovered my deepest, darkest secrets and they're dumping me."

That wasn't it.  I tore open the envelope and here's what was in it:

Alpha's Claim: Winner - Best Anthology 2014

Isn't that awesome?  I mean, apart from being included in an anthology that won a readers' choice award, how many publishers send you certificates in the mail?  I was so touched to receive this. Like, mushy touched right in the soft spot (the heart, people, the heart!).

Thank you, Evernight Publishing! Thank you, readers!  You really made my day.

But wait... there's more!

There was a second certificate in the envelope, for the Readers' Choice runner-up in Best Anthology! I had a story in that one too:

So I wasn't dumped after all. That's a relief. ;-)

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