Saturday, July 4, 2015

Huge Smashwords Sale! It's Everything You Could Dream Of!

If you dream of my erotica, that is. And you probably do. I mean, I do... if I'm lucky.

I'm going into the woods this week. While I'm away, I encourage you to buy my books. Real original, huh? But there's a good reason I'm saying this: Smashwords is having a huge-ass motherfucking summer sale (I believe that is the official name), and pretty much every book I've published there is on sale.

Some books are 25% off.
Some are 50% off.
Some 75% off.
And some are FREE

I don't so much like the system they use, because when you click the link I'll give you in a sec and scroll through my books, it'll look like everything's full price. It's not until you click on a particular title that you'll see, on the right side of its book page, what % you'll get off and what the coupon code is. I wish they'd just show the sale price. That would be a lot less confusing.

But if you love to browse, I've got... I don't know... hundreds of books to choose from? Right here, yo:

Just scrolllll through the page. This sale is on until the end of July and it'll probably take you that long to explore all ma books.

But I'm going to quickly draw your attention to the fact that Adam and Sheree's Family Box Set is on sale for 25% off. That's special because this collection has never been on sale before.

Adam and Sheree's Family Box Set contains a trilogy of hardcore brother/sister incest erotica novellas (no I'm not kidding--I really wrote three whole books about siblings who fuck) and it's probably my best work. No, still not kidding. If you bought all three books separately they'd cost you like $15, so this is a steal:

If you're going, "Jeeze, Giselle, why are you trying to pawn off that sinful smut on me? I only like classy-ass erotica," well have I got a book for you! Everybody Knows, my latest anthology of lusty love stories featuring transgender characters, is on sale at 50% off: That's an amazing deal.

An odd little piece of trivia for you: Everybody Knows is my only book that's sold more print copies than ebook copies.

Neat, huh?

If you're going, "Nah, talk smutty to me," okay, I can do that. Or, actually, Lexi Wood can. Because most of her catalog of pure, unadulterated smut is on sale as well:

I could tell you about a million things more, but I'm leaving in the morning and I haven't even packed yet. So buy books! I'll be reading all week. You read too. We'll be twins.

See you on the flip-side!
Snuggles and Huggles,

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  1. That one's published by eXcessica, not by me. Sorry for the confusion--authors generally have far less say (if any) when it comes to pricing on books published by publishers. Self-publishing has been great that way: I have much more control over pricing and sales! :-)