Saturday, November 29, 2014

#99cents #MySexySaturday A New TABOO Box Set!

Another weekend, another steal of a deal!

Last weekend I told you about my new novel Seven Kisses.  This weekend it's a box set of taboo erotica from Terry Towers, Candi Cade, Lexi Wood, Saffron Daughter... and ME!

This book has been BANNED by... OMG, like everywhere: iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, etc, etc.

Because, you know, stepdaddies and stepdaughters, stepbrothers and stepsisters, cousins, sleep sex...

My story in Our Taboo Secret is called My American Cousin. Not much to say about it, so let's jump right into an excerpt:

There’s a movie from the 80s called “My American Cousin.” It’s about a young Canadian girl who’s got a crush on her James Dean-ish cousin from the States. All through my teen years, I fantasized that a handsome relative would drive up to the family farm and open up new worlds to me.

I never thought it would really happen.

And it didn’t—not exactly. Not the way I dreamed it would. He didn’t pull up at my family home in a stolen car like the character in the movie, but he was every bit as dreamy as James Dean. Even in a suit, I could tell he was a bad boy. He belonged in a leather jacket. I could smell it on him: black leather and cigarettes.

Robbie was the guy I’d been waiting for since I was twelve years old: my real-life American cousin. I didn’t even know he existed until my mother introduced us at a big family wedding. My heart just about stopped when our eyes met. When he said hello, I felt his voice between my legs, like a hot hand gripping me there. Squeezing. I was wet in an instant.

He said, “Nice to meet you,” but I couldn’t speak. My mother asked him all sorts of questions. He didn’t take his eyes off me as he answered. He didn’t even blink. His stare made me hot, made me sweat inside my satin gown, made my knees go all wobbly like I was going to fall on my face.

When the wedding band struck up an old doo-wop song, Robbie asked me to dance. Well, it isn’t so much that he “asked.” More like he took my hand and pulled me close, swaying with me on the dance floor.

I could feel his heartbeat. I could also feel his erection throbbing against my belly. My pussy was throbbing, too, but I bet he couldn’t feel that. I bet he could only feel my soft breasts melting into his chest. My whole body turned to liquid when he bent to my ear and whispered, “I like the way you move.”

Let's get linking, shall we? Our Taboo Secret is available now for the introductory price of $0.99, so don't think--just click:

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

#MySexySaturday Seven Kisses is $0.99 This Weekend Only!

Hey, I wrote a book! It's a dark romance called Seven Kisses! And if you buy it this weekend at Amazon, it's only $0.99!

I used to have this view that authors who sold their novels for under a buck were seriously undervaluing themselves and their work. Now I realize you just have to. Unless you're Stephen King, this is what you've got to do to build momentum. If you're lucky. Which I usually am... not.

But enough about my failure to thrive. It's My Sexy Saturday and you know what that means: I get to showcase 7 paragraphs from my new book.

This week's theme is Thanksgiving and family and stuff, so I was super-super tempted to feature Adam and Sheree's Family Christmas (because brother/sister incest!) but I think it's enough that Gabrielle, my protagonist in Seven Kisses, is a total daddy's girl. Not in a sex way, despite what Mme de Villeneuve suggests in one scene later in the book.

But let's keep things light for now. Here are the first 7 paragraphs from Seven Kisses:

“Sounds like a fun vacation, Daddy. I’m getting a little jealous.”

“Gabby, I’ve told you a hundred times: you’re more than welcome to come along.”

“Nah, I don’t want to cramp your style.” Holding her phone to her ear, Gabrielle looked both ways before crossing the street. “Anyway, car shows aren’t exactly my thing.”

“Oh, that’s right,” her father said with a chuckle. “Instead, you’ve opted for… what’s it called, a hermit holiday?”

Gabrielle burst out laughing as she jogged across the road. “It’s called a staycation and you know it. You’re so corny, Daddy.”

“Made you smile, though.”


...and then things get DARK. But you have to read the book to find out just how dark.

