Friday, October 31, 2014

#MySexySaturday Lesbian Gold (that's code for PEE!!!)

Last week it was monster menage. This week it's lesbian watersports!

The theme for My Sexy Saturday is "date night" and, in a weird way, my story Golden Showers with the Landlord's Daughter (which appears in my new mini-collection LESBIAN GOLD) fits the bill.  Not because these girls go out for dinner and a movie or take each other to the theatre. That's not their thing. Their thing is late-night pee parties in the basement.

How I envy them. It's not everybody's fetish, but I loves me some golden showers. Love 'em!

There are three short stories in LESBIAN GOLD. The following 7-paragraph excerpt comes from the last of them. Enjoy!

From "Golden Showers with the Landlord's Daughter" by Giselle Renarde:

For my second year at university, I moved out of residence dorms and into a townhouse near campus. The newspaper listing had said “basement apartment,” but that wasn’t entirely accurate, since my “apartment” didn’t have a bathroom in it. Really, I was renting a bedroom with a microwave. To use the bathroom, I had to climb two flights of stairs and share with my landlord’s daughter Emma.

I never felt comfortable going upstairs in the middle of the night. Usually, I was up late studying or writing papers, and I hated the idea of disturbing the family. They were nice people. I didn’t want to bother them by turning on lights and flushing toilets at two in the morning.

One day, not long after I’d moved in, I was moving furniture around when I accidentally flipped up the carpet in my room. There was no subflooring. They’d put the broadloom down on bare concrete, and right near the corner there was a drain. A drain! It was a circle about three or four inches across, with a metal grate over it. Even after I’d covered it back up, I kept thinking about it.

Later that night, after two cups of tea and a bottle of water, I felt that heaviness in my pelvis. I needed to pee. The family had obviously gone to bed—there were no footsteps or TV sounds coming from upstairs—and that drain under the carpet was looking pretty appealing. What difference did it make if I peed in the floor? A drain was a drain, right? Those pipes all went to the same place.

So I lifted the carpet and pushed down my pyjama pants, kicking them across the room. All I had to do was squat. The drain was in the perfect position for me to press my back against the wall, so I knew I wouldn’t fall over. I spread my legs wide, staring down at the drain. I’d never had to aim my stream before. I didn’t know if I could pull it off. Hopefully I wouldn’t spritz all over the carpet.

It took a couple seconds before I could let loose. The feeling of peeing without being on a toilet was really strange at first, but also exhilarating. I felt kind of dirty, kind of naughty, like I was doing something I shouldn’t be doing. And I guess I was. I don’t think the family would appreciate it if they knew I was peeing on their floor.

The drain became my late-night secret place. Every day I looked forward to using it the same way I used to look forward to getting myself off with my vibrator or my fingers. Sometimes after my stream died down, I would flick my clit, rub it around a little, bring myself to orgasm in no time. I have no idea what turned me on about crouching in the corner of my bedroom to pee, but my pussy was always super-wet by the time I’d finished. Often, if I fucked myself with my fingers, I could get myself to squirt even more liquid. It would spray all over my palm and drip down from my hand. I wondered if I was the only girl in the world who did things like this. I couldn’t imagine it was common...

Oh, forgot to mention: this weekend you can snag LESBIAN GOLD for only $0.99 at Amazon. Grab it now! Price goes up Monday. Grab the pee! Grab it!

Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:

LESBIAN GOLD will be available from other retailers, but we're not quite there yet.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Welp, I'm Ready for Halloween...

Are you?

Or do you need some spooky erotic fiction to get you there?

My pal M. Keep was kind enough to assemble a list of books you might like--everything from romance to erotic shorts. As you'll see, my new box set "Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!" is on there. Grab it! Grab a whole bunch of books by authors you might know, might not know... who knows?

Anyhoo, here's the list:


TheodorasDescent_160x240J.E. and M. Keep: Theodora's Descent

Currently .99, down from 3.99 Oct 25-Nov 1

Buy it here | Subscribe to J.E. & M.'s Newsletter

In the dead of night, they call for her. The monsters and their strange, ancient city deep below the earth.
Theodora is not content to find a husband and settle down. She seeks adventure, not courtship.

She feels the primal pull of beings that shouldn't exist and falls into the den beneath. Saved by a monstrous man from the clutches of two vampires, she quickly realizes that her nightmares couldn't even come close to the things that haunt the underworld.

