Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New True Ghost Stories

I have a secret other blog.

Actually, it's not so secret, I just don't talk about it much.  Unless Halloween's coming up.  

And considering today IS Halloween, I invite you to check out some new TRUE ghost stories from some of your favourite authors at:

New Release! Oubliette, a lesbian menage ghost story

My lesbian menage/ghost story has been released by Torquere Press...  just in time for Halloween!

About Oubliette

by Giselle Renarde
27 pages / 6700 words

Miranda and Saba always fight on vacation.  When they visit a castle that's been converted into a luxury hotel, they miss the evening ghost walk because they're too busy arguing.  The couple tries to catch up with the group, but they stumble upon a mysterious woman in need of help.  There's no staff around, so Miranda and Saba take her up to their room.  Where did Oubliette come from?  Why is she so dirty?  What's with the clothing that went out of fashion three hundred years ago?  And does Oubliette have the power to reunite two lovers who have been at each other's throats all night?


"I think you're going to need a shower, Oubliette."  Miranda poured the entire bottle of shampoo into the girl's horrible hair and worked it in until her fingers hurt.  The shampoo suds turned black.  "How long have you been out in those woods?"

Oubliette looked up at Miranda and smiled.  Her eyes fluttered and she sank a little deeper into the tub, like she was delighted to be cared for.  She only opened her eyes when Saba reached behind her to pull the plug.  She obviously wasn't expecting it, because she jumped up in the tub, splashing black water and shampoo suds all across the wall.  When she whipped around, she got dirty water all over Miranda's white peasant top.

"It's okay," Saba said.  "Don't panic.  The water's dirty, so time for a shower, okay?  Here, take the soap."

Holding the black bar with both hands, Oubliette examined it intently while Saba turned on the shower.  When water cascaded from the overhead fixture, Oubliette looked up and screeched.  She tried to jump out of the tub, but it caught her shin and she started to fall.  If Saba hadn't been there to catch her, that pretty face would have met the slate floor.

Saba held the naked woman, their chests and cheeks pressed together, both struggling for breath.  As Miranda watched this scene, she chastised herself for feeling so aroused, but she couldn't help it.  Dirty water rushed toward the drain as a clean flow splashed down on Oubliette's pert little bum.  Her naked tits looked so hot against Saba's fine black gown that Miranda would have paid money to watch them kiss.

Straightening Oubliette under the shower, Saba helped the girl wash all that gunk out of her hair. Miranda came forward to help, surprising herself by taking the soap from Oubliette's hands and running it all over the girl's belly and breasts.

"Miranda!" Saba said in a reprimanding whisper.  "Have a little courtesy."

But Oubliette was purring like a kitten, leaning half her weight on Saba while Miranda soaped her filthy flesh.  "Wash," the girl pleaded, pushing her breasts into Miranda's hands.  "Yes, wash."


You can get it now from Torquere:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Promo Opportunity for Authors/Prizes for Readers

This little party invite arrived in my inbox, so I thought I'd extend the invitation to you.  Looks like a Halloween party (with sexy results):

Please join us tomorrow here at the LR Cafe Yahoo Group when we let the doors open for fun, prize giveaways and more. 

The party will start at 8am est (USA) and end at midnight (USA/est).

This will be an open excerpt day only. No other promos but excerpts will be allowed. 

All genres are welcome and there is no limit on posting of excerpts. Excerpts can range from inspirational, sweet to so so sexy it makes you ache. 

Promotional managers/groups are allowed to post for their clients.

You will need to follow our excerpt posting rules. This means the following should be on all your posts:
in subject line, a heat rating for excerpt and genre of the book. Inside the excerpt a link for readers to go get more information such as a buy link, publisher home page link or even your website/blog.

I have loads of prizes to give and a marvelous grand prize that will blow your mind. 

You need to be a member of the LR Cafe Yahoo Group to participate and this is a high volume group so please, go special notices or no mail if you do not want a ton of emails in your inbox.

Any questions or if you want to donate a prize for tomorrow, please email me at dawn_roberto@yahoo(dot)com.


Dead Sexy

Look what just hit the market: a new Xcite anthology called Dead Sexy.

Okay, that was pretty exciting.  I have a ghost story in the antho.  Lots of other great authors are in there too.  But here's the thing: I pulled it up on Amazon, and the ebook version is only $2.99.


There are TWENTY stories in this anthology!  My "Girls Gone Carnal" costs more than this guy.  Just... wow.

So if you're shopping around for a Halloween deal, I think you've found it with Dead Sexy.

Here's the blurb:

Twenty stories of paranormal pleasures. Dead Sexy puts the vamp into vampires and the fantasy into femmes fatales.
The heroes and heroines of these stories may be cold-blooded but their antics are hot as hell!
From gorgeous ghosts and dirty demons to amorous apparitions and phantoms with a fetish, these ghoulish lovers are guaranteed to light up the darkest night.

Dead Sexy is brought to you by Xcite Books - winners of ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 and 2012.