Here's where you can buy a copy of Seven Kisses (brace yourself--it's quite a list):

Amazon UK:

Google Play:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

#FreeRead Wedding Heat: Friday (Yes, the ENTIRE series one box set!)

Today I'm taking a little break from telling you about my novel Seven Kisses (which comes out tomorrow, by the way!) to let you know you can now grab yourself a merry little copy of Wedding Heat: Friday (the series one box set) absolutely FREE!

The offer is available today and tomorrow only (that's November 20 and 21), so act fast!

This box set contains the first SIX stories in the wedding heat series.

Why am I giving it away such a high-value collection? To celebrate the fact that it's finally available in print!

And if a free ebook is more your style, booya:

And to find out more about the series:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Okay, You've Waited Long Enough (Pre-order Seven Kisses for #99cents!)

I teased you earlier in the week with an undercover unreveal, where I only showed you the TEXT layer of the cover for my upcoming novel Seven Kisses. Today I'm showing you the whole shebang:

On my Mac, this cover appeared crisp and gorgeous. On this computer, it seems reaaaally dark... which, considering Seven Kisses is a dark romance, I guess I'll say was entirely deliberate. Can't see it at a glance? You've got to look closer. Take your time. Stare at it. I totally meant for that to happen. It's all part of my masterful marketing technique (HA!).

New news: Seven Kisses is now available for pre-order from Amazon for only $0.99. If you want this novel for $0.99, pre-order it NOW because, trust me, this price won't last:

Amazon UK:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Undercover Unreveal: Seven Kisses

Everybody does a cover reveal when they've got a new book coming out. I'm original. I'm doing an UNDERcover UNreveal for my upcoming dark romance, Seven Kisses.

What does that mean?

It means today I'm only showing you the cover TEXT, not the IMAGE. Instead of an image, I'm just giving you white space. You'll have to wait until Wednesday to see the entire cover, pretty picture and all!

Coming Soon: A Cover Reveal!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

#MySexySaturday The Book Nobody's Ever Going To Buy

I blogged earlier in the week about how a cheating spouse is the taboo nobody wants to face in erotic fiction... and how my semi-autobiographical release "My First Christmas as a Married Man's Mistress" is the ever-unpopular adultery erotica. I wonder how long it'll be on the market before somebody actually buys a copy. Anybody taking bets?

Anyhoo, here are 7 paragraphs from the book nobody buys:
A mistress never plans for the holidays. There’s no one to kiss at the stroke of midnight, that mystical juncture between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. She’s never treated to dinner on her birthday. Forget Valentine’s, too; utterly out of the question. Her heart is not warmed by fuzzy pyjamas and turkey at Christmas, unless she has friends or family to take her in.

But rarely does a mistress maintain close friendships, and often does she splinter from her family. Families like for their girls to grow into respectable women who marry and spawn. Not vixens. Not thieves. Families have no place of worth allocated to those of us who consort with the husbands of the respectable wives-and-mothers we ought to be. The image held of us as the good little girls, good little women, respectable members of society, is all at once destroyed. Disappointment infuses the gazes cast upon us. We are not what they wished for us to be…

Ah, but this is all becoming a touch too philosophical for my liking. At this rate, I may never begin my tale. And it’s a good one, too. You would be loath to miss it. As you are likely aware, if you are a reader of my work, I am far more interested in sex than philosophy. And that is precisely what this story will contain, as soon as I stop rambling about nonsense.

In fact, this is not just one story, but many stories, many little fictions fastened together by a larger fiction. The key element making this such a fascinating tale is that, while the little fictions are just that—thrilling little stories I wrote one Christmas as a special gift for my lover—the larger fiction is true. It is the tale of my lover’s gift to me, mine to him, and the gift we shared between us.

The aforementioned ‘little stories’ are what we refer to as ‘flash fiction’ in the trade. They are very short, like little flashes. I don’t like to think of them in relation to flashers; that is far too obscene for my taste. Flash fiction is like a splash of sunlight across a grey winter sky. It doesn’t last for long, but it cheers away that sadness we begin to feel as the days become shorter and the dark nights expand, along with our waistlines.

