Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lesbian Fiction Celebration! "To Love and To Cherish"

Note from Giselle:

How could we POSSIBLY have a lesbian fiction celebration without Beth Wylde, right? Of course, being the wonderful creature Beth is, she told me sure I could promo her work if I wanted, but what she really wanted to draw attention was the charity anthology she and Lara Zielinsky put together. So, here it is:

To Love and To Cherish - Vol 1 - On Bended Knee

When we first conceived of this project, the title came to us instantly. The phrase “To Love and To Cherish” purposely evokes the importance of the marriage vows and we, the women of Sapphic Planet, hope it speaks to the equality of same sex committed relationships in practice to heterosexual ones. Whether you are queer or straight, marriage is all about security, protection, and forming a safe haven for both partners to grow and love while adding to the family that surrounds them.

Every person frets over the perfect proposal. After all, you're asking the one person you love more than anything in the world, to share their life with you. It's terrifying, it's exhilarating, and it's beautiful.

In our first volume, On Bended Knee, the authors of SapphicPlanet share the many ways one woman can ask another to join with her forever, whether the union is officially recognized by the government or not. Sometimes that perfect moment comes with quite a price.

In “The Anti Proposal” Robyn stumbles through a comedy of errors while trying to prepare the perfect night for popping the big question. Share in the spur-of-the-moment proposal as Lara Zielinsky's Kennedy McMasters asks her girlfriend to become a member of her family. Watch as Lark struggles through time with Doris’ family and is rewarded with a surprise she’ll never forget in “My Doris My Love,” by Jolene Hui.

We hope you will enjoy these stories, and we sincerely hope for a day when everyone can have the government acknowledge their commitment as they drop On Bended Knee before the one they love.

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