Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homes Away from Donuts

I'm special-guesting at two different sites today.

Did somebody say threesome?
Well, I'm not exactly a "special" guest at Flirty Author Bitches.  I'm actually a regular contributor to that blog (every 4th Tuesday, yo!).  Also, my post there today is totally ripped off from Donuts & Desires, but, hey, maybe you haven't read it: http://flirtyauthorbitches.com/2013/02/im-not-going-to-ask-who-wore-it-best/

The second guest appearance is the one I'm REALLY excited about.  It's an interview that features the sexy-assest Snape fan art I've ever seen. Visit for the sexy Snape, stay for the stuff about me: http://sexyreads.co.uk/interviews/what-is-sexy-to-giselle-renarde

That's all for now.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Kink in Kinksters: In The Eye

I was thinking about this story today, because a girl on the bus reminded me of one of the characters.  Well, not the character herself--she reminded me of Susitna, a girl I went to grade school with. 

When I wrote In The Eye, my MMF tornado chaser menage, I named the "F" Susitna, after my school friend.  My friend's name was pronounced shoe-sheet-na.  We called her Shoe for short.  When I wrote In The Eye, I didn't want to explain the pronunciation so I had the guys call her Susi for short... but in my head, she's Shoe.

In The Eye was originally published as a Torquere Sip. After its contract expired, it was picked up by loveyoudivine as an ebook. Now it's also available in the Kinksters anthology I've been talking up over the past week.

Excerpt from In The Eye:

“No, I get it,” Susitna snapped.  Scooping up her King Charles spaniel, she rose to her feet. “Come on, Charlie. It’s a boy’s club. No girls allowed. What else is new?”
Dale stood to follow her out of the Grad commons, but Susitna surprised him by standing still. “It isn’t a boy’s club,” he said, even though there was only a narrow sense in which that was true. “Wait, you named a girl dog Charlie? Weird.”
“You’re not allowed to bring dogs in here,” Xu spat before Susitna could answer. People are allergic.”
“Are you allergic?” she shot back as the little dog licked her chin.
Xu looked down at the ping-pong table and rolled his eyes. “No.”
“Then shut up.” When Susi turned back to Dale, her expression softened. She was obviously willing to put up with Xu’s attitude only because she was so fond of Dale. “Are you allergic?”
Dale smiled at the care in her dark eyes, and shook his head. “No, I love dogs.”
Muttering something about dander, Xu gripped his ping-pong paddle and said, “Come on, Dale, stop wasting your time with this chick. We’ve got a game going, here.”
There was no taming Xu. He was rude to everybody until he learned to trust them. He’d learned to trust Dale long ago, which is probably why he held on so tight. But for Dale, there were other avenues to explore. Sure, he liked Xu. Loved him, even? But every instance of intimacy, whether sexual or not, seemed like just a moment in time. Nothing was set in stone.
“I’m sorry,” Dale said to Susitna. “I mean…maybe you can come.”
“Dale!” Xu hissed. Bouncing his ping-pong ball off the smooth green table, he whacked it so hard the little white sphere went soaring across the room. They all watched as it struck the ceiling before bouncing off the far wall and then plummeting to the floor. Charlie yapped like crazy and struggled to escape Susitna’s hold as the ball bounced up high a few times, and then rolled underneath the ping-pong table.
The dog kept barking, even as Susi shook her head and said, “Anyway…”
“You can’t come,” Xu said. “And it’s not because you’re a girl, it’s because you’re brown.”
Dale couldn’t believe his ears, but it was Susi’s jaw that dropped. After an eternal moment of disbelief, she threw her head back and laughed. “Fuck you!”
“Xu!” Dale snapped. “Seriously?”
“What?” Setting his paddle down on the table, Xu explained, “Bringing a brown girl along for the trip isn’t the best way to blend into the Midwestern United States.”
Susi set her dog down on the floor, pulling the leash tight so it couldn’t chase the forgotten ping-pong ball. “Oh yeah, like a Chinese boy’s going to blend in that much better.”
“I might not blend in, but at least I won’t get put on a terrorist watch list!”
“What the fuck are you talking about?  A, I was born in this country, and B, my family is Indian…and Hindu! It’s not like I’m a goddamn sleeper cell for Al Qaeda!”
Xu shook his head self-righteously. “Where we’re going, none of that matters. Brown is brown.”
“Okay, okay, okay!” Dale couldn’t bear another second of this ridiculous argument. “Cut it out, you two!”
To Dale’s surprise, they both shut their yaps and stared, wide-eyed, in his direction. He wasn’t sure what to say next. Dale had never been subjected to any kind of racism during their past trips to Tornado Alley, but as a blond-haired, blue-eyed white guy, he was hardly likely to be targeted. Xu might be right about small-town xenophobia, but Dale wasn’t about to turn Susitna away on account of her skin color. Anyway, he wanted her to come along on their trip.
“Xu,” he began, keeping cryptic in front of Susi. “Maybe it would be a good idea to let her come along…you know, to act as lookout and even do some driving when we’re getting close?”
Dale watched as Xu’s expression turned from irritated to intrigued. He kneeled down to pet her pooch. “You have a driver’s license? Are you a good driver?”
“Yes and yes,” she replied, glancing up at Dale. “You want me to drive into a tornado?”
“Possibly,” Dale admitted. “Very possibly.”
If you like a story with characters who challenge each other with brutal honesty, lots of comic repartee, and a few twists and turns (and tornadoes!) you might just enjoy In The Eye.