And the buy link:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Howloween Blog Hop~Paranormal Prizes!

Hey, so, you know when you sign up for a blog hop and you don't write it down anywhere, and then you totally forget about it?

Yeah, that's what happened to me with this one, the Howloween Blog Hop, running from October 26-29, 2012.  Now I'm typing furiously, playing catch-up.

YES!  You've come to the right place.  You're visiting Giselle Renarde.  If we haven't met, I'm a full-time author, primarily of erotica.  I write pretty much everything there is to write, but as a queer woman, I concentrate on queer fiction.

When I started in this business 5 or 6 years ago, publishers everywhere said, "Don't write lesbian erotica!  It doesn't sell.  Nobody likes it.  Nobody wants it."  That really put a damper on my efforts, but I conformed.  I wrote MMF because that's what was popular, but I was never totally happy because... well, I wasn't writing about stuff that turned ME on.  I was constantly writing for other people.

About a year ago, I kind of said "Screw This" and I started writing lesbian fiction again.  I started writing it BIG TIME.  And does it sell as well as MMF?  By and large no, but, that said, my lesbian fetish novella Nanny State paid my rent this month, and that's more than I can say for any of my other books.

So this Halloween season, I am all about the lesbian erotica.  At the beginning of the month, my lesbian fairy urban fantasy short "Thieving Fairies" was released by JMS Books.  A few weeks ago, my ebook "Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vamps, Witches and Weres" came out from eXcessica publishing, and on Halloween you can look forward to "Oubliette," a lesbian threesome ghost story from Torquere Press.

I'm writing what's close to me and close to my heart these days, and I can't tell you how freeing that is.

I'm so happy I'm going to give you stuff!  I'm looking through my backlist for paranormal stuffs to give away, and here are your options:

-The Rococo Room (M/F paranormal/urban fantasy)
-Nanny State (not paranormal, just not normal LOL--F/F extreme kink)
-A Tale of Fur and Flesh (M/F shapeshifter fairy tale)

In the comments, just tell me which one you want and I'll pick some winners after the hop.  Easy as pie!  And leave your email address so I know where to send the ebook.  I'll be sending out pdf's unless you specify otherwise.

For all other authors on the hop, check out the official website:

Thanks for visiting!
Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look What Came in the Mail


It's a succubus anthology edited by D.L. King. and it contains my story "Neither Love Nor Money."

Erotica and succubi go hand in hand, so here's a book of shorts dedicated to the marriage of those themes.

Amazon tells me you can buy it now (and it's a pretty good price, too!)



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here We Go Again! Raising Money for LGBT Youthline

Four or five years ago, I started donating 4th quarter royalties to an organization called LGBT Youthline.  That was before bullying and teen suicide, especially involving queer youth, was so much in the news.

This year, I raised money for Youthline in May by donating money from every sale of Nanny State or Secret Confessions.  Well, I'm at it again, and this time here's the plan: I will donate 50% of my royalties from all purchases of The Red Satin Collection in October, November, and December to LGBT Youthline.  Buy it as an ebook, buy it in print, buy it from any retailer, and you're helping to raise money for queer youth support services.

There aren't a hell of a lot of transgender lesbian erotic Christmas romances on the market, so why not read something a little different this holiday season?  These stories are hot, sure, but they're also sweet and heartfelt.  My girlfriend is trans, so these characters are very close to home for me, and the love they share and build is taken very much from my real life.

Okay, so let's do more for Youthline...

The Red Satin Collection is comprised of 3 stories about Maisie and Regan.  Those three stories are available as individual ebooks.  Buy any of those individual ebooks (Red Satin, The Night Before Red Satin Christmas, and Red Satin Christmas) and I'll donate 50% of my royalties to LGBT Youthline.  These titles are published by loveyoudivine alterotica.  They contain romance, adult content, and drama galore (especially Red Satin Christmas!).

In short: buy The Red Satin Collection or Red Satin or The Night Before Red Satin Christmas or Red Satin Christmas and I'll donate 50% of my royalties to LGBT Youthline.  Spread the word!

More Info:

Coming home means coming out.

The Red Satin Collection brings together all three transgender lesbian romance stories in Giselle Renarde’s erotic holiday trilogy. Red Satin, The Night Before Red Satin Christmas, and Red Satin Christmas, all previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

In Red Satin, mall magic inspires love and soon lust in the hearts of Regan and her transgender friend Maisie. Maisie’s family hasn’t seen her since she began her transition from male to female—not until she and Regan head home for the holidays in The Night Before Red Satin Christmas.

Regan figures she’s just along for the ride, lending her girlfriend support, until Maisie’s mother surprises her with a special dinner guest in Red Satin Christmas. Regan hasn’t spoken to her hard-drinking Cree father in years. Can she finally trust the man who’s once again claimed to have changed for good?
Together, Regan and Maisie face drama only Christmas can create. How will their well-meaning families impact their blossoming relationship?  

