Friday, July 24, 2015

A Strong Month for Transgender Fiction

June was an incredible month for print sales. You people must love paperbacks as much as I do! (I never could get the hang of ebooks--feels too much like work.)

I'm most excited to tell you that the vast majority of Giselle Renarde book sales in June were LGBTQ titles, particularly transgender fiction.

1. The All-Star June seller was my most recent anthology of trans love stories, which is especially cool and surprising because sales of the print edition have now surpassed sales of the ebook!

2. In second place, we've got Flash in the Pen--a book of super-short erotic stories. Y'all obviously want your flash fiction on paper!

3. In third spot, we've got my pet paperback: Friday Night Lipstick. It's a friends-become-lovers novella about older trans women falling in sappy, delicious lurve. I cry EVERY time I read the last chapter.

Honourable mentions include:

Have Yourself A Sexy Lesbian Christmas (in July, I guess?),
Don't You Savage Me (with all proceeds going to charities that serve Indigenous women),
Bisexual Beauties (the new kid on the block),
 Moving May (this stepbrother romance has sold very well in print--thank you!)

I could go on. It was quite a month!
Okay, one more: Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!  

Thank you for buying my books!

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