If you like threesomes, group sex, BDSM, and fetish erotica, Kinksters is for you!

Get Kinksters today from retailers like Amazon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boob Cupcakes

I thought I was pretty clever when I made these boob cupcakes for my sweetheart. No special occasion.  I just baked to say, "I love you."  They sure put a smile on her face. #totallyworthit

Is it cold in here?

Coffee, tea, or boobs?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Kink in Kinksters: Five Body Blade

Since its initial publication, the story of sword collector Miki's aspiration to fuck five men at once has been... well, a bit of a dark horse.  Now that it's been included in my new group sex anthology, Kinksters, I'm hoping it'll come into its own.

Five Body Blade has a definite focus on money, but (unlike all the billionaire books on the market today) it's the heroine who's got fistfuls of cash.  Five Body Blade begins with Miki purchasing the sword of her dreams at auction, then buying her toy boy Theo a fine meal.  She's got money to spare, and she kind of can't see beyond it.  Money solves all the world's problems.  In fact, when Theo is upset by the fact that she wants to pay five college boys (including Theo) to enact her fantasy of getting gang-banged in a sex swing, she can't fathom why he'd feel hurt.  After all, she's paying him so much money to do it!

Miki is a really awkward character.  She wants to be liked by this group of young black men, but she commands such high respect that her "five bodies" don't know quite how to interact with her.  They are split along gender lines (Miki is a woman, they are men), racial lines (Miki is Asian, they are black), economic lines (Miki is a billionaire, they are students), age lines (Miki is older, they are younger) to the point where all these guys can see is difference.  Miki, on the other hand, views people more as assets than individuals.  Sometimes you really want to smack her.  She knows what she wants and she gets it, but at what cost?

Excerpt from Five Body Blade:

“All right then, boys,” Miki called to the line-up.  “I hope you’re all good and hard because I’m choosing based on size and shape.  Jacquan!  You wanted to be in my ass?”
“Hell, yeah!” he cheered.
“And so you shall.  You’ve got the smallest cock of the bunch—perfect for rear entry.”
“Oh!” the guys teased.  “You’ve been told, man!”
“Darien,” she continued, taking his meat in her hand.  He breathed hard as she rubbed it.  “I like this curve; it reminds me of my sword.  And you’re wonderfully large.  I want this in my pussy.”
Lewis patted him on the back. “You’re good for something after all!”
“That leaves you and Ajay at my sides,” Miki said to Lewis. 
Their faces fell simultaneously. 
“Don’t be downhearted,” she said.  “You have perfect cocks for the task: they’re both long and straight, so when you come it will be on me and not my antiques.  At any rate, I give a decent enough hand job.”
“Good to hear,” Ajay said with a smile.
Rushing over to the low table, Jaquan looked up at Darien with alarm.  “Shit, man, I just realized your balls are going to be touching my balls!”
“Get a grip,” Lewis said.  “I’ve seen you two touch each others’ balls a hundred times.”
“Yeah, just like you’ve been sucking Ajay’s cock in the shower,” Darien shot back.  “We all know about you two.”
“Hey.” Ajay gave Darien a playful slap on the ass.  “How’d I get caught up in this?  I’m just standing here minding my own business.”
“All right, now,” Miki gently intervened.  Untying her halter dress, she let the loose fabric fall to the floor.  She was naked but for her stiletto heels, her body slim and pale but for the neat triangle of black hair.  Her breasts were small but proportional, with nipples so hard they could take someone’s eyes out.  It would take two Mikis to fill out one of Darien’s T-shirts.  Would she like him better than boring, lanky Theo?
“Let’s all get into position,” she commanded with feather-lightness.  “Darien, I want your thighs on top of Jaquan’s.  That’ll put you higher up.  I can take far more cock in my pussy than in my ass.  Sorry, Jacquan.”


So that's a taste of Miki.  She's trying.

You can read Five Body Blade today as an ebook, or by picking up your very own copy of Kinksters.

If you like threesomes and group sex, and you like BDSM and fetish erotica, Kinksters is for you (and even though the sticker price is higher, it'll save you money in the long run!)

Get Kinksters today from retailers like Amazon.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New SMUT: Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend

Who's up for a little lesbian MILF erotica?

Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend is pure smut.  It's porn in word form.  And it's pretty awesome, if I'm allowed to say that.

At first, I held off joining this trend of writing quick, smutty stories to be published in ebook format, and now I'm wondering why.  After all, I started my erotica career writing confession-style letters *cough cough Hustler Fantasies* and, in truth, I LOVE writing smut.

Recently, sales of a lot of more mainstream "erotic fiction" has been dropping off in favour of quick, hot stroke stories.  So when my publisher loveyoudivine introduced their new STROKE line, I thought... what the hell?  Let's write some kinky-ass porn!

Thus, Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend.  It's about a mom seducing her son's sexy sweetheart.  Though, I use the word "seducing" very loosely.  Her approach is a little less artful than a textbook seduction.

Anyway, if you're interested in something hot and porny with not much plot or character development, buy this book!

Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend

By: Giselle Renarde
Published By: loveyoudivine Alterotica

Mama wants a closer look!

Darin's mom can't stand his sexy new girlfriend. Kali parades around the house in see-through blouses and skimpy skirts, showing off her thong with every bend. That raunchy girl turns her stomach... until the morning she finds Kali passed out alone in Darin's bed. Asleep, Kali doesn't seem so bad. In fact, Mama can't resist getting a closer look! Will her son's sleeping girlfriend wake up to a screaming orgasm, or screaming bloody murder?

Kali was a lazy, good-for-nothing slut.

Maybe every mother thinks her son’s girlfriends are trouble, but Kali seemed to go out of her way to prove me right. She wore sheer tops I could see her bra right through, and skimpy little skirts. Every time she bent over, she gave me a good look at her ass crack and her skanky thong.

I hoped my boy would get bored with her. I hoped she would just go away.

But no.

More and more, Kali was spending nights at our house. Darin’s room was all the way at the other end of the hall, and still I could hear them fucking at two in the morning. I had to wear earplugs just so I wouldn’t have to hear that little bitch crying out, “Yes, baby! Fuck my ass! Give it to me, hard!”

Everything about her turned my stomach.

And then, one Saturday night, the pair of them came stumbling home at three in the morning, crashing around downstairs, getting on my last nerve. I tore a strip off Darin because he was supposed to work his restaurant job the next morning. How the hell did he expect to function when he’d been out drinking all night?

I don’t remember half of what I said, but Darin gave as good as he got. Kali was smart enough to keep her mouth shut. She was probably trying not to puke.

In the morning, I had to drag Darin out of bed. From the looks of it, they’d been so drunk they’d collapsed, side by side, on top of the covers. They were both fully dressed.

