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Lesbian Fiction Celebration! "The Princess's Bride" by KT Grant

The Princess's Bride by KT Grant

Synopsis: Daisy de Fleurre, an exiled princess from a far away land longs for true love. She almost experienced that at the tender age of seventeen, when she and her servant Chelsey, engaged in a smoldering love affair for one brief summer before they were both separated forever. Eight years later, Daisy is now engaged to a man who wants to offer her the world. But Daisy still longs for the woman she has never forgotten.

The dastardly lady pirate C.W. Dread, lives for revenge against Lord Humphrey, the man who murdered her family. She will kidnap Humphrey's fiancée, hold her for ransom, and introduce her to the delights of the flesh. Then her revenge will be complete! But Dread is in for a shock when her prisoner is a blast from her past who she once adored deep down to her very core.

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As Daisy turned the corner around the bend, Chelsey stood there, leaning against the barn door. Daisy ran up to her and gave her a loud smack on the mouth. Chelsey wrapped her hands around Daisy's neck and kissed her back in return. She moaned when Chelsey squeezed her breast and hid her face into the crook of her neck.

Daisy sighed as Chelsey slid an arm around her waist. Chelsey's other hand slipped inside Daisy's bodice and rubbed her fingers over a nipple.

"Hmm… princess, you smell like strawberries and cream." Daisy giggled and stepped back as Chelsey’s tongue lapped behind her ear.

Daisy took in deep breaths, trying to calm her fast-beating heart.

"I see you're not wearing your corset, either, like I had asked,” Chelsey said as Daisy took deep breaths. “And you better only have one petticoat under that frock of yours."

Daisy swallowed at her forceful tone. Whenever Chelsey gave her an order, her core grew slick and her nipples even harder. She looked down at her bosom and held back a gasp. Since she wasn't wearing a corset; her nipples poked out for anyone to see.

"Oh dear." Daisy placed her palm across her chest and looked over her shoulder.

Chelsey grabbed her by the arm. "Let's go in before you expire from embarrassment or frustration."

“Fr-frustration?” Daisy asked and groaned. Chelsey always seemed to enjoy teasing her.

"We'll take care of that in a few minutes." Chelsey winked and gave her arm a caress, then took her hand and pushed the barn door open.

Daisy scrunched up her nose at the smell of musty hay and rotting wood. She remembered the times she and Thomas had come to this barn to play hide and go seek as children. She looked up at part of the caved in roof and spotted a large amount of cobwebs covering the railings. Two birds' nests were sitting up high in the rafters, and she smiled as a few baby birds chirped, most likely hungry for nourishment from their mother.

"You don't think one of those momma birds will attack us?" Daisy pointed up at the ceiling as Chelsey led her deeper into the back of the barn and into a corner stall.

"You ask the silliest of things," Chelsey reprimanded Daisy softly, but gave her a smile and a wink.

Daisy ducked her head and kicked away some of the hay she had walked on. "I don't mean to," she whispered before turning her attention to the floor in front of her. "Why, this hay looks fresh."

Chelsey held out her arm for Daisy to precede her into the stall. "I mucked out this stall yesterday so we could be comfortable and not worry about any creatures bothering us."

"Cr-creatures?" Daisy swallowed, glancing around nervously. But she covered her mouth in delight as she walked in. Fresh hay covered the floor and in the middle of the small room lay a brown wool blanket and a bottle of wine. There was also a bouquet of white daisies lying off to the side.

"This is lovely, Chelsey!" Daisy set the basket down on the blanket and wrapped her arms around her lover. She gave Chelsey a kiss, this time pressing her tongue against Chelsey's lips, just as she had been taught.

Chelsey bit down on her bottom lip. "You're happy with my present?"

"Oh yes. It's wonderful. I hope you will like mine, too."

Chelsey lifted her head and pressed her forehead against Daisy's. "You have given me so much already. I don't need anything other than your body and your…"

"And my what?" Daisy asked in a hushed voice. Her stomach tightened as she waited for Chelsey to speak.

"And your books and those strawberry tarts you helped my mother make."

Daisy put her hands on her hips and frowned up at Chelsey. "How do you know I have strawberry tarts with me?"

Chelsey pulled her in close, placed her nose in between Daisy's breasts and inhaled. "I can smell them on you. It’s driving me mad. Also, the scent from the basket is strong. Remember: nothing gets past me, princess."

Daisy wrapped her arms around Chelsey's neck and played with the soft hair covering her nape. "I wish you would stop calling me princess. I am simply Daisy."

Chelsey lifted her face and looked deeply into Daisy's eyes. "Whatever you desire."

