Monday, September 5, 2011

Quick Six PRO with Daisy Dunn (Part 1)

Quick Six PRO
Interview with Daisy Dunn

Q: What's hot on the market these days?

Daisy Dunn: I think paranormal and fantasy erotic romance seems to be hot. This is a good thing because I not only read those genres, but write them as well.

Q: What's the most time-consuming part of a writer's life?

Daisy Dunn: It's a toss up between editing a manuscript and promoting it. Writing the novel is the easy part :)

Q: On the topic of ebook piracy, hunter or head in the sand?

Daisy Dunn: I think it's shameful. All the work that goes in to creating and publishing a story, only to have it ripped off is wrong on so many levels...I would say I'm a hunter!!

Q: What should a writer's priority be?

Daisy Dunn: Write the best story you can!

Q: How do you handle a bad review?

Daisy Dunn: I haven't had a review yet, so I'm not exactly how I would react. I think I would probably lock myself in a room and cry for an hour, then dust myself off, and shrug it away. That's best case scenario. Worst case scenario would involve a whole carton of peanutbutter chocolate ice cream. :)

Q: What advice do you give aspiring authors?

Daisy Dunn: Don't give up on your dream of writing, EVER!!!

More to come next week from Daisy Dunn, Author of:

The Portal

Cole Evans has been in love with Gianna Thomas from the first
moment he laid eyes on her when he was a student at the University.
He pursued her relentlessly, but Gianna would not date him because
of their ten year age difference. She broke his heart when she pushed
him away for good, afraid to be known as a Cougar.

Five years later, Cole is now twenty-nine years old and is ready to fight
for Gianna. Before he does, he takes one more trip through the portal
he created into the alternate universe he has stumbled across. He has
been chosen as a guard for the ruling queen of this world and is
shocked when he sees that one of the prisoners is Gianna. He needs
to get her out of this place, away from the hungry gaze of the queen
and into his arms once and for all.

It can be purchased at:


  1. Great interview! and if you're having peanut butter chocolate ice cream you better call me Daisy b/c that's my fave too!

  2. Great minds think alike!! Thanks for stopping by Kellie!! Big HUGS :)