The flash, because of its conservancy of words, leaves a lasting impression on our hearts and minds. On our bodies too, I should hope, since the material flowing from my fountain pen is essentially pornography.

Before I begin my tale—and you see now how I am procrastinating, most likely out of fear that you will judge me harshly for consorting with a married person—I would like to share with you an example of a flash. This was the first in the compilation I mentioned earlier, the gift I gave to my brilliant lover. One always hesitates to give one’s writing to a man one considers brilliant, for fear he will laugh at its innocent stupidity, but it was for this reason my gift had such impact. It was something I created from my body, my heart and my mind, exclusively for him. And now I share it with you.

(...if you buy a copy mwahahahaha...)

Now Available from:
Amazon UK:

Coming soon to other retailers

Friday, November 14, 2014

Monsters and Shifters and Men IN PRINT!

When you release a new book, it's smart to have the print version available right away. It's stupid to wait a month and then make the paperback available. As you know, I'm fond of doing stupid things, and so Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is now available in print (fourteen million years after the ebook came out):

Just can’t get enough? Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is full of spicy paranormal romances!

Inside you’ll find a princess in hiding, a forest full of shapeshifters and a faery with a secret. Curious about that mysterious man at the coffee shop? So are baristas Saada and Toby. Meanwhile, paranormal investigators Geoff and Anna are northward bound to search for the legendary Shadow People. And how will Artemis react when she encounters a cunning incubus who knows what he wants… and takes it?

Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! includes:

Shadow People
The Regular
A Tale of Fur and Flesh
Monstrous Obsession
Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My First Christmas as a Married Man's Mistress

You know what's a great idea? Writing an erotic romance about an adulterous relationship.

Just kidding! It's a stupid idea, unless you like throwing your time down the toilet. Nobody buys adultery erotica. I'm not counting hotwife/wife watching stuff, because yes I know that sells like hotcakes. That's what I SHOULD have written if I wanted to sell copies and make money.

But I didn't know that when I started writing back in 2006. I didn't know what the market wanted. I barely knew what the market WAS. I just wrote about what was going on in my life, and at that time my decade-long affair with a married man was spiraling to a close.

I spent a good portion of my adult existence as a married man's mistress, so why wouldn't I write about it? That's what I figured. I had no idea adultery was the new taboo (and not in a good way). I wrote an entire short story collection (Audrey and Lawrence) about that relationship. What a waste of time. For the record, I still love those stories... but that's just me.

"My First Christmas as a Married Man's Mistress" is another adultery-themed book I stupidly wrote. It was first published in 2010 by lyd Alterotica and, at that time, was titled "A Mistress' Christmas." The publisher folded last year, as I've mentioned here before, but I didn't rush right out to republish this one because... what's the point when nobody's gonna buy it?

How's that for a defeatist attitude? That's me. I love my work but I have zero confidence in my ability to sell it.

So that's my marketing spiel. (HA!)

"My First Christmas as a Married Man's Mistress" is available again as an ebook. It's nothing like most erotic romance out there, but you can say that about most of my work. You can count on me to be different. But this one.... this one is super-different:
Giselle knows how hard it is to find a good Christmas gift for a married man. She wants to give him everything, but where would he put it? Sometimes the best place to hide a secret is in plain sight…

“This is not just one story, but many stories, many little fictions fastened together by a larger tale of forbidden love. While the little fictions are just that—thrilling narratives I wrote one Christmas as a special gift for my lover—the larger fiction is true. It is the tale of my lover’s gift to me, mine to him, and the gift we shared between us.”

Originally published as A Mistress’ Christmas, My First Christmas as a Married Man’s Mistress is a strange and dreamy holiday trip through one young woman’s illicit love affair.

Now Available from:
Amazon UK:

Also available from other retailers

Saturday, November 8, 2014

#MySexySaturday Shadow People

Earlier in the week, I posted about a new ebook called Shadow People. This novelette about paranormal investigators searching for legendary Inuit beings appears in Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! so it's possible you've already read it. If not, I've arranged for Shadow People to be FREE at Amazon this weekend! No reason not to grab it!

