Friday, March 18, 2016

#MySexySaturday Wedding Heat: Friday #Erotica #BoxSet
I think it's hilarious that this week's My Sexy Saturday topic is "My Sexy Carriage."


Because the first story in my Wedding Heat series takes place in a car. And, yes, the sex takes place in a car.  Or... on a car.

You'll see for yourself when you buy a copy of my Wedding Heat: Friday box set.

And how do I know you'll buy a copy?

Because it's on sale for only $0.99 right now, and that's an amazing price for 6 erotic novelettes!

Dan undid his seat belt and then his leather belt. He shifted to the middle of the bench, unbuttoning, unzipping. He was crushing her maps, but when he pulled out his cock the maps were the last things on her mind.

“Thought you might want to finish what you started.” Dan stretched his arms across the back of the front seat, first toying with Cora’s hair, then pressing her head down.

“God, yes.”

Warm saliva accumulated under Cora’s tongue as she folded herself toward that straining cock. She almost wanted to cry again, but this time because her heart felt too full.

“I thought you didn’t care,” she told him. “Or… I thought you didn’t want me to, or…”

“I want you to.” Dan curved his big hand around the back of her neck, exerting pressure there. “Do you know how much it turns me on, knowing you think about this too?”

Cora growled a little, smiling. She grabbed his cock, hand over hand, both fists pulsing gently against his shaft. “I think about it all the time.”

To find out more about Dan and Cora (and their gay son and their lesbian daughter and their bisexual niece and the incredible cast of characters too numerous to mention here), you have GOT to get your hands on the Wedding Heat: Friday box set while it's on sale this week.

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