Friday, March 18, 2016

#MySexySaturday Wedding Heat: Friday #Erotica #BoxSet
I think it's hilarious that this week's My Sexy Saturday topic is "My Sexy Carriage."


Because the first story in my Wedding Heat series takes place in a car. And, yes, the sex takes place in a car.  Or... on a car.

You'll see for yourself when you buy a copy of my Wedding Heat: Friday box set.

And how do I know you'll buy a copy?

Because it's on sale for only $0.99 right now, and that's an amazing price for 6 erotic novelettes!

Dan undid his seat belt and then his leather belt. He shifted to the middle of the bench, unbuttoning, unzipping. He was crushing her maps, but when he pulled out his cock the maps were the last things on her mind.

“Thought you might want to finish what you started.” Dan stretched his arms across the back of the front seat, first toying with Cora’s hair, then pressing her head down.

“God, yes.”

Warm saliva accumulated under Cora’s tongue as she folded herself toward that straining cock. She almost wanted to cry again, but this time because her heart felt too full.

“I thought you didn’t care,” she told him. “Or… I thought you didn’t want me to, or…”

“I want you to.” Dan curved his big hand around the back of her neck, exerting pressure there. “Do you know how much it turns me on, knowing you think about this too?”

Cora growled a little, smiling. She grabbed his cock, hand over hand, both fists pulsing gently against his shaft. “I think about it all the time.”

To find out more about Dan and Cora (and their gay son and their lesbian daughter and their bisexual niece and the incredible cast of characters too numerous to mention here), you have GOT to get your hands on the Wedding Heat: Friday box set while it's on sale this week.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Smut Smackdown Round Two: Spying on the Twins vs. Daddy's Wet Little Virgin

In case you missed the explanation during Round One, Lexi challenged me to a smut duel. We each write a VERY taboo erotic story and you get to vote on which is the most salacious! If you find family sex titillating, you need to read these stories!


Spying on the Twins
by Giselle Renarde
Family Affairs Taboo Erotica

“What’s your fascination with Jeffrey and Jane?”

That’s what my friend keeps asking about my twin cousins. But isn’t it obvious? Look at the way they smile at each other and stand so close! I’ve heard that twins have some kind of special connection, but there’s something freaky going on with these two. And I’m dying to find out what!

Intensely Taboo Erotica

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Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin
by Lexi Wood
Daddy Does It Best!

Isabella hasn’t visited the cabin since she was just a little girl. Back then, it was Mummy and Daddy and her. Now it’s just Isabella and Daddy alone together by the lake. When temperatures rise and she tries to cool off, it’s Daddy to the rescue! But Isabella doesn’t need his help. She needs something else altogether… if only Daddy will give it to her!

You can get this one too for $0.99
if you use coupon code NW94T at
Expires: April 30, 2016

Spying on the Twins versus Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin
Read them both and vote for your favourite:

Friday, March 11, 2016

Adam and Sheree's Stepbrother Series #MySexySaturday

The complete collection has arrived! If you haven't read my Adam and Sheree series, this is your chance to get the entire trilogy for only $2.99--that's a buck a book! This is one seriously salacious series, full of stepbrother/stepsister sex, lesbian licking, porn production, multiple menages, and so much more.  If you've read the original Adam and Sheree series from Excessica, this is the Amazon-friendly version of that.

Adam and Sheree's Stepbrother Series: The Complete Collection is on sale this weekend at Amazon, so don't miss out! I mean it!  This is such a great deal!

“Knock, knock.”

Sheree stepped inside and closed the door. When Adam gazed across the room, all he could see was the tent in his shorts pointing straight at his sister’s tits. His dick knew what he wanted even before he did.

“Somebody’s happy to see me.”

“No.” Adam’s throat clicked as he sat up. “I thought we talked about this in the car.”

She jumped on his bed, pawing at his fly. “You talked, I listened. Well… I half-listened.”

“We can’t do this anymore, Ree.” He batted at her hands, but his wrists went limp. Only one of his muscles seemed to be in service at the moment. “It was different, at Gramma’s cottage. Like you said, we were sexual surrogates for each other, just scratching an itch.”

Without looking away from his erection, Sheree whined, “I’m still itchy.”

Do you have $3? Buy this collection now now NOW!!!
So much sex! So much taboo! So much HOT! Buy it! Buy it!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

What's FREE, Giselle? #ReadAnEbook

To celebrate my decade-long career as a purveyor of fine smut, I've been giving away free books. Different ones each month. March is going to work a little differently.

Every year, Smashwords holds a huge sale for Read An Ebook Week. March 6-12, you'll be able to snag some amazing freebies and deals from writers like me. And also from me. And also from Lexi, but forget about her for a second and let's talk about me some more.

I've made an incredible number of books available to readers for free this week. I didn't count, but... a lot. And the ones that aren't free are deeply discounted. Of all my (self-published) ebooks, I think only like 5 of them aren't on sale.

So where can you get this multitude of free ebooks?

From Smashwords:

Scroll down that page and you'll find books, which you can sort by author (since Lexi's are there too), newest, bestselling, etc.

I think you have to enter a coupon code to get the sale price (I could be wrong) but that code will be on the book's product page.

These books are free because I WANT you to have them. Go nuts!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

By Hand: Out of the Cold

My wintery New Years novella Out of the Cold actually started life as a series of spicy letters I wrote to my ex. When I asked for them back so I could transcribe them for the book, he made me promise to return them.

Ooops they fell in the shredder. I guess you'll have to solicit sexy notes from your wife now. Sorry-not-sorry!