Want an excerpt?  You can read the entire first chapter of Red Satin Christmas here

Okay, buy links...

The Red Satin Collection is available in print from Amazon:

and also as an ebook from Amazon:

The Red Satin Collection, Red Satin, The Night Before Red Satin Christmas, and Red Satin Christmas are all available from All Romance:

And of course from loveyoudivine, the publisher:

These titles are available from many other reputable retailers, too.

Tell the world!  Help support queer youth!
Thanks so much,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Excerptfest 2012: Friends of Dorothy

A popular MMF menage about a cross-dressing cowboy, a tavern owner, and her boyfriend:


Leslie Goosemoon is a rodeo star with legions of ladies fawning over him. Things are getting hot and heavy with Sheryl, the one-night-stand he picked up at Dorothy's Tavern, when she zips open his jeans and finds Leslie Goosemoon wearing ladies' panties--silky and red with lace around the top. By the time he returns to Dorothy's, the whole bar's heard about his predilection. Some laugh. Some call him faggot. Nobody understands him, but that doesn't mean Leslie's going to roll over and play dead. Hell, he doesn't fully understand himself! The best he can do is duck the punches and repel the spit.
Ricky, Dorothy's living-in-sin boyfriend, has a theory about the undies: Leslie dresses like a lady because he secretly wants to get with another man. That doesn't sound right to Leslie, but he has no counter. He doesn't know why he likes the silky feel against his skin. When Ricky gets hit in the head with a boot, Dorothy becomes mother bear. She kicks out the offenders and sends Leslie to take care of Ricky upstairs in their apartment.   hey all know what's going to happen next.


Ricky swung his head in so close Leslie felt the stubble prick his cheek. Ricky’s tone was not unsympathetic when he said, “I heard you were a faggot.”

Leslie knew how other men would react to the accusation—they’d smash a glass, toss a chair, or throw a punch. He wasn’t about to do anything like that. First off, he felt a hole inside his chest that seemed to be sucking in everything around him. With all that happening inside, he had no energy to expend. Second, Leslie knew he was no faggot, so what difference did it make who said what? He liked pussy.

“Are you?” Ricky asked. His voice seemed strained with despair, or with hope—the two sounded much alike to Leslie.

“No,” Leslie said. “That’s what Sheryl went around telling all these people? I’m a faggot?” He would have laughed if he weren’t so on edge.

Ricky turned his gaze to Dorothy as she flirted with the boys at the bar. That woman got everybody’s hopes on the rise. Strange that Ricky never seemed the least bit jealous. Most of the men around here would fight a bull if he caught it looking his girl up and down. Of course, that was likely the reason Dorothy was stepping out with Ricky and not those of the bitterly possessive lot. Dorothy was slender, but she was a powerhouse in disguise. If Leslie could be a woman, he’d want to be every bit like Dorothy.

“Sheryl said you were prancing around in ladies’ underpants,” Ricky said, shattering Leslie’s focus. “She said you didn’t show her a very good time because you were…you know…” He paused to rephrase, tracing his fingernail across the bar’s natural wood grain. Gazing down at the patina, he leaned in so close Leslie felt the heat of Ricky’s cheek against his own. He spoke very softly. “She said you liked dick.”

Thank the good lord Dorothy was looking away and Ricky’s face was nestled in beside his ear—that way, nobody noticed his eyes growing too big for their sockets. He’d never considered the possibility. Not that he didn’t know other guys liked to relieve their tensions together, just that he’d never imagined doing it himself. He’d always craved pussy. From the time he was a young snip, he’d chased the girls and kissed their cheeks. Could Sheryl be right about him? Maybe she saw something he couldn’t. Maybe he’d always been secretly drawn to ladies’ clothing because he wanted to be fucked like one of them.
In his confusion, Leslie chuckled and furled his brow. Backing away from the pool of Ricky’s musky aroma, he shook his head side to side. “Well, that ain’t how it happened,” he said. Aw shit! Now Dorothy was waltzing on over! Why was everybody so interested in his private life? Sometimes the scrutiny he faced as a rodeo star was downright deplorable. Sure, everybody expected him to be a ladies’ man, but get caught wearing ladies’ underwear and suddenly your name is mud!   


Friends of Dorothy is published by loveyoudivine Alterotica, available pretty much everywhere.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Every Night Erotica Goes Out Like A Lamb

If you never visited, you might not be aware that Every Night Erotica was a site that published free erotica... every night.  Just like the sign says.  I was a big contributor.  The pay was quite lean, and yet some great authors like Jeremy Edwards and Lucy Felthouse have published there.

So, the news is that Every Night Erotica is no more.  The site is still there, but it's not publishing erotic fiction anymore.  Which is sad.  Here's the post on the topic:

If you haven't explored the site, there are hundreds of short stories posted there.  You might just find a treasure or two.  I published dozens of shorts at the site, and you can still read them here:

Happy Monday,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Last day to snag your FREE ebook!