As she desperately seeks escape, can she survive the horrors that lurk below, or will she succumb to the power that reigns in the dark?

A dark, seductive force calls to her... pulls her towards its clutches...


Aubrey Dark: His

Currently .99, down from 2.99 until Oct. 27

Buy it here | Subscribe to Aubrey's Newsletter

I never meant to be here: tied up in bed next to a serial killer.

When I followed him home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out his secret. His kiss was intoxicating, and I thought he was harmless.

I was wrong.

Nancy Drew never ended up in a basement, handcuffed to a radiator, teased to the edge of insanity, begging to be let go.

Soon, I stopped begging to be let go.

Soon, I started begging to be HIS.

Author's Note: This is a dark romance novel with mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable.

KnightsofStone_180x240Lisa Carlisle: Knights of Stone

Currently .99, down from 2.99, until Nov 2

Buy it here | Subscribe to Lisa's Newsletter

Gargoyles, tree witches, and wolf shifters have divided the Isle of Stone after a great battle twenty-five years ago. When Kayla, a tree witch, hears about the unconventional rock concerts in the gargoyle’s territory, she sneaks from her coven and into their territory to see for herself. Night after night, she returns to see one in particular shift into human form and play guitar at these unconventional shows.

For several nights, Mason has kept watch for the pixie-like female. He plans to seduce her, thinking she’s a visitor from another island. When he discovers she’s one of the tree witches, he retreats, attempting to keep his distance. The temptation is strong, but forbidden.

Kayla and Mason attempt to meet in secret, but other elements on the isle command their attention. A magical cloak created by the three clans on the island is thinning, leading to repercussions for all the clans. Kayla and Mason are caught in the middle of it, and their actions may change the fate for all.

LundaHoldings_160x240Natalie Deschain: Luna Holdings: A Novel

Buy it Here | Subscribe to Natalie's Newsletter

The first full length novel by Natalie Deschain!

Karen needs a job and she needs it now. Down to combing online classifieds, she sends off her resume to Luna Holdings, even though she has no idea what the company actually does. Five minutes later, a sultry voice calls and identifies herself as Lilith Chambers, Vice President of Human Resources. The interview is a cakewalk, and Karen gets the job on the spot.

This is no ordinary company, and Lilith is no ordinary boss. The accounting manager is a dragon. The mail room is full of undead and a troll guards the front desk, and Lilith...

Lilith is complicated. Ancient monster goddesses need love, too.

MonstersShiftersMen_160x240Giselle Renarde: Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!
Currently 2.99, down from 5.99, until Nov 7

Buy it Here | Subscribe to Giselle's Newsletter

Just can’t get enough? Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is a box set full of spicy paranormal romances.

Inside you’ll find a princess in hiding, a forest full of shapeshifters and a faery with a secret. Curious about that mysterious man at the coffee shop? So are baristas Saada and Toby. Meanwhile, paranormal investigators Geoff and Anna are northward bound to search for the legendary Shadow People. And how will Artemis react when she encounters a cunning incubus who knows what he wants… and takes it?

Still craving beastly men? Good thing this collection includes a bonus werewolf tale by renowned author Savannah Reardon!

Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! includes two novellas, three novelettes and one short story devoted to menage and multiple partner romances.

Erotic Shorts:

BadWolfOntheRun_160x240J.M. Keep: Bad Wolf, On the Run

Currently .99, down from 2.99, until Nov 2

Buy it here | Subscribe to J.M.'s Newsletter

Sarah is fleeing from something that no one believes exists. The stuff of fairy tales and myths.

The werewolf pack are right on her tail, and they won’t rest until she’s claimed by them. But one wants her more than the others, more than even she could have guessed.

A dark fairy tale erotica. Can be read as a standalone or with Bad Wolf, Be Good.

BadWolfBeGood_160x240J.M. Keep: Bad Wolf, Be Good

Currently .99, down from 2.99, until Nov 2

Buy it here | Subscribe to J.M.'s Newsletter

Sweet and pristine, the dark inhabitants of the woods knew not to touch the young woman that lived in the depths of the forest.

Yet the beast that stalks her has nothing to fear of being cursed. Nothing to lose if he claims her for himself. After all, he already has the wolf’s blood coursing through him, and can't control his lusts.

