Friday, October 5, 2012

Gag Me With A Spoon

It's official: nothing is sacred.  Look at this ad in my program from the Canadian Opera Company's production of Die Fledermaus:

That's right!  You big-time lovers of the bestest cultural phenomenon that ever did exist ever-ever-EVER can now get Fifty Shades of Grey THE ALBUM (at Indigo, apparently).  Gosh, sorry for all the caps but I haven't been so darn excited to live in Toronto since I spotted that bus ad for labiaplasty on the TTC.  Oh, and in case you heard about this album, which is without a doubt super-amazing, and had the gall to forget, now you can be reminded of its existence whenever you go to the opera this fall.  And you thought you could escape low culture at the Four Seasons Centre!  Mwahahaha... the bat's revenge!

I think I'll cancel my subscription now.  Or maybe after I hurl.  We'll see.


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