Thursday, July 1, 2021

Smashwords July 2021 Sale Daily Showcase

Smashwords is having a huge sale this July! 

I'm here to guide you toward great deals on Giselle Renarde Erotica! I will try very hard to be here every day to update this list with a new deal.

These aren't one-day-only deals, by the way. I'm featuring a different deal every day, but they will all be available throughout the month of July.

There are plenty more sale items from me and other authors at Smashwords, so make sure to check it out and stock up this month!

July 31:

Food of Love: Gourmet Erotica is on sale, and I donate all my royalties from this anthology to Indigenous food soverignty organizations and food banks in Canada's North.

July 30: How to Fail Miserably at Dirty Words is only $0.99!

July 29: Erotic Fiction: Selected Novels by Giselle Renarde is 25% off!

July 28: As Seen Through Windows is FREE!

July 27: Classic Giselle: Queer and Quirky Erotica is on sale!

July 26: Ghost of a Chance: A Sensual Paranormal Second Chance Romance Short is 50% off!

July 25: Butt Stuff: Anal Erotica is 25% off!

July 24: Pie Girls and the Very Lonely Man is a novella I LOVE and it's on sale!

July 23: And Kimi Makes Three: Lesbian Threesome Erotica is FREE!

July 22: 50% off Office Sex!

July 21: Ariadne's Diary: I’m in Love with my Teacher! is the first book in my Lesbian Diaries series, and it's on sale!

July 20: Country Girl, City Lights is only $2.99!

July 19: Girls Just Wanna Have Girls: 20 Lesbian Sex Stories is on sale. Great time to buy this one!

July 18: 50% off This Stage of Life, a younger/older gay BDSM romance short!

 July 17: 50% off Wedding Heat: Bachelor Party, the latest story in the series!

July 16: Sex Toy Erotica: 15 Steamy Stories is on sale!

July 15: The Secret Life of Sitters: Six Sexy Stories of Innocence Lost is only $5.99--that's a buck a story!

July 14: The Couple with the Dragon Tattoo is FREE!

 July 13: Capture the Bride is only $0.99!

July 12: Only $2.99 for Wet Weekend: A Second Spritzing of Lesbian Gold. If you love golden showers, you much check out this book!

July 11: Femdom Lesbians: 2 Erotic Novels for only $5.99

July 10: 50% off the very naughty Monstrous Obsession!

July 9: My crossdressing cowboy story Friends of Dorothy is FREE!

July 8: 50% off What Do Lesbians Do In Bed? 21 Sapphic Stories

July 7: There’s a First Time for Everything is an absolute steal at $0.99!

July 6: We've got a fan favourite today! Taboo Lesbian Erotica: 10 Scandalous Stories is on sale!

July 5: Love Yourself First is FREE!

July 4: Older Women, Lesbian Desires is only $2.99!

July 3: Friends Like These only $0.99!

July 2: Erotica Every Day: 30 Flash Fiction Stories is only $2.99! (Wow! 30 stories for under $3?)

July 1: 50% off The Lesbian Diaries Volume 2: Emma's Diary, Juliet's Diary, Fortune's Diary