A dark fairy tale romance. Can be read as a standalone or with Bad Wolf, On the Run


Victoria Kasari: Halloween Hooker Costume

Currently .99, down from 2.99, until Oct 31

Buy it here | Subscribe to Victoria's Newsletter

Librarian Veronica spends her days fantasizing about the local college studs. She knows they’re looking at her…but she’s far too shy to do anything about it.

When her Halloween costume leads to them mistaking her for a hooker, she gets the opportunity to live out every fantasy she’s ever had. Dare she accept their offer…and if she does, can she maintain the deception?

BimboCostumes_160x240Nadia Nightside: Bimbo Costumes!

Currently .99, down from 2.99, Oct 30th-Oct 31st

Buy it here | Subscribe to Nadia's Newsletter

On Halloween night, six paranormal investigators enter the legendary Bimbo House, haunted home of a bygone sex-crazy sorority. Two gorgeous mediums, who happen to be lesbian lovers; an arrogant scientist and his mousy, sexually repressed wife; and the one survivor of Bimbo House, with a HUGE memento dangling between his legs, and his beautiful caretaker who is secretly in love with her charge.

Inside the lust-filled sorority mansion, these six soon chance upon strangely alluring, sexy Halloween costumes—flirty cheerleader, sexy witch, all the Halloween standards. But when innocent people put on these lusty costumes, they transform into sex-obsessed nymphomaniacs! The costumes can turn even the manliest man into a sexy, girly, sex-obsessed bimbo, and do! Every hot babe altered in this house is given big breasts, a giggly brain, and produces a very special product from their overflowing cups!

Unless they’re all careful, there’s no way they’ll survive Halloween night without transforming into lusty beings bent only on deviant sexual acts and making heirs…

MatedtotheAlienGang_160x240Audrey Grace: Mated to the Alien Gang

Currently .99, down from 2.99, Oct 26-Oct 30

Buy it here | Subscribe to Audrey's Newsletter

Brenda is lost on the snaking country back-roads. She shouldn't have tried to find that shortcut! She decides to sleep in her car until the next day. There's no use driving around in the dark.

But when she is beamed onto an alien ship, and surrounded by a group of them, she realizes she might just be in trouble. They tell her they need to mate with her in order to save their species. All of them.


Audrey Grace: Seeded by the Alien God

Currently .99, down from 2.99, Oct 26-Oct 30

Buy it here | Subscribe to Audrey's Newsletter

When rumors of an alien spacecraft hovering over the subtropical jungle in Borneo surface, journalist Katrina Johnson is sent to investigate. But she's skeptical. She doesn't really believe that there is an alien ship, and she doesn't really believe aliens exist, either. Until she sees it with her own eyes.

Determined to get some groundbreaking footage, she sets off into the jungle at night with the aim of getting closer to the alien ship, when she's sucked into a portal, and transported to an alien world.

Disorientated and confused, Katrina is flabbergasted when a gorgeous man approaches her, and he's completely in the nude. He's an alien, and he's got big plans for her. He plans to seed her, in front of a stadium of onlookers!


Natalie Deschain: Night of the Monsters

Buy it here | Subscribe to Natalie's Newsletter

In this raucous horror-comedy erotic novella from top 100 author Natalie Deschain, five college students take a spring break vacation in the deep woods.

They expect a weekend of roughing it and maybe a little exploration, but the lurking monsters surrounding the cabin have other plans for the weekend in this loving homage to the horror genre.


Natalie Deschain: Werewolf Pirates

Buy it here | Subscribe to Natalie's Newsletter

Top 100 Erotica Author Natalie Deschain returns to paranormal erotica with a bang in this super-steamy novella. Prepare to be boarded!

When black sails appear on the horizon, Catherine St. Claire knows she's in trouble. These are no ordinary pirates, in search of cargo to steal and captives to ransom. The ship bearing down on her is the Fang, crewed by bloodthirsty, plundering monsters in search of precious booty. They're WEREWOLF PIRATES!

With her own ship sinking beneath the waves, Catherine and her Irish maid are taken captive as the personal prizes and pets of Gregor, the fearsome captain of the monstrous crew. Catherine is repulsed by his brutality and bestial rage, but entranced by his overwhelming, regal strength and powerful, dominant will. As her new captain breaks her down into his willing pet, she breaks him with her beauty, charm, and song. Deep within the monster hides a broken man, and only Catherine can soothe the savage beast.

