Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Read an e-book Week!

That's right! All this week, we're encouraging ourselves and each other to read e-books! E-books not only help save the environment, but help save you money and space. They're also convenient to purchase any time you're in front of a computer or cell phone, and delivery is usually automatic!

So, which e-book am I proposing you read today? Why, that would be my latest release: SWEETHEART ROLANDO from Xcite e-books! Do you like shape-shifters? Well, meet the world's one and only cock-sucking, ass-fucking, shape-shifting flower!

When Lily's wicked stepmother tries to chop off her feet, she must flee with her sweetheart Rolando. To outsmart the witch, Lily transforms into the flower that shares her name. But Rolando and the witch share a secret so shameful he leaves his lily to rot. Luckily, a passing shepherd brings her home only to discover her mysterious sexual abilities. Who will be wed when this story ends? Lily and the shepherd? Rolando and the witch? Or Lily and her sweetheart Rolando?

Extract from Sweetheart Rolando

It befell that a lonely shepherd moved his sheep through Lily’s field. When he beheld the poor flower, she appeared to him so pretty and so mournful that he felt a great affinity for her. Plucking her from the ground, he took her along, stem laced into his belt and broad petal against his shirtless chest. Having retained scent receptors from her human days, Lily took in the heady musk of the working man. His body oozed liquid masculinity, encouraging her yellow pistil to soak his flesh with nectar. Lily eased her way across the downy hair of his chest until she could nudge her white petal against the shepherd’s tender nipple. Using her pistil like a tongue, she licked that bud in circles.

‘Why, if I didn’t know better I would think this flower was coming on to me!’ the shepherd said to his sheep. When he arrived home to his one-room cabin, he placed Lily in a clear glass vase on the table.

From that time forth, strange things happened in the shepherd’s house. At night, Lily hopped from her vase and floundered like a trout to the mat where her manly shepherd lay asleep. She crept under the covers, leaving traces of dew from his ankle to his thigh. The musk of his male parts overwhelmed her senses, and she traced her moist pistil along the crease of his hairy sacs. His cock responded immediately, growing by inches.

Along his hard meat, Lily traced her pistil until she arrived at the pleat in his cockhead. That, too, she licked with her yellow tongue, slathering his eager tip with love nectar. In his sleep, he responded encouragingly, so Lily dove down on him to gobble his entire shaft into her soft-as-silk mouth. Folding her white petals around the shepherd’s drooling cock, she formed a tight satin cunt and moved slowly, up and away, then back down. As she plunged, Lily coiled her wet pistil around the musky man’s hard cock.

The sleeping shepherd moaned with delight. It was as though a silky-wet cunt with a spectacularly flexible tongue sucked his cock. The impossibility of it all convinced him, when he awoke in the morning, he had dreamed the enchanted blowjob. Why his Lily lay beside him in bed, smelling of come no less, remained a mystery.

The next night, his delightful dream improved. As the tight silken cunt sucked like a demon on his straining shaft, her sly stem made its way around his muscular thigh. Not only did Lily’s wet pistil coil around his cockhead, but her long green stem also wrapped itself around his hairy ball-sacs. As if that weren’t gratifying enough, she ran the base of her stem along the sensitive path at the base of his balls until she arrived at his twitching asshole.

As Lily sucked the shepherd’s cock, his willing hole twitched under the tickle of her stem. Moistening the entryway with the juice of her veins, she traced circles around it in preparation. When her manly man began to ooh and ahh above the covers, Lily knew he was ready for deep penetration. She launched her solid stem clear past his assring and into that tube of elastic flesh, thrusting forth as she squeezed on his thigh and balls. As she plunged deeper into the shepherd’s ass, he responded by clutching the covers with such violence she feared he might tear them in two.

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Giselle Renarde
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