After I’d pushed Darin out the door, I went about my Sunday morning chores, trying to make enough noise to drive Kali out of my goddamn house. I even vacuumed right outside Darin’s bedroom, but Kali just buried her head in the pillow.

When she rolled over, something else happened, too—her short skirt flipped, revealing the gentle swell of her beautiful, bare butt.

My breath caught in my throat because, my god, her ass was perfect. I shouldn’t have been staring. She was my son’s girlfriend, after all… but, hell, it was my house! And yes the girl drove me crazy, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her naked lower half. Well, she still had her strappy stilettoes on her feet, but aside from that, she was largely nude. Was she even wearing underwear?

I crept closer to the bed to get a look. Between her legs, I could just see the silky gusset of a little red thong. It amazed me how un-hairy she was. She must have had one of those bikini waxes… what were they called? Bermuda? Barbados? No, wait—Brazilian…

We never did that sort of thing, when I was her age. We didn’t even trim our bushes, back then.

I wondered, what did it feel like?


Where can you get this ebook?  Here:

loveyoudivine (the publisher--buy here and I get more money): http://www.loveyoudivine.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=135&products_id=1097

All Romance (I can't believe they haven't banned it yet!): https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-strippingmyson039ssleepinggirlfriend-1078415-148.html

Amazon (likes are always appreciated, too): http://www.amazon.com/Stripping-Sons-Sleeping-Girlfriend-ebook/dp/B00BJ4XE3Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361509050&sr=8-1&keywords=stripping+my+son%27s+sleeping+girlfriend

Barnes&Noble (do they still exist?): http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/stripping-my-son-x2019-s-sleeping-girlfriend-giselle-renarde/1114671201?ean=2940016172149

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Not Going To Ask Who Wore It Best


I'd seen the cover of Xcite's "Pleasure Me" anthology a dozen times online before my physical contributor's copy arrived in the mail.  When I opened the envelope, I took one look at it and said, "Hey, wait a minute... I've seen this before."

So I went to my bookshelf and pulled out a copy of my novel "Anonymous" and, sure enough...

Am I right?  It's the same image!  Great minds, eh?

I won't ask who wore it best because I find those features awfully critical.  I'm partial to my novel because, well, it's allll miiiine, and it's been on the market since 2011 so I'm used to seeing it.

That said, "Anonymous" is an MMF menage novel and the cover doesn't exactly shout that fact...

Mind you, my story in "Pleasure Me" features two lesbian hotel workers watching a guest fuck a canteloupe...

Hmm... I forget where I was going with this... and I just remembered there's a canteloupe in my fridge.  Now I'm all confuzzled.

I'm going to cut myself off right about now, and say that you can get "Anonymous" at a discounted price if you buy it directly from the publisher, Amber Heat.  Just sayin'... http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/724-Anonymous.aspx

"Pleasure Me" is an Xcite anthology and you can scoop up a copy from Amazon:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Kink in Kinksters: Elementary, My Dear Kathryn

As you might have heard (from me), there's a new book in Kinktown.  It's called Kinksters, and it's an anthology of fetish-focused group sex erotica.

Kinksters contains 10 kinky stories, which probably doesn't sound like a lot, but many of these stories are on the longer side of the "short story" scale--in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 words.  Some of them are available for purchase as existing e-books, including the first story in the collection:

Elementary, My Dear Kathryn is a lesbian menage story.  Its fetish focus?  Why that would be anal sex. Okay, not just "anal sex" in a general way.  I wrote this for readers who (like me) find enemas and anilingus highly titillating.  It's not exactly a staple of lesbian activity in erotica, which is why I wanted to write it.

This story is not for the faint of heart.  In fact, it was banned by All Romance ebooks shortly after its release in ebook form.

Be warned--this is an excerpt wherein Melanie, under the tutelage of her Domme Pasha, cleans out sweet Kathryn's ass in a hotel bathroom.  Don't read it if that's your squick!