When Catherine is wounded in a sea battle, Gregor saves her the only way he knows how, by passing the werewolf curse to her- and the first thing a newly afflicted female werewolf does is go into heat! Filled with new, insatiable lust, her desires are overwhelming.

Just as Catherine begins to reach the man inside the beast, a terror from his past comes calling. The Fang and its crew aren't the only monsters prowling the waves, and an old enemy is out for blood.

BONUS! Contains a sample of Natalie Deschain's epic paranormal erotic novel, Luna Holdings.

IdSellMyInnocentSoul_160x240Cassandra Zara: Taboo Fantasies: I'd Sell My Innocent Soul For Him

Currently .99, down from 2.99, until Oct. 29

Buy it Here | Subscribe to Cassandra's Newsletter

Between school, studying, and my family teasing me, I couldn't wait to move out of this miserable household. I hadn't even had my first time yet! There was only one thing that I liked about life right now, and that was the man of the house. Late on the night before Halloween, I saw a shooting star and made a wish. Then I made a darker request of the night.

“I'd sell my innocent soul to the devil for one night of hard sex with the man of the house...”

The next day, Halloween, I met Lucy. In her red skirt and tank top, she tempted me with her body, gave me my first cigarette, snuck me my first drink. When she gave me my first kiss, I knew we had something special. So when she suggested that we go downstairs and put on a show for the man of the house, I couldn't refuse. I knew he wouldn't be able to resist his bratty princess. After all, I was willing to do anything to tempt him, anything for him to take me hard and unprotected.

Even make a bargain with Lucy...

TheWildHunt_159x240E.K. Sabins: Veil of Undoing: The Wild Hunt

Buy it Here | Subscribe to E.K.'s Newsletter

Between the waking world and dreams, there is the Veil.

One day of the year is known as the time when the fabric between worlds slips away, and our ancestors knew that dangerous things lurked beyond what we call reality. They have been called many things, but they were almost universally feared. And they haven’t gone anywhere.

Guarded as they always were, by deep, primal magics, the creatures from beyond the Veil continue to snatch people from this world, and they continue to ride The Wild Hunt.

The Wylde Hunt by J. D. Harding
William was just a lad when he reached out a hand to snatch a loaf of bread, from the wrong table! Now he’s a man who has lived for 230 years as a prisoner to a mysterious Lady of the Fae, Queen of her own realm and more beautiful than dawn.

Will her court’s annual hunt give him a chance to escape his bondage, or double his sentence? And what price will he be willing to pay for freedom?

Into the Fire by E. K. Sabins
Grete never thought much of herself, she was just another daughter of another poor miller in another little village on the edge of the German black forest, but her life is changed forever when a mysterious trio of men arrive on All Hallow’s Eve.

What has become of the family she left behind? Will Grete be burned by the realm of fire, or will she learn to master it’s secrets?

Friday, October 24, 2014

#MySexySaturday Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!

Okay, I've been teasing you long enough about this box set of MMF menage and paranormal multiple partner sexiness.
Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!

It's official: Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is NOW AVAILABLE. This is the perfect My Sexy Saturday for it, because this week's theme is Halloween. And this book includes plenty of spooky weird stuff... like my novella Monstrous Obsession.
Seven paragraphs from Monstrous Obsession:

Closing her eyes, Artemis rested against the wall, listening to Budd and Vincent’s deep voices somewhere in the house. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it was obviously about her. Sometimes she felt like she’d never be wanted anywhere she ended up.

That thought was pushed from her mind by a voice even deeper even than Budd’s. Growling, violently, it said, “You’re mine now.”

Artemis jumped up from the floor, looking all around the room. She felt like somebody was in there with her, but she couldn’t see anyone. Tentatively, she opened the large wooden wardrobe, half expecting one of Vincent’s squirrelly friends to jump out at her. It was empty, except for a little wooden box with strange words carved all around the sides. Curiosity erased the tension of the moment, but as she lifted the lid, shivers ran down her spine. The dread returned, even though the box was empty.

Something was in the room with her, watching her. She was sure of it. Something disturbing and malevolent. The hair stood up all along her arms. She felt like she’d been licked up and down her neck by a dirty old man, and she wiped it with the sleeve of her shirt, again and again, convinced she was removing someone’s saliva from her skin.

