Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Tell Me What You're Up To Tuesday with A.V. Roe / Zoe Desh

Hi A.V. Roe / Zoe Desh! Tell me what you're up to.

A.V. Roe / Zoe Desh: Kinda trying to push shit uphill. On crusade to get Goodreads (a for profit Book Club subsidiary of Amazon) to change their fatally flawed "Review" system. I've been excommunicated as three different authors for being uppity.

Got a new book out? What's it called?

A.V. Roe / Zoe Desh: Authors vs. Goodreads

Tell me about it.

A.V. Roe / Zoe Desh: It is probably the most reviled book on GR right now. Never has a free booklet for authors been trolled so heavily by readers who somehow feel threatened by it. Never has so much reviewer ink been spilled trashing it without getting the point.

Where can readers buy it?

A.V. Roe / Zoe Desh: Free on smashwords

Where can readers find you?

A.V. Roe: www.av-roe.com for my smut.

@zoedesh if you want to follow my crusade against GR on Twitter.

***Authors! If you want to tell me what you're up to on a Tuesday (well, you can tell me any day, but it'll get posted on a Tuesday) go here and fill out the form: http://donutsdesires.blogspot.ca/p/authors.html It's free and fun and did I mention it's FREE?***

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