Monday, May 17, 2010

Second Cover for THIRD RAIL

Remember a sensual, moving, amusing, heart-wrenching, authentic transgender story called Third Rail?

"When did I become my own rival for your affections?"

Perhaps it is a touch unusual to have a girlfriend and boyfriend both living in the same body, but Kokoro doesn’t classify her relationship with Fiona and Martin as strange. Kokoro rides the third rail, a dutifully subservient lover to both aspects of her transgendered partner’s psyche. She goes home with Fiona at night, a transformation takes place, and she leaves the house with Martin the next morning. In between, Kokoro discovers that the dynamics of domination and submission aren’t necessarily rooted in black leather. The emotional interplay, “this game of wills,” as Fiona calls it, is a greater aphrodisiac than toy-shop trappings. Fiona is a willful Domme, even in her flowing white skirt and plain cotton panties.

Remember that one? Thought you might.

Well, Third Rail officially has a new cover. This cover places an emphasis on the gritty sexuality of Fiona/Martin's domination of Kokoro. It's pretty much the opposite of the old cover, wouldn't you say? The old one was romantic, almost whimsical. This one is challenging. It strips itself bare and shows you everything its got.

Anybody have a preference? Which cover do you like?

Why not pick up a copy of Third Rail and let me know which you think suits the story? You can buy it right now from All Romance ebooks!
(Oooh...Giselle's got a sly marketing ploy! LOL. At least I'm upfront about it.)

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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