The bedroom door squealed open, and she screamed.

Budd chuckled. “Jumpy, jumpy!”

“Sorry, I thought I… heard something.” Artemis shook her head, then pressed the ill-fitting lid back on the wooden box. “I don’t know.”
Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! includes a whopping SIX spooky tales (2 novellas, 3 novelettes and a short story) for the low introductory price of $2.99 at many retailers. Snap it up soon!

Here's what's inside:
Shadow People
The Regular
A Tale of Fur and Flesh
Monstrous Obsession
Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice
Bonus! Bad Wolf by Savannah Reardon

How can you resist? Buy now from:

Barnes and Noble:

Google Play:

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Cover Reveal: Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!

I hear some people like MMF menage...

...and I hear some people like Halloween, so this Friday those people will be pleased to discover a new box set/anthology/whatever you want to call it of paranormal shiftery monstery menage and multiple partner erotica/romance/romantica/erotimance stories/novellas/novelettes, including a bonus werewolf tale by my pal Savannah Reardon.

Haha now you have to wait. :P

Okay I'll have mercy and give you the preorder link:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Freebie Friday: Femme It Up

Just for fun:

If you’re not ready to commit to the entire What Do Lesbians Do In Bed? anthology, no problem! Enjoy a quick taste of Sapphic sexiness with the SINGLES series!

In Femme It Up, Dee hates butch Brenda’s hairy legs. After three years together, Brenda agrees to let Dee wax them. Getting dolled up and going out on the town makes her nervous as hell, but bad-ass butch Brenda would do anything for her girl.

With bonus fetish story No Love, No Glove!

Giselle Renarde’s erotic fiction has appeared in over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Women’s Erotica, Girl Fever, and the Lambda Award-winning collection Wild Girls, Wild Nights.

Grab Femme It Up FREE! Limited time only, only from:

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#HungerBundle: Earth Blood Is Easy

Last week I let you know that my new book "Earth Blood Is Easy" is available exclusively in a box set of vampire romances called HUNGER, but I didn't really tell you anything about the book itself.

"Earth Blood Is Easy" is a romantic comedy about a vampire who is also an alien. Nope, I'm not kidding. That is 100% true.

Is it ridiculous? Yup. Is it hilarious? I sure as hell hope so. Are there vampires? Many. Are they the kind of vampires you'd expect from any other author? Probably not. Are they the kind of vampires you'd expect from me? Umm... yes. At least, I think so. You'll have to grab a copy of the box set (it's only $0.99 and there are EIGHT books in it) and let me know.

I haven't shared the full extended blurb for this book around the internet at all. This'll be the first time I'm posting it publicly:

Alexxia is an unapologetic vampire who works hard and plays harder. Some of her coworkers and even her boss find her a little abrasive, but you don’t become top seller under thirty by being the polite wall flower. When Alexxia’s vacation time rolls around, she’s got big plans involving a sunny beach on the planet Plai. Unfortunately, the interstellar module she’s riding with her best friend Metsis has different plans.

When the module breaks down on Metsis’s vacation destination, Alexxia finds herself stranded. What a buzzkill! Especially when she finds out that boring old Earth isn’t like her home planet, Circe, where you can just walk into a restaurant and order a nice big bottle of blood. So where on Earth can Alexxia get a drink?

When Alexxia finally tracks down a fellow Circean, he leads her to Conrad—a guy unlike any she’s met on her home planet. He’s thin and pale and broody and… actually kind of cool. But, honestly, what is the deal with Earth’s vampires? Why are they so shady about drinking blood? Why’s it so taboo? And why does doing something that’s considered wrong feel so knee-bucklingly, heart-palpitatingly right?

Will Alexxia be entranced by Earth’s forbidden underground vampire culture? And when her module’s fixed, will she be able to leave Conrad?

Who ever said that Earth blood was easy…?

Here are a gajillion buy links for the $0.99 HUNGER box set:

Also, a shout-out to Sommer Marsden who kindly featured the box set on her blog today: 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

September's Clear Winner

Every month I post the top-selling Giselle Renarde Erotica print books, and September's bestseller was clear:

What Do Lesbians Do In Bed?

Have you ever wondered what lesbians do when they get together? Is it all fingers and scissors and lips between legs, or is there WAY more to the slippery story of lesbian sex?

