Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Like That Spark: Erotic Stories of New Relationships

I forgot to mention I have a story in a great new Circlet Press anthology.

Like That Spark: Erotic Stories of New Relationships

Published By: Circlet Press, Inc.
ISBN # 978-1-885865-92-2
Word Count: 33,933
Heat Index

Categories: Sci-fi/Fantasy Erotica Short Stories

Like That Spark is a collection of short stories that explore the sensuality and eroticism of the moment when two characters finally realize they are meant to be together. These are tales of relationships and the beginnings of romantic and sexual connections. The stories here will challenge you and your notions of what constitutes a relationship in the first place. You will not find the common tame romance tale here.

Here erotic connections are represented by the science fiction and fantasy worlds; a realm of infinite possibilities. Nothing is ever as it seems. There are mythical kingdoms, distant planets, futuristic cities, surreal dreamscapes, sultry bedchambers, and even the furthest reaches of space to tempt and entice you.

Table of Contents:

Clear Sight in the Double Full Moon Night by Shawn Erin
A Balefire Chronicles Short Story: Poisonous Passions by Cynthia Gael
A Last Goodbye by Roxanne Rhoads
ToyGirls of the Personal Genome by Giselle Renarde
The Shock of the New by D Mark Alderton
Navigator by Kathleen Tudor
Passive Resistance by Josephine Myles

ToyGirls of the Personal Genome is a near-future cissexual/transsexual/intersex lesbian menage story. This story speculates on misuse of personal genomic information listed in a public index. In a near-future society where gender identity is no longer equated with genitalia, the trans and cisgender populations still hold privilege over intersex.

When twice-married, twice-divorced Roisin works up the nerve to visit a prostitute, she chooses Neo--a transsexual ToyGirl generated and farmed by a thief of the Personal Genome Index. At Neo's loft, Roisin meets Feather, Neo's intersex girlfriend who's been booted from the ToyGirls regime. In Feather, Roisin sees a twenty-year-old version of herself. She sold her personal genome to the Index years ago. Could Feather have been created from Roisin's stolen genome? Impossible! That would mean Roisin was born intersex too...

You can buy Like That Spark today! (Go for it! Whatcha waitin' for? It's great!)

Giselle Renarde

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