Thursday, March 18, 2010

Giselle Renarde is Alive and Well and Googling Herself

Hi Kittens!

I try not to google myself too often--it seems indiscreet--but I've never been much of a lady, so I'll give it to you straight.

Tonight I've been googling myself over and over again. I must have googled myself ten times over, and I'm still not satisfied! For three years straight, every time I googled myself the first result that came up was my website,
Every time!

Now I'm googling myself and seeing links to my work, to interviews I've granted, to my podcasting station, to everything about me, but not to ME. Not to my website,

Okay, actually, yes there is one link to my "About the Author" page, but not to my homepage or any of my other pages. (And, truthfully, my About the Author page is the one I like the least, aesthetically.)

So I guess this qualifies as...a rant? No, I just feel washed up. My website used to make a splash. Now I can't even google myself. Bah! I need some gratuitous nudity. Here goes:

So, as I said, Giselle Renarde is alive and well and living online at

Please visit. I'm so very lonesome!

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