In this hot new anthology, enjoy twenty-one explicit tales of lesbian love. From shoe fetish to opera gloves, sex in public to quiet winter mornings, even connoisseurs of fine girl-on-girl action are likely to discover a new idea or two in this sexy new collection.

Whether you can appreciate this book’s title ironically or you’re authentically curious about what girls who love girls do in bed (or in parked cars or at the office or in a church basement or in a restaurant bathroom), grab a copy today and get in on the nitty-gritty secrets of lesbian sex.

Giselle Renarde’s erotic fiction has appeared in over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Women’s Erotica, Girl Fever, and the Lambda Award-winning collection Wild Girls, Wild Nights.

Honorary mentions go out to:

Giselle's Big Box of BDSM

Fifteen erotic tales of discipline, domination, spanking, submission, Alphas, Femdom, bondage and more by award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Giselle’s erotic fiction has appeared in more than 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Bondage Erotica, Under Her Thumb, Serving Him and The Big Book of Bondage. In this new book, you can snap up every story in Giselle’s Best BDSM Erotica series!

What will you find between the covers?

Tree Hugger: When the new hotshot lawyer at Navina’s firm invites her out for a hike, he comes equipped with… bungee cords? Only a cute guy like Riley could get away with tying her, naked, to the nearest tree. She’s never been much of a tree hugger, but Riley’s rough hands might change her mind.

An Appreciation for Beautiful Things: Dell's mother-in-law is convinced he's gay, but that doesn't bother him. He's got nothing to prove. Tying up his wife, spanking her, making her scream for mercy--he doesn't do these things to prove that he's straight. He just loves taking charge.

The Invisible Husband: In Greta's opinion, a good husband is like a well-trained dog: you shouldn't see or hear him, except on command. That's not to say she doesn't take good care of her pet. He even gets to sleep in the big bed when he deserves it...

Forgotten Bodies: After three kids and many years of marriage, Susan’s lost her libido. She’s afraid if she doesn't satisfy her handsome husband’s desires he’ll find someone else who will. When Anthony surprises her with a spanking, will Susan find a new route to arousal?

The Sweetest Burn: Lucinda can’t stand to feel viscous fluids dripping down her skin. Too bad! For Chef, a recipe is never complete until it's mixed with the salt, sweat and oils of her skin. Today's sweet sauce is mole poblano, a Mexican chocolate chili that will set her ablaze.

Find these great stories and ten more in Giselle’s Big Box of BDSM!

My Mistress' Thighs

Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry
Rainbow Awards Honourable Mention

A cross-dressing cowboy, a post-war pin-up, and a wolf in grandmother's clothing all find a special home in My Mistress' Thighs.

This collection of erotic trans and genderqueer fiction makes room for everyone. There's a secret solstice sacrifice, a case of spring fever, an online romance, and a Wednesday night dinner routine that's anything but dull.

From the timid closet dresser of Love in the Time of Instant Messenger to the post-op rodeo queen of Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again, all who seek love find it in the world of Giselle Renarde Erotica.

Table of Contents

Sonnet: Fear of Drowning
The Public Life of Private Paulsen
Friends of Dorothy
Sonnet: Earthly Constellations
Dressing for Dinner
Love in the Time of Instant Messenger
Third Rail
Sonnet: Time That You Love
A Wolf in Grandmother’s Clothing
Secrets and Guys
Sonnet: Light Walker
Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice
Cock for A Day
Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again
Sonnet: A Female Bond
Spring Fever
Sonnet: My Mistress’ Thighs

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

HUNGER: $0.99 for EIGHT Vampire Novels! #vampbundles

Men who are always hungry, who crave both blood and love, these are the vampires who roam the pages in this new boxed set. Filled with paranormal desire and tempting to even the most innocent...

If you loved the Thirst boxset you will really love this BRAND NEW Hunger Boxset!

Eight bestselling vampire romance novels you can sink your teeth into—get ready to fall in love with darkness.

Tag, The Vampire’s Game by Elixa Everett: For generations, the women in Gina's family have been vampire hunters sworn to exterminate all vampires, no exceptions. Until Lance. He is cocky and infuriating, but also highly charismatic and easily the sexiest man she has even met, igniting feelings within her that she'd rather keep buried. What started as a game for him and a duty for her develops into a passion with an intensity that threatens to destroy them both. Can Gina resist the sinfully sexy Lance and destroy the only man who has truly made her feel alive?