But in case you're not convinced, here are seven paragraphs from the middle of their investigation, when Anna's boss Geoff is obviously having trust issues where their translator is concerned...

Trailing behind Tukkuttok, Geoff leaned in so close Anna could feel his breath on her ear. “It seems we’re being stonewalled.”

“Right,” Anna chuckled. “It’s a conspiracy of elders across three Arctic territories.”

“Keep your voice down.” Geoff grabbed her forearm as he gazed up ahead at their translator.

“What, you think Tukkuttok is altering the elders’ statements?” she whispered. “That doesn’t make sense. You were there. You saw their reactions.”

“Think about it: who set up all our meetings?”

“Tukkuttok,” Anna said.

At the mention of his name, their translator turned around. “Hey slowpokes, catch up will you?”

Oooh... intrigue! Read the whole story now!

Amazon UK:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shadow People (now available as an e-book)

Once upon a time in the year of 2008, a story of mine called Shadow People appeared in an anthology called Bite Me! It was an anthology of MMF menage paranormal stories.

If you've been paying attention to this blog, you might have noticed I recently published my own anthology of MMF menage/multiple partner paranormal stories/novellas/novelettes called Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! I included Shadow People in that book.

Maybe you've read it.

And maybe you haven't!

And if you haven't, I'm here to announce that Shadow People is now available as its own little ebook exclusively with Amazon. Why would I do such a thing? Because I'm counting on some of you/them/people/readers being Kindle Unlimited subscribers. If you are, that means you can borrow Shadow People for free!

I'll also mention I used Amazon's "Cover Creator" feature (which has been in Beta for the past 45 years) to make that particular cover. What can I say? I like playing with software while I watch TV.

Anyhoo, blah blah blah I talk too much. Here's the blurb and links:

Traditional stories tell of Inuit who have crossed into the shadow world. No one has ever returned…

Paranormal Investigator Anna Fairclough hasn't had much luck getting interesting assignments. When her boss, Gentle Geoff, picks her to investigate the existence of the elusive Inuit Shadow People, Anna jumps for joy. When he decides to come along for the trip, she's over the moon!

But when their attempts to find the legendary Shadow People fail at every turn, Geoff doesn't seem so gentle anymore. In fact, he blames Anna for their failure. Will the novice parapsychologist ever discover the secret of the Shadow People? And have rumours of their shyness been greatly exaggerated?

Author’s Note: Shadow People includes mature content not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. 

Amazon link:
Amazon UK:

Kindle Unlimited

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October's Printacular Bookiness

Every month I post about the bestselling print books in my catalog and October surprised me greatly. The clear winner was My Mistress' Thighs, which is an anthology of transgender erotic fiction and poetry. The surprising bit is that it's not a new book (in fact, it's in its second edition) and it's never been a super-strong seller. But, yeah, in October it just took off. The paperback vastly outsold the rest of my books in print. Way to go, My Mistress' Thighs!

Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry
Rainbow Awards Honourable Mention

A cross-dressing cowboy, a post-war pin-up, and a wolf in grandmother's clothing all find a special home in My Mistress' Thighs.

This collection of erotic trans and genderqueer fiction makes room for everyone. There's a secret solstice sacrifice, a case of spring fever, an online romance, and a Wednesday night dinner routine that's anything but dull.

From the timid closet dresser of Love in the Time of Instant Messenger to the post-op rodeo queen of Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again, all who seek love find it in the world of Giselle Renarde Erotica. 

Available from a bunch of places (if you like buying paperbacks from your local bookstore, you can always ask them to order a copy).

I'll throw in some honourable mentions for October, because why not? Other popular titles included: Giselle's Big Box of BDSM, Forbidden Folk, Cherry, and Like It's 1999: Diary of a Teenager in Love with a Teacher.

Congratulations, books, on being bought!