Monday, April 5, 2021

The True Story Behind Giselle's First Tarot Deck (It's A Video!)


I made this video to celebrate my lesbian romance novel FORTUNE'S DIARY, which comes out April 9th, 2021.  That's only a couple days away! Can't wait!

FORTUNE'S DIARY is a part of my Lesbian Diaries series. At 60,000 words, it's the longest diary to date. It's also the most romantic, in that it follows the rules of romance. Lots of mix-ups and misunderstandings, but no cheating (if you think there's cheating, just keep reading!). 

The reason I made a video about my first tarot deck in relation to this book is that FORTUNE'S DIARY features a woman who doesn't believe in tarot. Of course, she falls in love with a tarot reader. OF COURSE she does. It's a romance. heh

About FORTUNE'S DIARY, from the Lesbian Diaries series by Giselle Renarde:

Fortune is thirty and living with her mother. There's nothing she'd love more than to be swept off her feet by a beautiful stranger, but that hasn't happened yet. She's worried it never will. And then along comes Maya, her mother's tarot reader. Can she possibly date a girl who claims to see the future? Fortune doesn't believe in psychic ability, but is she willing to let true love pass her by?

You can preorder FORTUNE'S DIARY today at various retailers, including:




Thursday, April 1, 2021

Wedding Heat: Bachelor Party is Here!

Wedding Heat is back, baby!

I believe it was 2012 when I started writing the Wedding Heat series. I'm pretty sure new "episodes" were published every two weeks throughout the summers of 2012 and 2013. The most recent story was published in 2014.

And then years went by... with no Wedding Heat...

So sad.

But now I've written a new one!  

Why now?  Because my Wedding Heat series was recently featured on the Radish Fiction app, and a bunch of new readers got eyes on it.  I figured the time was nigh for a new one.

So, here we have Wedding Heat: Bachelor Party, which should be the penultimate in the series.  Now I just have to write the wedding.  That might take me another six or seven years.  Or eight or nine.  Or ten.

We shall see.

But for now, we have...

Wedding Heat: Bachelor Party
Series: Wedding Heat
Book: 14
Word Count: 6,500
Release Date: March 24, 2021
ISBN: 9781005667115

A bachelor party is supposed to be exciting, but what's the point of watching a bare body move if you can't get down with the dancer? Ed knows a girl who's always up for it, and that's his fiancee, Maggie. But when Maggie's secret life comes to light, how will Ed react? Will he call off the wedding, or will he be aroused beyond measure?