Excerpt from Elementary, My Dear Kathryn:

The bathroom door opened with a squeak and Pasha called, “Come here, my dears.”
Sliding off the high mattress, Melanie walked directly to her Domme and sensed Kathryn following behind.
“She is going to leave that dress on,” Pasha instructed.
Melanie offered a subtle nod and entered the bathroom. It was wonderfully large and sparkling white, in true hotel fashion. Pasha had pulled back the shower curtain. Her water bottle rested on the clean marble counter. It was full now, with warm water most probably, and the nozzle-lid was back on top. Pasha handed it to Melanie while Kathryn stood in the threshold. It was indeed warm. Not hot, but warm.
“Come inside,” Melanie said. She never knew how she knew what Pasha desired. The expectations were inside of her. For Melanie, being a true submissive meant anticipating Pasha’s needs and wishes, and acting on them without direction.
Tonight Melanie would clean Kathryn out and eat her ass. All for Pasha.
Kathryn took a single step into the bathroom, and then paused. Her gaze betrayed nothing. She didn’t even seem confused. Could she possibly know what was coming? She seemed so innocent.
Watching the water bottle, Kathryn asked, “What should I do now?”
Pasha leaned back against the counter. It was very rare that she gave Melanie instructions anymore. Melanie knew what to do.
Pointing at the pristine bath mat lying across the rim of the tub, Melanie said, “Set your knees down there. Lean across the tub and press your hands down flat on the far side. Kiss the tile.”
It had been so long since she’d been the one giving instructions. After Kathryn left town, and years before she met Pasha, she’d fancied herself the one to give orders. And then, still before meeting Pasha, she’d been with a woman who taught her the joy of subservience. Now she was driven not so much by Pasha’s will, but by her own resolve to gift Pasha with obedience. The key was to obey before being told. That was Melanie’s specialty.
Though Kathryn needed to be told, she obeyed without question. When her forehead met the tile at the far side of the tub, Melanie set down the water bottle and pulled Kathryn’s tight white dress up and over her smooth bottom. What a sight!
Melanie glanced back at Pasha and smiled. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an ass this fine.”
“Indeed!” Pasha’s laughter swelled.
Melanie gave Kathryn’s bum a few playful taps before hooking her index fingers around the band of a white lace thong. “This is coming off,” Melanie said.  She pulled it down all the way to Kathryn’s knees.
One shoe and then the other fell from Kathryn’s feet. Standing between them, Melanie offered the next instruction. “You’re going to reach back slowly, with one hand and then the other, and pull your cheeks apart for me. I want to get a good look at your asshole.”
Kathryn inhaled sharply, but she didn’t waste any time. Balancing awkwardly, she reached back with one hand. When she’d grabbed one cheek, she pressed her head against the shower wall and raised her elbow upwards, sending the other hand toward her bum at a snail’s pace.
“How are you feeling?” Melanie asked. “Comfy?”
“Mm-hmm,” Kathryn affirmed, although comfy hardly described her position. In a breathy whisper, she asked, “What do you want me to do now?”
Without so much as looking in her direction, Melanie felt a smile growing across Pasha’s lips. “I thought I told you to pull your cheeks apart,” Melanie said in a slow, calm voice.
Kathryn gasped and her polished pink nails dug into her gorgeous marble flesh. “What are you going to do?” she asked.
Melanie’s heart fluttered as she watched that tight little asshole pucker. It looked so real. She loved that Kathryn’s ass wasn’t waxed, bleached, or perfect like porn star rumps. Faint wisps of blonde hair grew along the insides of her thighs, leading Melanie’s gaze down to the pink of her. Kathryn’s slit was wet and welcoming, and it made Melanie a little sad to ignore its appeal. But she had a Domme to please.
As Pasha looked on, Melanie said, “I’m going to fill you with water and rinse you right out.”
Though Kathryn’s breath hitched audibly and her fingernails dug harder into her flesh, she didn’t offer any verbal resistance.
No sense wasting time. Melanie amassed saliva on her tongue, leaned forward, and spit in Kathryn’s crack. Kathryn issued a high-pitched squeal, but she didn’t budge. When the dribble of spit kissed the crease of Kathryn’s asshole, Melanie pressed the tip of the water bottle nozzle against it. If that’s what Pasha wanted, that’s what she’d do.