This week we've got 6 sentences from the ebook that is free this weekend at All Romance ebooks.  That's right~Wedding Heat: Swing Low (a swinging, MFF menage BDSM story) is available as a freebie, but today's the last day.  Better grab it quick.

Here are six DIRTY sentences from this sexy little number (it's a very naughty book, my friends):
When Denitsa sucked her sister-in-law’s clit, Suki hissed, arching though she was strung up like a pig.  Neil took advantage of Denitsa's distraction to jam his cockhead against her tight clamped asshole, pressing so roughly it went in a bit.  The pain raced through her system, bursting like stars behind her eyes.  She didn’t mean to bite down on Suki’s clit, but the torrid sensation drove her to it.

“Tell big sister to relax,” Neil shouted over Suki’s pained cries.  “Her asshole is way too tight for me to fuck.”

Today (Sunday Oct 21, 2012) is the last day to grab Wedding Heat: Swing Low for free at ARe, so here's the link:

Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

FREE This Weekend: BDSM Threesome Erotica

Okay, so you know how BDSM is, like, the most popular thing EVER (right now)?

I wrote this story called Swing Low as part of my Wedding Heat series.  (You may have heard of it.  If not, check out the Wedding Heat website: )  This newest, latest installation involves some incredible stuff: swingers, a sex swing, fishnet fetish, MFF menage, a bit of whipping, a lot of licking, strap-on sex, male dom, and sales are AMAZING!

Umm... okay, that was a lie.  Sales are minimal.  Sales-wise, this book had been a dud so far.  That surprised me.  Not that I wrote the story "for the market," but I figured, given the current climate of "even bad BDSM is good" that I'd see Swing Low do a lot better than it has.

So you know what I'm doing?

I'm offering Wedding Heat: Swing Low to readers for FREE at All Romance this weekend only--that's Friday October 19th, 2012 until Sunday October 21st, 2012.

Here's the blurb:

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Neil and Denitsa could be called many things—swingers, fetishists, sex toy connoisseurs, BDSM aficionados—but when they attend their nephew’s wedding, their wild sex life isn’t something they share with the family. Well, that’s not entirely true. After Neil stops off en route to buy a sex swing, fishnet body stockings, a whip and a brand new strap-on, he and Denitsa are eager to invite their sister-in-law Suki to play with their new toys. It’s been years since the three of them have gone to bed together. Does Suki still swing that way?

WARNINGS: This title contains bondage, domination, lesbian sex, anal fetish, sex toys, and MFF ménage.

And an excerpt:

 Denitsa stood at the foot of the bed and waited. With every breath, she felt her bodystocking dig more ruthlessly into her skin. She could smell Suki’s cunt. Their mutual excitement was the perfume of nymphs.

“Stand still,” Neil instructed. He fitted a belt around Denitsa’s hips and buckled it at the back. She knew what it was by the heaviness in front of her. There were straps that went around her upper thighs too, and Neil buckled them so tight she wondered if she’d be able to move her legs.

“Open your eyes,” he said.

Denitsa gazed down at her sizeable black cock. It was big, but not too big, and in fact that surprised her. Neil so enjoyed watching her insert shockingly huge items into other women’s pussies. The dildo attached to this gorgeous leather harness appeared small for his taste.

The cat o’nine tails rested over Neil’s shoulder as he strode toward Suki’s upturned ass. Grabbing her cheeks with both hands, he spread them wide, giving Denitsa a superb view of her sweet asshole.

“I want you to fuck little sister’s ass,” Neil said before spitting into the groove of Suki’s crack. Her hole puckered as his frothy spit lingered above it.

“Is that all the lubrication she gets?” Denitsa asked. Now she understood why this dildo was smaller than the ones they had at home. Even so, the cock was large enough to cause Suki serious pain without considerable lube.

“Don’t get antsy,” Neil said. “Remember who’s holding the whip.”

And here's where you can get Wedding Heat: Swing Low for FREE (limited time only!):


Excerptfest 2012: Nanny State

This is the novella I tend to talk about the most.  That's because it's my favourite.  I know choosing a favourite book is akin, in the minds of some, to choosing a favourite child, but... well, as my grandmother says, "Of course I have a favourite child!  It's Charlie."

So, here's an erotic excerpt from my favourite child, Nanny State.  It's not just the pure smuttiness of the ageplay and lesbian kink, but also the fact that my girlfriend acted as editor on this novella.  That makes it special to both of us.


When Summer moves in with her mother’s friend, she expects to be treated like an adult. Fat chance! Victoria exerts control over every aspect of her life, protectively setting parental controls on the television and demanding Summer come straight home after her university classes.

Everything changes the day Victoria catches Summer watching some very kinky lesbian porn. The landlady soon becomes the ‘Nanny’, coaxing Summer into the big bed for play time.

The unlikely couple embarks upon a series of naughty adventures, from suckling to discipline to diapers. But what happens when Summer wants to include a girl her own age? Will Nanny punish the wayward girl or accept another charge into their uncommon household?

