Friday, August 20, 2010

Lesbian Fiction Celebration! "Obeying Rigel" by Loki Renard

Obeying Rigel Blurb:

“You strut through your life, giving everyone you meet attitude. Most
people probably don't even deserve it. And you know that, but you keep
doing it. You're waiting for someone who won't take it. Every time you
make a snarky remark or a smart ass comment, there's part of you that
wishes there was somebody around to put you firmly in your place. But
there hasn't been anyone, has there?”Sadie's head spun as Rigel
closed the final little bit of distance between them and lowered her
voice. “Until now.”

When cocksure, laid-back drop out meets the wickedly attractive, yet stern
Rigel, sparks fly. Unimpressed with her layabout lifestyle and outright
bratty attitude, Rigel sets about making things very difficult for her
little Sadie.

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Wow..."cocksure" is such an exciting word! Gives me tingles.

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  1. Thanks for the promotional shout-out Giselle :) Verily, you rock!