Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Authors: A Pride Month Call for Submissions!

Thanks to Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads for organizing 30 days of LGBT writing. What a great way to celebrate Pride Month! If you're a reader, you'll no doubt have some great mainstream LGBT stories to choose from. If you're an LGBT author, put your submissions hat on and get your work in soon!

Permission to re-post granted:

As most of you know, June is Pride Month. As many of you may NOT know,
Untreed Reads Publishing has a special short story line entitled
"Diversity" which showcases the best in short story writing from all
minority groups whether it be LGBT, African-American, Latino, Native
American, etc..

In honor of Pride Month, Untreed Reads' goal is to publish 30 brand-new
LGBT short stories to the "Diversity" line, one each day. Submissions
can cover any topic except erotica. We prefer short stories that have
romantic elements to them, rather than stories that would be categorized
specifically as romance. Mysteries, sci-fi, literature and horror are
especially welcome.

All titles are subject to our regular submission and royalty guidelines,
which can be found at http://www.untreedreads.com/?page_id= 1039. All
titles will be available for sale through the Untreed Reads website,
Smashwords, AllRomance/OmniLit, Scribd.com, 1Romance (for those titles
with romantic elements to them), Amazon and will be submitted to Sony,
B&N and Apple. All will be heavily promoted as well. Short story titles
must be 5,000 words or less. Flash fiction is also accepted. Also, just
because we fill up all 30 days of spots does NOT mean we will
automatically reject other stories. We may choose to publish them later
in the line.

When submitting, please indicate "Diversity Submission" in your subject
line. Deadline for submissions is June 10th.

Please feel free to cross-post this request to all of your reading
lists, groups, blogs, etc..

As a gay man running an independent publishing house, I look forward to
helping to shine a spotlight on all of the great writers out there!

Jay Hartman
Untreed Reads Publishing

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