Friday, May 28, 2010

Gorgeous Things Are These

I have gorgeous things to celebrate today at Donuts & Desires, and these gorgeous things are NEW COVERS!

Two upcoming releases from lyd Alterotica means two fabulous covers by two very talented artists:

Coming June 11th, 2010 to loveyoudivine:

Spring Fever by Giselle Renarde
Cover art by Dawné Dominique
Dotschy doesn't want to think about love everlasting. When spring comes around and she can't stop smiling at Connor the sweet and sensitive semi-closet trans-curious sometimes-cross-dresser, she convinces herself it's just infatuation. That doesn't stop her from wanting him, though. It doesn't stop her from getting him either.

Coming June 25, 2010 to loveyoudivine:

Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice by Giselle Renarde
Cover art by Emmy Ellis

Professor Selyf is a fay magical, a solitary academic who lives near the mythical village of Gwyllion on a Welsh hillside. When a knock at the door interrupts him from his manuscript, he curses the intruders--until he gets a look at them! The ginger boy, Bedwyn, he doesn't much care for, but Trysta, his beautiful cara, awakens Selyf's heart and the sleeping serpent within.

Trysta has a "female problem," as Bedwyn puts it, and needs the professor's audience. She and Bedwyn are mixed-bloods--half human, half fay. When Trysta's mother conceived her, she wished for a little girl. The fae have a unique ability to select their children's genders with simple wishes, but since Trysta's system contained "stagnant" human blood, the wish only half succeeded. Trysta was born a girl with one particular boy part.

Bedwyn doesn't know the true nature of Trysta's "female problem," and she asks Selyf to help her resolve it so she can finally share her body with her caru. As a guest in Selyf's home, Trysta grows as attracted to the professor's magical intellect as he is to her beauty. The desire to give in to temptation mounts, particularly when Selyf realizes the only way to resolve Trysta's problem involves a sexual sacrifice on the solstice.

Are you excited? I'm excited!


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