Warnings: This title contains graphic descriptions of lesbian sex and threesomes, age play, spankings, discipline, domination, and other fetish activities that may be considered objectionable to some readers.


Victoria gazed into my eyes for only a brief moment.  “Perhaps it would be better if you called me… Nanny Victoria?”

My chest froze like I’d taken a big swig of ice water, then warmed like I’d followed it up with a shot of whiskey.  Something gripped my chest, but my heart pounded too hard to stay bound by unseen forces.

“Nanny.”  I felt the word out, savouring the way my tongue struck the roof of my mouth as I spoke.  I liked that sensation.  It felt like sucking.  “Nanny Victoria.”

“Summer,” she said, opening the top part of her nightgown.

I’d never seen her breasts before.  Until that night, I hadn’t really thought of her as having them.  They weren’t old lady boobs, they weren’t saggy, and I was glad about that.  The skin there was pale and soft, which made her nipples look even darker.  What most surprised me, aside from their youthful perkiness, was the sheer size of them.  They were nearly as big as my head, or at least that’s the impression I got.  Maybe they only seemed bigger seen though my amazed eyes.

“Would you like to suck Nanny’s nipples, Summer?”  She shifted my hair behind my back, running her fingers through the strands.

I tried to say no, but the word caught in my throat, and I found myself nodding instead.  Cupping my hand around one breast, I eased down against the other, feeling her hard nipple press into my cheek like a warm pebble on a pillow.  I could feel her watching me, waiting, and I wished she would touch my bare breasts too, but somehow I knew she wouldn’t.

Pressing my little tits against Nanny Victoria’s nightgown, I turned my head until her nipple met my closed lips.  She inhaled sharply, arching her back, pressing her breast against my mouth until I opened up to let her inside.

“Oh, Summer!”  She cradled my head in her hand as I licked her pursed tit up and down with the tip of my tongue.  “Suckle, dear.  Suck it.”

A hot ache pulsed in my pussy.  When I started sucking, feeling her hard nipple against my soft velvet tongue, I wanted to touch myself so fucking badly I could have screamed.  I squeezed my thighs tight together, and my shaved pussy lips pressed my engorged clit from both sides, but it wasn’t enough.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Nanny asked as I squirmed in her arms.  “What’s the matter?”

I suckled her nipple at an easy, gentle pace, but I couldn’t stop wriggling.  It was quite a shock to realize there were hot tears pricking my eyes.  I couldn’t understand it, but when I looked up at my new nanny, her gaze was so loving, so caring, that my tears streamed down my cheeks in warm streaks.

“Use your words,” she said.  “Tell Nanny Victoria what you want.”

Pulling away from her nipple, which was now significantly fatter and redder than the other one, I pushed down on my shorts, kicking them off the side of the bed. When I opened my legs and reached for my clit, Nanny Victoria swiftly intercepted.

“No, no, Summer.”  Grabbing my wrist, she used my hand to press my thighs closed.  Her grip was unbelievably strong.  “That’s a naughty place to touch.”

I wanted to respond, of course, but I had no words.  A whimpering noise surged from my throat.  All I wanted was to play with my pussy, but Nanny wouldn’t let me.  She wouldn’t let go of my hand.

Nanny State is available from eXcessica Publishing, and pretty much everywhere else you'd want to buy an ebook

Happy Friday,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Call for Submissions: Trans* Month of Awareness

I saw this call for subs on twitter and thought I'd spread the word:

Trans* Month of Awareness: 

OPEN CALL for writers who identify under the trans* spectrum.

Original Plumbing online is spotlighting important trans* figures of yesterday and today for the month of November in honor of Trans* Month of Awareness and Trans* Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20th).

Submit your written piece (under 1000 words), along with a 1-sentence bio and the name you wish to be publicly published under, to be considered for publication online. Send submissions to by Oct. 31st for consideration!

Thank you and SPREAD IT!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excerptfest 2012: Painting With Brushes

This story was actually voted onto the top ten list of best menages of the year somewhere, but I didn't write down where... I think it was at Love Romances Cafe.  Maybe I should keep better track of awards and things, right?

(also... Holy Disembodied Torsos, Batman!)

Claudia detests Mark. Mark detests Claudia. But they both love Jason Paul...

Two years after Claudia’s bisexual husband Jason Paul leaves her to live with Mark, she finds herself unemployed but desperate to stay in the city. As she sees it, the only solution is to move in with her ex and his lover Mark, whom she despises.

When she comes to prep her new bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, Mark immediately criticizes her work. Of course, she won’t hand over her brush to him, but concedes to let him help. Before she knows what’s happening, however, sparks ignite, and Claudia begins to recognize the romantic and erotic possibilities of having two men in her bed and in her life...     

