Monday, February 2, 2015

You're Not Going To Believe This...

...but I wrote a heteromance called A Man Needs A Maid and it's going to appear in a billionaire BDSM box set called Shades of Control: Fifty by Fifty.

Who'd have ever thought I would write a billionaire romance, right?

My book is really light on the BDSM aspect (we're talking, like, fuzzy handcuffs) but if you want to read a book about anal sex in a haunted house, this is it!

Actually, clocking in at 65,000 words, A Man Needs A Maid is the longest novel I've ever written.

Shades of Control: Fifty by Fifty comes out next week and, don't worry, I'll remind you at least 100,000 times to buy a copy when it does.

Anyway, this is a cover reveal. So a cover:

I come out next week! Buy me, okay?

Also, you can win a $25 Amazon gift card:
Good luck!

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