Saturday, May 28, 2016

ANONYMOUS for #MySexySaturday

If you follow me on Twitter or you're on my mailing list, you've already heard the news:
ANONYMOUS is back!

Remember ANONYMOUS? It's the MMF menage/stranger sex novel I wrote for Amber Quill Press. Now that they've closed down I've got my rights back. I decided to self-publish.

I also decided to place the book in KDP Select for the first 90 days so Kindle Unlimited subscribers could read it for free... but that's already come back to bite me in the butt. Amazon has adult-filtered ANONYMOUS, meaning it doesn't show up in searches, meaning it's extremely difficult for readers to find, meaning I'm a little bit screwed on discoverability.

Just means I have to work a little harder to get the message out. (The message is BUY MY BOOK! Pleeeeze!)

To that end, why don't I share a little snippet from ANONYMOUS?

In celebration of My Sexy Saturday, here are the first seven paragraphs from the book, introducing Hannah, her husband Nathaniel and the shared desire that sparks the action:

He said: “I want to suck another man’s cock.”

She smiled and told him: “I want to watch.”

“I bet you do.”

Hannah set her wine glass on the coffee table. She crossed her bare legs over her husband’s lap and laughed. “I can’t believe we’re talking like this. It’s so naughty!”

She ran her fingers down the front of his unbuttoned shirt and leaned in to kiss his neck. He smelled like wet pine after coming in from the rain. She kissed him again, kissed his cheek this time.

Every peck left a pink mark.

Tonight, she would paint him with lipstick. Her lips would be her brush, and his skin her canvas. She’d been waiting all day, and now this dirty talk was gearing her up for an evening to remember.

Get it for $0.99 right now!

That's right: I'm offering ANONYMOUS at the special introductory price of only $0.99, so grab it now! As I mentioned, it's free if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Buy it, read it, tell your friends. With the book being adult-filtered, I need a ton of help getting the word out!

Thanks and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Now Free at iTunes: My Mistress' Thighs
The other day I let you know my anthology My Mistress' Thighs: Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry will be free for the rest of the month at Smashwords. When I changed the price I realized the book had a few open "tickets" from Apple, meaning it was not being distributed to that vendor. The tickets were for silly things like being categorized as erotica secondarily rather than primarily.

Instead of changing a laundry list of items, I took the easy way out and published to Apple via a service called Draft2Digital. One thing I really like about this distributor is that they email the link to you as soon as your book goes live. That's a really handy service.

I got this lovely little link straight to my inbox:

As you can see, My Mistress' Thighs is not only available at iTunes, but it's FREE. Yes, that was deliberate. I want you to have it! It's my gift to you this May.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quick Response Required! Help Me Support the Red Cross!

Whether or not you live in Canada, you've probably heard about the destruction fire has caused in Fort McMurray. The Canadian Red Cross has launched an appeal for donations. I want to help, but I need your support.

Read on...

I commonly donate royalties from my books to organizations doing important work.  On this occasions, I've decided to donate 100% of the royalties I earn this week on my book Sweet Lesbian Love Stories to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal.

Why did I choose Sweet Lesbian Love Stories?

Mainly because it's one of my few books with no erotic content. I want to raise funds quickly, and I'm trying to appeal to a broad range of readers. Also I want readers to feel comfortable sharing this book on social media.

Even if you can't purchase a copy, tell people about this appeal. Spread the word.

If you'd prefer your impact to be greater and more immediate, donate directly to:

You can purchase this book in print from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or direct from CreateSpace (which will earn me, and hence the Red Cross, the highest royalty percentage):

Or purchase the ebook from one of the following vendors:
Amazon UK:




Do it now. I'll be making a donation on Monday.

The federal government has announced it will match Red Cross donations, so consider your effort doubled.

Make a purchase. Tweet about it. Tell your Facebook following.

Thank you and big hugs,

Monday, May 2, 2016

#BookBreak is the new #CoffeeBreak

I listened to a whole bunch of podcasts this weekend, including a number of episodes of Under the Influence. Not technically a podcast, okay.  Under the Influence is a CBC Radio program that looks inside the world of marketing.

One of the many things I learned from binge-listening is that many of the habits we take for granted actually started life as marketing campaigns. The coffee break, for instance. That was a made-up thing.

So it got me thinking... why can't I make something up? What's a book-related habit? Reading. I do it every day. How about if I piggyback on the already-established coffee break to establish the BOOK BREAK. Oh my gosh, I'm a genius!

Well, turns out so are a bunch of other people. When I searched the hashtag #bookbreak I saw that not only is there a vlog called Book Break, but lots of people tweet about what they're reading, even pairing a pic of their beautiful coffee with their beautiful book.

This is not a new idea, but I'm adopting it for the month of May. And I hope you will too, whether you're a reader or a writer. Tweet what you're reading every afternoon with the hashtag #bookbreak. It'll be fun.

Okay, but this whole line of thought started out in the marketing realm, so my brain is still going, "How can I make this about me?" haha.  I laugh, but I'm serious. How can I encourage people to read my books?

By giving them away. Of course.

So that's what I'll do this May.  I'll give books away every day on Twitter--every workday, that is.  Since most officey people work Monday through Friday, I'll do this Monday through Friday.

Here's what I'm thinking: I'll provide a different free ebook every day, probably from All Romance Ebooks since it's easy to change prices quickly at that site (so get an account if you don't have one).  My initial thought was to provide Smashwords coupons which you could redeem for a free book, but... is that too complicated?

Anyway, the key is that it's a different free book every day. I have a big back list. I can do these things.

Today's inaugural free book will be Giselle's Best Fetish Erotica, which I released last week for free. So far I've given away more than a thousand copies!  THANK YOU for picking one up.  How depressing would it be if I gave away a brand new book for free and nobody downloaded it?

OMG why did I even think that?

Giselle's Best Fetish Erotica will be going up in price to a whopping $0.99 starting today, but you can still get it absolutely FREE at All Romance Ebooks:

And I hope you will!

Remember to tweet your #bookbreak read every afternoon!  I'm looking forward to lots of engagement, and that means from authors too. Don't be afraid to jump in and show us what you've got!

At the end of the day (or mid-afternoon), we're all readers.

P.S. Every time I type #bookbreak I think of Body Break:

Strengthen those wrists!