So that's a taste of Kathryn.  There's more to the story, obviously, and you can read it now by purchasing Elementary, My Dear Kathryn as an ebook, or by picking up your very own copy of Kinksters.

If you like threesomes and group sex, and you like BDSM and fetish erotica, Kinksters is for you (and even though the sticker price is higher, it'll save you money in the long run!)

Get Kinksters today from retailers like Amazon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stranded With The Professor

It's winter, so everybody wants to see characters get snowed in.  Good thing there's a new anthology from Ravenous Romance called (you guessed it) Snowed In!  It featured erotic romance stories wherein everybody's getting (that's right) snowed in--inside, outside, outside-down.

Mine takes place in a car, when a blizzard makes the highway impassable.  It's a gay first-time story--those are always popular, in my experience.  (Okay, all I really have to go on is "Skinny Dipping" from my Wedding Heat series. That's a gay first-time story and it sells like a mofo: http://weddingheat.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/sexcerpt-from-wedding-heat-3-skinny-dipping/ )

In "Stranded with the Professor," a college student and a stodgy professor get stuck.  The young guy tries to engage the professor, but the older dude is coming off a bad breakup and doesn't have much to say.  But, hey, sometimes actions speak louder than words... especially when you're keeping warm under a fresh pile of laundry.

Here's an excerpt from my story, "Stranded with the Professor":

Completely naked, Jacob buried himself in laundry, which was, amazingly, still warm from the dryer.  Max was somewhere behind him, but not touching.  The professor stretched a sheet and then a blanket over their bodies and the laundry pile, and Jacob felt the warmth trapped next to his skin, even as the coldness of night encroached through the windows.
“Closer,” Jacob said.
For the longest moment in the history of everything, Max didn’t move. 
And then he did.
“You won’t tell your parents…?”
Jacob smiled.  “I won’t tell them if you don’t tell them.  Whatever happens.”
Max drew closer.  His body heat met Jacob’s back, and then his skin did.  Chest to back, arms circling around, hard cock lodged between two very receptive ass cheeks.  Yes, thank you! Jacob couldn’t get over the mass of that erection, or the heat coming off of it.  The professor’s arousal encouraged his cock to grow big and thick.  God, he ached to touch it, but he was frozen in place. Couldn’t move a muscle.
“If I’ve been rude to you, I apologize.”  Max hugged Jacob hard, then planted a hot kiss at the crook of his neck.  That mustache tickled, but Jacob didn’t laugh.  “I’m not type to talk about my emotions, but I appreciate your compassion—more than you’ll ever know.”
Jacob warmed from the inside out.  “You can do anything you want to me.  I mean it.  Anything.”
A grizzly growl emerged from deep in Max’s throat.  He sieged Jacob’s neck with kisses, sweeping his mustache up its length and then down Jacob’s shoulder.  Was this really happening?  Jacob was about to lose his gay cherry to a professor from his very own school?  Never in a million years did he imagine this happening.
A hot hand met Jacob’s dick, and he gasped.  He seriously couldn’t believe how good this felt.  Nothing like touching himself.  Nothing like the rare occasions on which he’d been able to convince a girl to touch it.  Max’s hand was practised and sure.  It wrapped around Jacob’s erection like a serpent, then tightened, tightened, then stroked.  God, if he wasn’t careful he’d come before anything really happened.
“Feels good,” Jacob said, his throat clicking between the words.  “So good.”
Max didn’t say anything, but his staggered breath on Jacob’s shoulder said more than words ever could.  Jacob wondered if he should reach back and paw at the professor, but he felt nervous about that idea.  He didn’t know what he was doing, so he just let Max do all the heavy lifting.
The professor’s hand streaked up and down Jacob’s erection, and the rampant friction warmed his thighs and his belly.  If the plan was to generate heat, it was sure as hell working!

If you want to pick up a copy of Snowed In, it's available from Ravenous Romance: http://www.ravenousromance.com/anthologies/snowed-in.php

I didn't find it on Amazon, but I assume it's coming.
Happy Winter!