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Lesbian Fiction Celebration! "Worth the Wait" by Beth Wylde

Worth The Wait - Beth Wylde


Barbara has her sights set on the sexy new bartender at Rainbow Junction. After a bad break up and a heated make out session that confirms Jackie’s orientation, Barbara is even more determined. Will all her hard work make it worth the wait?


Barbara is the hot butch with her sights sets on the new femme bartender at Rainbow Junction. Up until recently Jackie has been off limits, but a bad break up has her back on the market and looking for love. The signals these two keep sending one another are enough to warrant an earthquake warning. When they finally get together will it be worth the wait?

Formats Available: pdf, prc, lit, zipped html, lrf, epub, rb
Series: N/A
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-487-3
lyd Category: FemErotica
Length: 27 pdf Pages 3664 words
Rating: 3
Cover Price: $2


We arrived at the club shortly after ten. The place was packed. Inside, the dance floor was a sea of bodies, all in different levels of undress and gyrating against one another in a blatant mimicry of sex. The place just reeked of desire. I was hoping to be one of the ones that got lucky.
I spotted Jackie from across the room. She was doing one of her cocktail routines, tossing and juggling three fifths of liquor as she fixed some exotic mixer for the woman patiently leaning against the bar in thrall. She had on a strappy black halter-top, held together with nothing more than two black bows. One tied around her neck and the other across her back.
The tops of her breasts strained against the glittery material every time she tossed and caught one of the bottles. I couldn’t see what type of pants she was wearing but that was okay. Just the top part of the show had me panting and wet. It was going to be a long, long wait until closing.
Jeanine gave me a shove. "Go get her tiger."
She leaned in to whisper in my ear. "We'll talk to you tomorrow. I want all the juicy details."
The girls walked off, leaving me alone, with the object of my lust just out of reach. I decided to remedy that problem immediately.
I gathered up my courage and palmed a twenty out of my wallet as I made my way to the bar.
Jackie had just finished her show of dexterity when I spied an empty bar stool and sat down. Before I could wave to her, she spotted me out of the corner of her eye and moved right towards me, much to the dismay of the guy at the other end trying to flag her down.
She leaned over the bar, giving me a great glimpse of her breasts and getting almost within kissing distance as she greeted me. “Hey Barbara." She licked her lips and the sight made my nipples hard. "I wondered where you’d been. You weren’t here Wednesday for happy hour.” She leaned in even closer until our faces were scant centimeters apart. "I was hoping to spend some time with you that evening. I got off early."
She put an extra emphasis on the got off part that sent heat raging through my loins.
It took all my willpower not to lean forward and close the gap. “I had to work. I gave you my cell number. You should have called me.”
Her lips met mine for just a second before she pulled away and smiled. It was the look one woman gives another when she knows she's going to get laid, and it's going to be good. “What’ll you have?”
It took me a minute to process her question since most of my blood had gone south to my clit.
I started to say 'you' and then bit back the comment as too clichéd. I wanted more than sex from Jackie, but for the moment, I think we were both too horny to rationalize any other needs.
"I'll have a beer."
"Taking it easy tonight?"
I nodded as she grabbed me a Bud Light and popped off the top. I definitely wasn't aiming to get drunk. I wanted to be able to remember every second of our first time together. There was no doubt in my mind what we'd be doing once Rainbow Junction closed for the night. The only question was where.

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Author Bio:

Erotica author Beth Wylde writes what she likes to read, which includes a little bit of everything. Her muse is an equal opportunity plot bunny that believes everyone, no matter their kink, color, gender or orientation is entitled to experience love, acceptance, and steaming HOT sex. Her books range in theme from paranormal to contemporary and in pairings from lesbian erotica to bi as well as ménage, straight m/f and beyond.

She had a book nominated in 2010 for a Lambda award that was a finalist for erotica in the EPIC awards. She’s also on the short list for lesbian erotica this year for GCLS.

To find out more about Beth as well as a list of signings, contests, new releases and appearances visit her website at and join her busy yahoo group at
She loves to hear from both readers and writers and can be contacted directly at
For a list of all her social networks check out the meet Beth page on her website.

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