Read a short excerpt...
...Claudia knew the truth. She’d always sensed it, but now she knew for certain. “You were in our bedroom when Jason Paul was still my husband.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Certainly it was true. In his silence, she waited for tears, but they didn’t come. She didn’t have it in her to be upset with them any longer. When she pictured Mark and her husband in bed together, the image made her tingle. “You made love to him in our bed, didn’t you?” One man and another man, their bodies writhing together…rough sex…tender kisses…

“When you were away,” Mark admitted. He didn’t stop painting to confess. “You visited your mother the summer Jason Paul and I first met. We lived in your bed that entire week.”

She nodded. Where had her anger gone? She felt none of it. In fact, when she reflected on the two men falling in love and into bed, it seemed romantic. She had the choice to play a bit part in their love story, or to play the evil witch. Why had she chosen the latter? Why had she made their love more difficult than it had to be? Simple enough, she thought. Jason Paul was her husband. Of course she felt possessive of him—she was in love with him, too!

Was it possible to love selflessly, she wondered? One could love one’s children and one’s parents without ego interference. Yes, it was very possible to love two people at once. But being in love was different. In love, she’d been jealous and controlling. It didn’t seem like too much to ask, at the time, that her husband not sleep with other people. Love was such a crazy animal. Uncontrollable.

“I had a feeling you did,” she said. “Something about the sheets. They seemed more tousled than usual.”

“We washed them.”

“Even so.”

“We had sex up against the washing machine,” he reflected. The early days of any affair were always halcyon. Mark shook his head, staring at the wall. “Sorry. I’m sure you didn’t need to know that.”

“I don’t mind.” Claudia actually smiled when she pictured them together. And then she surprised herself by saying, “Tell me about it...”    

Painting With Brushes is available from your good friends at Amber Heat: 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excerptfest 2012: Anonymous

Even though I have other books in print, Anonymous is the only one I think of as a novel, as opposed to a novella or short story collection.  There are only two figures on the sexy cover, but there are actually four main characters--one woman and three men.


Hannah and her husband Nathaniel have always shared one particular fantasy—he wants to make love with another man, and she wants to watch.

When Hannah loses her job to a crumbling economy, she soon finds that an idle mind is indeed “the devil’s playground.” She latches onto the delectably naughty idea of bringing a third into the bedroom, but inviting a man they both know to join them could have far-reaching negative consequences. What they need is someone else. Someone anonymous.

After a hot night of ménage sex with a stunning escort, Hannah becomes obsessed with finding out the identity of their mystery male. Even when Nathaniel unexpectedly introduces another vibrant young man into their relationship, Hannah remains possessed by her fixation.

To what lengths will Hannah go to discover the real identity of "Mr. Anonymous?"

Read a short excerpt...

...“I want to suck another man’s cock,” he said.

She smiled. “I want to watch you.”

“I bet you do.”

After setting her glass down on the coffee table, Hannah crossed her bare legs over her husband’s lap and laughed. “I can’t believe we’re talking like this. It’s so naughty!”

She ran her fingers down the front of his already unbuttoned shirt and leaned in to kiss his neck. He smelled like wet pine after coming in from the rain. She kissed him again, kissed his cheek this time. Every peck left a pink mark on his flesh. Tonight, she’d paint him with lipstick. Her lips would be her brush, and his skin her canvas. She’d been waiting all day, and now this dirty talk was gearing her up for an evening to remember.

“Sorry again about dinner,” she said with a deliberate pout.

Nathaniel shrugged. “Hey, it’s not your fault the power went out. I wasn’t all that hungry anyway.” Leaning toward the coffee table, he stacked some cheese onto a cracker and popped it in his mouth. Hannah felt awful that finger food was the best she could do after promising him a meal to die for. She nuzzled his chest as he chewed. From the time he’d walked through the door, she suspected it wasn’t food Nathaniel had on his mind. Her husband wasn’t usually a dirty talker, but he’d sure gotten into it tonight. Maybe it was the candles. The whole atmosphere of the power outage fostered creativity.

“What else do you want?” she asked. “If we had another man here right now, what would you do to him?”

Nathaniel made an Mmm sound deep in his throat as Hannah pulled his shirttails from his navy blue trousers. “Are you undressing me?” he asked.

“Are you avoiding the question?” she answered.

He kissed her forehead, leaving a dab of wet warmth in his wake. “Have you ever known me to avoid questions?”
He chuckled as she pushed his shirt down over his shoulders and teased his pert nipple with her tongue. “Oh, you do have a talent for that.”

“You like it, huh?” She leaned across his chest and bit the other nipple as it stood erect. “Well, then, you’d better keep talking, mister. I want to see it in my mind.” Sitting up beside him, Hannah looked out across the candlelit living room. Her gaze fell into the rocking chair under the vast window of the sunroom extension. “If there was a handsome young man, like that guy Jameson from your office…if he was sitting in that rocking chair over there, what would you do to him?”

“What would I do?”

“Yes, what would you do?” Hannah chuckled as Nathaniel rose from the couch and wandered toward the window. “I’m waiting for an answer, Mister ‘I’m secure in my masculinity.’ How would you make that boy come?”

