Saturday, February 27, 2016

Smut Smackdown: Talk Dirty To Me, Daddy! vs. Two Complete Strangers

A couple weeks ago, Lexi Wood challenged me to a duel. If you don't know Lexi, she's the smut-writing sock puppet that lives in my apartment. She's pretty damn cocky, too. Apparently she thinks she's the superior smut-slinger.

We'll see about that!

She thinks that because she spends her whole life writing stepdaddy smut, she writes taboo erotica better. I guess she wasn't around in 2013, when I wrote my 100,000-word Adam and Sheree trilogy. No steps in that (unless you're reading the Amazon version, Adam and Sheree's Stepbrother Series). Just pure, unadulterated family sex.

So Lexi upped the stakes.

She challenged me to a family sex writing competition. No pseudo stuff. No steps.

Real. Family. Sex.

I'm not generally a competitive person, but Lexi gets me all riled up. So IT'S ON! Round One has begun!

Who can produce the dirtiest taboo tales? It's the Lexi vs. Giselle Smut Smackdown! We write 'em, you rate 'em.

Our first challengers are Lexi's Talk Dirty To Me, Daddy! and my book, Two Complete Strangers:

I know what you’re thinking: I had an affair with my father, so I must be cracked. But this man didn’t raise me. We were two complete strangers when we met at that seaside pub. There was an instant spark between us. He couldn’t resist his little girl, and I didn’t even try to resist him. Maybe it was sick and wrong and totally messed up… or maybe we’re meant for each other.

Buy it here:
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Coupon Expires: April 30, 2016

And here's the challenger:

Marissa makes a living out of talking dirty. Phone sex is her secret job. She does it late at night, after her father’s gone to bed. When one special caller gets her hot and bothered, she sneaks into Daddy’s bedroom to steal some late night loving. But wait… where’s Daddy? He’s not in bed. Where could he be? And how did Marissa’s caller manage to tap all her taboo desires?

Promotional price: $0.99 with Coupon Code: ML38R
Expires: April 30, 2016

Read both books and vote for your favourite:

Lexi vs. Giselle: Smut Smackdown! Who wins Round One?

Two Complete Strangers by Giselle Renarde
Talk Dirty To Me, Daddy! by Lexi Wood
Poll Maker

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

By Hand: Good Bi Valentine

The first piece of erotic fiction I wrote has been through numerous incarnations. I believe it was first published in pieces, as three short stories. I want to say it was published by Ruthie's Club, but I'm not 100% sure that's true. Over the past 10 years I've written hundreds, maybe thousands of stories. I've honestly lost count.

But this was the the first: an erotic comedy about a building superintendent having sex with a variety of tenants on Valentine's Day.

This novelette has gone by many names over the years. These days, you can call it Good Bi Valentine.

Warning: This title contains m/f and f/f sex, mild BDSM, and graphic descriptions of cheesy 1980’s porn, including but not limited to fluorescent and animal print bikinis.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Calling All Downton Abbey Fans!

New Book Alert! Mind Your Manors
Sexy Stories from Erotic Estates

Calling all fans of period drama! Enter a world where noble lords surrender to pretty maids, and dominating ladies seduce the men who serve them. Their lust can be icy and dark, or subtle and sweet. Whether upstairs or down, who can resist the call of forbidden love?

The manor house awaits. Are you ready to cross the threshold?

If you're wondering how you'll cope when Downton Abbey goes off the air, it might be time to pick up a copy of my new book. Inside, you'll find three new erotic stories about ritzy types and their servants--inspired by the opulence of your favourite period dramas!

I don't have purchase links for all retailers yet, but I do have a coupon you can redeem for $1 off at Smashwords. Mind Your Manors is also on sale this week at All Romance Ebooks!

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Also available from other retailers and in print!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

New #Taboo #Erotica (and it's FREE right now!)

Lexi's been begging me to tell you about this new book she put out: 6 original stories of the stepfather/stepdaughter variety. That "variety" includes the exchange student and the man of the house, sad divorced guy and the girl his son has a crush on... I think there's a man living on a family's couch who hooks up with the virgin daughter? Anyway, stuff like that: people having sex with people they probably shouldn't be having sex with.

This book has been wildly successful. Lexi's books always sell better than mine, but since I'm such a generous and giving person I've decided to promote her smut to you. Not that she'll thank me for it. Lexi has got to be the rudest, most irritating sock puppet on the planet. And that's saying something!  Sock puppets don't exactly have a reputation for being sweet and kind.

Anyway, here's her damn book. It's free today, tomorrow, and Saturday. That would be... where's my calendar? February 18, 19, 20. Of the year 2016, in case you're reading this from the future.

Good Girls, First Times, Forbidden Lust and Punished Brats

FREE at Amazon 
Thursday February 18-Saturday February 20th

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

By Hand: Marilyn in the Middle

I spent last week getting rid of 10 years of writing notes. Before I could run them through the paper shredder, I captured some of them to showcase here on the blog.

I rarely write anything on paper anymore, so it was particularly interesting to come across the first draft of the first piece of erotica I ever wrote. I'll feature that one in a few days. The 15,000-word novella took up an entire notepad. It's the only work I've written by hand in its entirety.

But, for now, something a little shorter.  A story idea that came to me while watching a documentary about Marilyn Monroe:

The humble beginnings of my story Marilyn in the Middle.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Read THIS Before You Write THAT

I just came across this new media reference guide for journalists discussing trans and gender-diverse people. Read it! If you're an author who incorporates trans characters into the fiction you write, read it. If you're a journalist, definitely read it. If you're a person who never writes anything but sometimes talks to people about stuff, read it!

Basically what I'm saying is: everyone read this. Even if you're thinking, "Oh I read one of those a few years ago," read this one now. Language changes so quickly. Even as a gender nonconforming person myself, and the partner of a trans woman, and an author who writes gender-diverse characters, I didn't realize some of the terms that were totes a la mode 10 years ago were now considered derogatory. Scrambled eggs all over my face!

Stuff changes fast, and if you want to win this race you gotta stay on top! (Which race? I don't know. I've eaten too much ice cream and I'm getting silly).

Anyway, read this guide. It was put together by The 519 here in Toronto and Rainbow Health Ontario.

It'll only take a few minutes, and you'll be a better human for it:

Download Media Reference Guide

I stole that link from this link:

Love you!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Tenniversary! Kinksters is FREE this February!

2016 marks 10 years as a writer, for me.  I wouldn't have lasted this long in the business without the support of fellow authors, editors and, of course, readers like you.  That's why I'm giving away something special every month.

This month, KINKSTERS: 12 Stories of Wild Group Sex, Bisexual Fun and Kinky Pleasures is free at Smashwords!

As an extra treat, the short stories from Kinksters that are available individually as ebooks are also free! We're talking Lesbukake, Debbie Does Dalhousie, Rainbow Night and much more!