Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Working Hard or Hard at Work?

Someone's getting a free book!

I got some great stuff in the mail today and some of it's for you (maybe, depending on where you are and whether you think you're lucky, punk!).

First exciting thing is a review copy of The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 by Joan Price. This one's for me (not for you! *smack*) and I can't wait to dive right in. Review to come... after I read the book. I'm pretty responsible that way.
This is a terrible picture. Just terrible. Stupid crappy webcam.
On to the next. Pay attention, because this is where YOU come in...

I received my contributor's copies of a new erotic anthology called Nine-to-Five Fantasies (edited by Alison Tyler!) and here's what I'm thinking: since I'm going to be in Toronto's business district tomorrow and this book has a workplace focus, I'm going to HIDE this copy SOMEWHERE downtown.
My webcam is the worst

Where? I would tell you, but I don't know yet. Maybe somewhere along Bay Street or King or Queen or Yonge or... who knows? Not me. Because I'm not that organized. Could be set gently in the lobby of an office building. Could be placed on a table in one of the fast food restaurants along The Path. Could be squirreled away in a free newspaper box. You don't know because I haven't done it yet.

But I will! Tomorrow! So be on the lookout, and if you spot this book it's YOURS! And it's signed! By ME!
I'm terrible at signing books and writing with Sharpies.
Tangentially, I'll mention that Canada Border Services fully investigated the envelope my Nine-to-Five Fantasies arrived in... from both ends! Oooh, that's kinky.

Proudly fisted by the Canadian government

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