Nathaniel set his thick fingers against the shining oak of the rocking chair. With his back to Hannah, he raised his head to the raindrops drizzling down the great window. She hoped the electricity would never come back on; this naughtiness was much more entertaining than anything on television. Her insides sizzled.

Turning, Nathaniel met Hannah’s gaze from across the room. “If he was sitting in this chair right here?”

Hannah squirmed in her seat. Her panties were wet just thinking about charming Jameson, the young gay go-getter in the grey cubicle across from her husband’s. “Yes, if he was sitting there naked, all dark and delicious, what would you do to his flesh?”

“The first thing I would do,” Nathaniel replied, walking around the chair, “is touch his face.”

She squealed like a schoolgirl. “You would?” Grabbing a throw pillow, Hannah hugged it close to her chest. “Oh, I’d never have guessed that. Where on his face? And what would you touch him with?”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes. “With my finger, you little minx.” He looked down into the rocking chair as though Jameson were really seated there. “I would brush my index finger down his cheek.”

Hannah cooed at the thought. “I’ve never touched a black man’s stubble. I wonder what it would feel like. Would it be fuzzy, do you think, or sharp like yours?”

“I imagine it would feel like mine,” he said, running a hand across his blondish five o’clock shadow. Nathaniel had an exquisite face: a squared jaw, a dimpled chin, a Greek nose, and a scorching look in his grey eyes every time a dirty thought crossed his mind.

“What would you do next?” Hannah asked, squeezing the square pillow closer to her chest. “I’m sure you wouldn’t spend the whole night touching his face.”

Standing upright beside the rocking chair, Nathaniel stuck his thumb in the air and wriggled it. “I’d put this in his mouth.”

“Oooh…” Hannah chuckled. “I thought you were going somewhere else with that.”

Her idea seemed to bring a blush to her husband’s cheeks. Swinging her feet up onto the couch, she hid her smile behind the throw pillow and let out a throaty giggle. “Nathaniel, you’ve gone all shy on me!”

“Never,” he said with a wink...  


Now Available from Amber Heat:  Get it in print or as an ebook!

Excerptfest 2012: Friday Night Lipstick

You thought it was over, but it's only just begun!  There are plenty more excerpts from plenty more stories coming your way.  This one comes from one of my favourite ebooks--a love story that features two trans women who couldn't be more different.  Opposite attract in my transgender romance Friday Night Lipstick!

When Layla and Bernice first met, they’d never heard the word “transgender.”  Back then, they thought of themselves as cross-dressers and frequented the gay clubs together. Twenty years later, Layla is a glamorous and successful real estate agent living as a woman full-time. Repressed Bernice is still married to a Rosanna, who won’t let go of the husband Bernice used to be, but she spends her lonely nights dreaming of a life with lovely Layla. While Bernice is trapped in a hopeless relationship, Layla seems perfectly content hopping from bed to bed.  On Friday night, when their facades break down, will these long-time friends finally admit their love for one another?  And even if they do, how will married Bernice and swinging single Layla build a future together?


There was nothing to say.

There was only the kiss.

For the first time in their twenty-year friendship, Bernice pressed her lips against Layla’s. Always the intrepid, Layla went one step further, parting Bernice’s teeth with a powerful tongue. Beyond its sheer strength, that tongue was warm and wet and soft as velvet.

Layla’s kisses matched the vivacity of her character, but there was a delicacy Bernice hadn’t anticipated. Had she anticipated ever kissing Layla at all? She’d like to say no, but she’d be lying. She’d hoped for this kiss, dreamed of it, and now it was really happening. Her unnamed wants all sprung to the surface, though she’d cast them aside in her hopeless hours. Now, in the passion and tenderness of this kiss, Bernice saw her future. Eternity was here, and it was beautiful.

They stumbled to the sofa, peeling the straps from Layla’s shoulders, letting her skimpy dress fall to her waist. Bernice slid down her beautiful body, and latched her mouth to one of those beckoning nipples without waiting, without asking permission.

Layla gasped when Bernice sucked, pressing both tits together just like she’d wanted to do so many nights alone in bed, dreaming of the woman she loved. She loved. She switched nipples and Layla writhed against her, moaning, “Yes Bebe, yes doll.”

Bernice pressed her face against those beautiful breasts, so much softer than she’d imagined. She couldn’t control herself, running her tongue nipple to nipple, licking, sucking, biting, making Layla squeal.

When Layla hiked up her skirt and hooked her thumbs around her black gaff, Bernice’s breath caught in her lungs. She backed off Layla’s breasts to give the woman room to wriggle out of her tight-fitting undergarments, her heart hammering as they slid down Layla’s thighs.

“What’s wrong, doll?” Layla’s copper dress covered her crotch as she kicked off her underwear. Bernice looked into her eyes and found them full of concern. “If it’s too fast, or if you don’t want to…”

“No.” At her age, Bernice felt embarrassed admitting to her inexperience. “I’m nervous, if you can believe it. I’ve just… I’ve never done this before.”

