Friday, February 27, 2015

Everybody's wondering why I haven't blogged about this...

I missed my own book release. Isn't that like missing your birthday?

Nope--it's worse. Missing your birthday just happens. Maybe you're distracted. Maybe you just don't care about birthdays.

Missing your book release happens when your distribution service takes its sweet time and you don't have purchase links yet. Not much good telling the world your book is available when you can really only find it at Amazon.

So I waited one day and *poof* problem solved. EVERYBODY KNOWS: 15 TRANSGENDER LOVE STORIES, my new anthology of literary erotica featuring trans and genderqueer characters is now available in print and as an ebook. From Amazon. And other places!

Another reason I held off announcing my new book is... ugh... complicated.

Well, not really complicated. I'm just queasy about explaining it.

My introduction to this book takes a very hopeful tone. I must have been extremely caffeinated when I wrote it, because I'm rarely so un-jaded. (What's the opposite of jaded? There must be a word for that.) Anyway, my intro explains what you can expect to find in the rest of the book and then goes into a true story of acceptance from my girlfriend's life. I wanted to leave readers with a bit of a warm-and-fuzzy feeling as they headed into the (sometimes) rough terrain of these (sometimes) challenging stories.

Want to know the first news item I heard about after I hit "publish" on EVERYBODY KNOWS? A young trans woman of colour in my city had died.

Well, that destroyed every ounce of joy I'd felt in seeing my new book come into this world.

I'm incredibly proud of EVERYBODY KNOWS, but this news is making it hard to celebrate the book's release... and now I also feel like my introduction is embarrassingly Pollyanna-ish.

You can find out more about EVERYBODY KNOWS at its devoted website:

I'll be back tomorrow with the typical stuff--the excerpt, the buy links, the sales pitch if I can muster it.

I know I don't say this enough, but I love my readers. I love you. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading my books. Writing is my livelihood, and without you what would I be?

Getting maudlin, now. See you tomorrow.
Much love,

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