Midnight Blue by Elizabeth Nyte: April Matthews goes looking for a job, what she finds is a sexy vampire. Gabriel Blue is determined to hold on to April no matter the danger. Can they survive Gabe's enemies and find eternal love?

Blood Rage by Tara Shuler: When a vampire destined to destroy all of humanity realizes love isn't weak and pointless after all, it just may be too late to save the only woman he's ever loved.

Earth Blood is Easy by Giselle Renarde: Alexxia’s stranded on Planet Earth without a blood source! When she meets a mysterious club owner, will she become too entranced by Earth’s underground vampire culture to leave?

Delicate Thorns by Miranda Hardy and Ainsley Shay: Waking up on a deserted island with no memory of who you are is scary, but waking up on a deserted island with no memory of who you are and a thirst for blood is terrifying.

A Touch of Vampire by Catherine Vale: If she had only stayed away he would have been spared. Now it’s too late, he’s been turned into a creature that will never be allowed to live. She is all he has left. He just doesn’t know it yet.

One Night With a Vampire by Rozlyn Sparks: With a few shots of liquid courage, a pat on the ass, and a donated gold card, Daphne is whisked away to the famed, House of Immortal Pleasures for a night she won't soon forget.

Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose: When a billionaire playboy meets a shy grad student, he risks losing his heart for the first time in four hundred years.

Friday, October 3, 2014

#MySexySaturday Brats Gone Wild!

I usually feature my own books for My Sexy Saturday, but I contributed a bonus story to my pal Candi Cade's smutty new box set so I've decided to talk about it today.

If you're an author, there's a good chance you've written a book that just didn't take off. Me? I've written a lot of them. But this summer I wrote a pretty taboo novelette called Forbidden Folk. Oh my goodness gracious, I love this story. It's so deliciously illicit in a way that's different from other taboo fiction. My girl Winter was raised by her mother and the two other members of her mother's folk trio. They're not related and they're not technically family but it still feels... titillatingly naughty.

Anyway, like I said, the book fell flat on its face as far as sales were concerned. Which is a real shame because it's damn good. When Candi Cade asked if I'd like to provide a bonus story for her taboo collection, I sent her Forbidden Folk because I wanted to get this story into the hands of smut lovers.

(And I have every confidence that lots of people will read it now, considering Candi's Brats Gone Wild box set is currently priced at $0.99!)

Here are seven short paragraphs from Forbidden Folk:

But Steven wasn’t actually my parent. As much as I viewed him as a father, growing up, he never was. Not truly.

“Steven?” I asked.

His hand cocooned mine. “Yes, Winter?”

“Did you ever think about…?”

He turned onto his side, so his chest was so close it grazed my tender nipples. When he spoke, I felt his breath against my lips. “Think about what, Winter?”

I couldn’t ignore the throb between my legs. I couldn’t fight it any longer. I barely had to move to kiss him, and that’s just what I did. Or did he kiss me? We moved for each other’s mouths simultaneously, opening to one another. His tongue swept mine into a frenzy as we gave in to the desire my mother had forbidden. She must be spinning in her grave.

“Wait,” Steven said, pulling his mouth from mine. “Winter, are you sure this is what you want?”

If you've got $0.99 to spare, grab a copy of Candi Cade's Brats Gone Wild and you can read her salaciously spicy stories in addition to mine:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Do My Best Blogging at Oh Get A Grip!

I don't think I've mentioned this lately, but I blog every other Thursday at a kick-ass blog called Oh Get A Grip!

The contributors to this site are so spectacularly brilliant that I really work my brain when I post there. If you know me, you know I'm too honest for my own good, but I'm especially forthright when I'm blogging at The Grip!

You can read my most recent blathering today:

Another Post About How I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Every fortnight we take on a different topic, and our current topic is:

Perspective. 1st Person? 3rd Person? What do you write? What do you prefer?

Trust me: you'll keep coming back to The Grip because contributors are so astute. We're talking people like Lisabet Sarai, Sacchi Green and Annabeth Leong. I feel like I should list everyone because I'm leaving out so many incredible writers. Just visit the site. You'll see. These people are so smart. Oh, I just love them all.