With a loving chuckle, Layla leaned forward to plant a kiss on Bernice’s cheek. “You sound like a teenager.”

“I know.” Bernice smirked. “I guess that makes you a cradle-robber.”

Layla rolled her eyes.


“Hardly.” Laughing, she said, “You’re older than I am.”

“Don’t remind me.” Bernice gazed into the valley of Layla’s thighs, and the darkness beyond. God, why was she so afraid? Maybe because Layla had been with so many men, women, people, who probably had university degrees in cocksucking, and what did Bernice know?

But Layla hadn’t loved those other people. And she loved Bernice. That was the difference.

There was nothing to be afraid of.


Friday Night Lipstick is published by loveyoudivine Alterotica and available from your favourite e-tailer.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Girls Gone Carnal

Happy Sunday!

This week's new release is Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vamps, Witches and Weres, a mini-anthology of paranormal erotica.  Below, we've got six sentences from a story called "Milady's Bath"--a Gothic tale about a maid bathing her mistress, who has obtained some awful injuries after wandering out with the full moon.

Six Sentences from Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vamps, Witches and Weres:

As Milady skims her fingers through the hair between her legs, I watch her lovely breasts bob in the water.  Those pallid spheres call to me, their poor pink nipples distended and erect.  I roll up the sleeves of my nightdress before drizzling fragranced oil across her chest.  She sighs when I rub my cloth the length of her bare breast, but I am hardly satisfied to touch her skin through a square of cotton.  Her nudity provokes irrepressible urges in me.  I must feel her soft flesh against mine.


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Coming soon to other vendors!

Enjoy/Happy Weekend!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

LGBT Seniors Meet and Greet in Toronto

I spotted this little handout at a community centre in North Toronto, and since I've often heard said there's less support out there for older LGBT individuals than younger ones, I thought I'd post it here.

If you're having trouble reading the above, I'll recap briefly: Thursday October 18, 2012 a seniors' organization called SPRINT is holding a social and "special client engagement opportunity" from 2-4 p.m.  They want to know what YOU, LGBT and LGBT-positive people 55 and older, would like to see in upcoming programming.

All sexual orientations and gender identities welcome!

This event takes place at 140 Merton Street, Jane Moore Community Room

If you're an LGBT senior in Toronto, or you know people who are, attend/spread the word!


Friday, October 12, 2012

New Release! Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vamps, Witches and Weres

Furry.  Vicious.  Wicked. 

Lesbian shifters, vampires, and witches come in all shapes and sizes.  From the humblest mouse to the most ferocious cougar, from maids and their mistresses to urban vamps and the women they lick, these stories are sure to inspire chills, thrills, and delicious shivers:

Milady’s Bath ~a Gothic tale from a Lady’s maid at midnight
Mrs. Fox and the Cat of Nine Tails~a fairy tale cat seduces her mistress
Sneak~a mouse shifter saves the day in a backwoods bordello
Sparrow Takes Flight~a wind witch leaves as often as she comes
Blood Lust~this vamp plays with knives
Wild Things~a deaf witch meets her match in the rainforest
Taken from Behind~cougar shifters must be extra careful
Blood Whore~urban fantasy from a student just vamping for the cash

WARNINGS: This title contains blood, fur, and explicit lesbian sex.

Word Count: 26,000

Milady winces as she glides into the bathing tub and dunks her head under the water.  Her soft breasts float to the surface even before the tip of her nose rises up.  Her wet hair emerges and she gasps for breath.  All else but her scraped knees remain underwater.

Seating myself on a cushioned stool at her side, I soak a square of cotton in the fragranced water and wipe dirt from her face.  She smiles at me as though we share a secret, but I must admit it’s a secret I don’t fully understand.

“Have you truly never been intimate with a man?” she asks.  “You can confide me, dear Lizzie.  I promise never to tell a soul.”

Shaking my head, I run the cloth down Milady’s smooth neck.  The white cotton turns grey and I must start again with a new square.  “I regret I have nothing to confess.  I have no desire to be intimate with any man.”

She hisses when I touch the cloth to her chest.  Her scratches trouble me deeply, but Milady remains jubilant after such wretched abuse.

“I could never take pleasure in pain,” I tell her.  “If this is the mark of man, I am safer in my own leanings.”

“Ah, but this is no mere man,” she says, and closes her eyes.  A smile flows from her tender pink lips.  “He is a man and so much more.”

As Milady skims her fingers through the hair between her legs, I watch her lovely breasts bob in the water.  Those pallid spheres call to me, their poor pink nipples distended and erect.  I roll up the sleeves of my nightdress before drizzling fragranced oil across her chest.  She sighs when I rub my cloth the length of her bare breast, but I am hardly satisfied to touch her skin through a square of cotton.  Her nudity provokes irrepressible urges in me.  I must feel her soft flesh against mine.

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