The warm feeling in Daisy's stomach drifted down to her clenching pussy, thanks to the heated stare Chelsey was giving her.

Chelsey licked her lips and made a show of sniffing around. "I smell something sweet and warm. Could it be dew?"

Daisy blushed and pushed Chelsey away as she leaned in to kiss her. "You are horrid!"

"Yes, I most certainly am and will not make any apologies." Chelsey tapped her chin with a finger and gave Daisy a haughty look. "I think you should be punished for not being able to control your urges." She began tickling Daisy under her arms and Daisy screamed, trying to grab Chelsey's hands.

"Stop it!" Daisy spluttered amid her laughter as she backed away, almost stumbling onto the blanket. Chelsey caught her and gave her another deep, wet kiss. She knelt down with Daisy in her arms.

Chelsey laid her mouth over Daisy's pulse, running her nose up and down her silky skin. "W-why do you love to kiss my neck so much?" Daisy tilted her head back and stopped a moan from escaping.

Chelsey nipped Daisy's chin. "I love how you taste and smell there. It's soft, much like the inside of your legs. Lie down and open them for me."

Daisy opened her mouth to argue, but Chelsey pressed a finger against her mouth and pushed her backward. Daisy rose up on her elbows once she met the ground, then fell down in a heap, causing her skirt to fly up over her face.

She clenched her fists when she felt Chelsey's lips on her knee.

"Ch-chelsey, what are you doing?" Daisy pulled down the hem of her dress until she saw a prone Chelsey lying between her legs.

"Do you remember what I did last night?" She waited to continue until Daisy nodded "I want to taste more of your honey."

"D-don't you want to eat a tart first?" Daisy loved the feel of Chelsey's mouth and tongue near her mound. But that first time had occurred in the dark and not during the day, when every part of her body was exposed.

Chelsey sat up and looked down at her. "I can feel you shaking. I thought you enjoyed what we did together?"

Daisy pushed down her skirt and sat up. She felt horrible.

"Oh Chelsey, forgive me. I love the way you touch me with your hands and your mouth. "She rubbed her fingers softly across Chelsey lips. "I'm not comfortable yet with being so open with you during the day. You must think I'm a goose!"

Chelsey cupped her cheek. "I forget that you and I are very different. Showing a lover your naked body is only natural."

Daisy leaned into Chelsey's hand. "I love hearing you call me your lover."

Chelsey closed her eyes and sighed. "I enjoy calling you that… because you are." She gave Daisy an eager kiss, and as Daisy responded, she pushed her back down until she was lying on top of her.

Daisy's dress was wrapped high around her hips and, as she and Chelsey shared hungry kisses, she pushed it down. Chelsey placed a hand on her knee, and when her lover’s hands squeezed her inner thigh, Daisy sighed into her mouth.

"May I touch you, Daisy? I'll make sure you are covered so only I will see."

Daisy nodded, licking Chelsey's lips. Chelsey gave her another kiss, and as she gazed into Daisy's eyes, she cupped her mound. Daisy hissed and her eyes grew wide.

"You're always so wet and ready for me, my Daisy." Chelsey slipped two of her fingers through the slit in Daisy's cream-colored drawers and wiggled around, watching Daisy's reaction.

Daisy wiped away the sweat forming on her upper lip. "I want to touch you as you are touching me."

"Touch me where, Daisy? Say it." Chelsey twisted her fingers and pushed them deeper into Daisy's core.

Daisy's hips tilted up. "Your p-pussy. Can I? Please?"

"After I make you find your pleasure, you can do whatever you want to me. But first, we need to fix this little problem of yours."

Daisy pressed the back of her hand over her mouth and opened her legs wider. She closed her eyes as Chelsey found the spot… which made even more honey gush from her pussy.

"Open your eyes and look at me while I fuck you with my hand."

Daisy flinched from the harsh word she had only ever heard Chelsey say. She opened her eyes and watched Chelsey's face as she grinded her hips in time with Chelsey's hand.

"There now… that's a good princess." Chelsey blew on Daisy's cheek. She turned her face to the side and latched onto Chelsey's mouth with her own. Chelsey rotated her hand in such a way that Daisy shuddered and came apart.

Daisy pressed her hands over her stomach, letting out a few pants against Chelsey's mouth, and then went still.

"That was incredible." She looked up at Chelsey in a daze and fanned her face. She was covered in sweat and suddenly felt the need to disrobe.

Chelsey sat up and pulled her fingers out of Daisy. She licked them with a wistful smile. Daisy lay there watching, licking her own lips.

"Tastes just like strawberries." Chelsey smoothed her damp fingers against Daisy's lips. The tip of her tongue came out and swiped one of Chelsey's fingers.

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