Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Chance to Support LGBT Youth!

I can't believe it's that time again already!

As some of you may remember, for the past couple years I've been donating royalties from purchases of my e-books to a great organization called LGBT YOUTHLINE. They provide queer-positive peer-to-peer counseling by phone, instant messenger, and email to young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, queer, questioning, transgender, transsexual, and 2-Spirit.

I'm a queer woman. I know that "coming out" isn't something you do once and then--ta-da!--your life is wonderful (or it isn't). Coming out is something you do (or don't do) every day, with every new person you meet, and the ramifications of being open about one's sexual identity can be devastating. Without a good support system, I'd be screwed. I want to make sure this great support system for LGBT youth remains strong. It's hard enough to be a teenager or young adult!

So here's how it works this year: during the summer I decided to be democratic. I asked readers to vote on which titles should be included in this year's royalties donation drive. You wonderful people chose the following three books:

Naughty: Red Satin
Red Satin by Giselle Renarde

Regan and Maisie had sex once, back when Maisie was living the "boy's" life, but Regan wrote it off as nothing more than a drunken rebound hook-up.

Now that Maisie is in transition and all her feminine qualities are rising to the surface, Regan is realizing what she saw in Maisie that one inebriated evening so many years ago. But Maisie has fears of her own about starting up a relationship amidst the turmoil of other changes. Does Regan see her for who she really is, or will she love her and leave her like last time? See what power is evoked by mid-December mall magic, a red satin evening gown and two lovers who meet again for the first time.

Buy Link:

Third Rail - Giselle Renarde

Third Rail - Giselle Renarde

Perhaps it is a touch unusual to have a girlfriend and boyfriend both living in the same body, but Kokoro doesn’t classify her relationship with Fiona and Martin as strange. Kokoro rides the third rail, a dutifully subservient lover to both aspects of her transgendered partner’s psyche.

Buy Link:

The Little Burlesque House by the Sea

The Little Burlesque House by the Sea by Giselle Renarde

Sapphic secrets abound at the little burlesque house by the sea!

Madame Mireille's ocean-side parlour, Les Trois Dames Jouissantes, is one of the last houses holding to the tenets of classic burlesque. They specialize in raunchy comedy sketches, undulating fan dances, chorus lines and, of course, the striptease. In post-war Maritimes, Trois Dames enjoys notoriety thanks to an all-female cast combining the smart with the sensual.

It was this reputation that drew the troupe's two newest members to the little burlesque house by the sea. Ginger the saucy redhead is master of the Comedy Striptease. New to the business, Wild Orchid embodies all that is innocent--or so she'd have you believe! Secrets abound at Les Trois Dames Jouissantes, and it takes more than slippery fingers to bring them to the surface.

Buy Link:

This year, you can buy these titles at any reputable retailer throughout October, November, and December 2010 and I will donate my portion of the royalties to LGBT YOUTHLINE. Keep in mind if you purchase directly from the publishers' websites a larger percentage of the purchase price will end up in YOUTHLINE's pocket. Also, The Little Burlesque House by the Sea is only available at the Shadowfire Press website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Thanks for your support again this year!
Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Six TNG with Valerie Mann

1. What does "vanilla" mean to you?

Aromatic and sensual. Warm nights in front of a fire…or maybe under the covers with a warm man.

2. Is there any moment from your life that you remember in slow motion?

Running down a hill when I was 13 years old and slipping on wet grass. I twisted my leg and heard it break. I can still remember every moment like time-lapse photography. Sorry…but you did ask. Ewww.

3. What's the most unsettling movie you've ever seen?

Well, as an adult, it would have to be Silence of the Lambs. But when I was a very little girl, my mom (who’s a night owl) used to stay up late and watch scary movies. One time I remember watching what I think was the true story of a girl who was kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin. All she had was a light of some sort and enough oxygen for a few hours. How horrifying! The other one, and this is all I remember, was a bathtub filled with blood and a hand rising up out of it. Yeah, you can ask the question; what was my mother thinking allowing me to watch that stuff?? 

4. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would you want it to look like?

You can’t be serious. Hmmm, I can’t even begin to contemplate. As one tattoo artist once said, “Drunk people get tattoos on their faces.” I’d have to be really drunk. Like wake-up-the-next-morning-and-not-remember-a-thing drunk.

5. How many monkeys jumping on the bed?

Ha ha! I think five. Because I have five children and I can picture them all doing it. And now I have that rhyme running through my head, thanks so much! LOL

6. Which of the books or stories you've written is your favourite?

The one I’m currently working on, as yet untitled, is like a lover to me, I seriously am in love with it! It’s about a woman who has a ménage experience with two demon brothers. Until one of them realizes she’s his mate. His conflict is that she’s not a demon and he thinks he can’t be with her for more than a short time. The story becomes a love story between the two of them as they work through their issues and live happily ever after! (buh bye, other brother)

Valerie Mann

Mile High Club - Noble Romance Publishing

Hide & Seek - Wild Rose Press

Fanning Old Flames - Cobblestone Press

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another New Cover! "Cuff Divers"

It's not coming out until next month, but I wanted to show you all the beauty that is my newest cover by darling Dalia Craig of loveyoudivine! "Cuff Divers" is an erotic lesbian story about a police diver whose grandparents conspire with the neighbours to set her up with their daughter. I (heart) loving and encouraging families of lgbt peeps, so why not write about them? We can all have those warm and fuzzy feelings...before we get those hot and tingly feelings...

(btw, I just took a look at the advance copy of the ebook itself, and it contains a couple little aesthetic pleasures that made me smile. It's a good-looking ebook!)

Coming soon to an e-book retailer near you!

Big Hugs!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Unique, An Authors By Authors Promotional Anthology

You know I love Kiki Howell, right? Well, she's got a call for submissions out for a promotional anthology. Royalties will be pooled into a lottery for one lucky reader to win! Isn't that awesome? I've never heard of anything like it before! Maybe that's why the antho will be called...


This anthology is a unique promotional opportunity being offered by the Authors By Authors Blog For the author, not only will you get all the advertising/promo that will go along with this anthology and a chance to introduce your work to new readers, but the giveaways and lottery will gather many opportunities for reviews. No royalties will be made from this anthology, it is for promotional purposes only. All money made minus costs will go into the final lottery for the readers to win. Please read through the timetable below to see how this unique project falls together and to see all the chances for promo the authors whose stories are chosen will have. My goal is to pick a wide range of genres to be represented from paranormal, horror, chick lit, romance, suspense and all the mixes you can create! I do want to limit the contest to those over the age of 18.

Time Table For Unique:

Submissions Accepted - until November 1st, 2010
**To Submit - Send the following in One Attached as RTF or Doc – using the naming convention of “Unique_Title_Author Name” to with the Subject Line of “Unique Submission”:
1. Author Name
2. Author Email
3. Author Website (opt.)
4. Story Title
5. Story Genre(s)
6. Story Blurb
7. Story (Never before published because I think that would defeat the unique theme I have going on here! LOL)
Word Count: Generally 1K – 5K, but flexible within reason
Theme: Unique – However you want to interpret that! That includes a unique storyline.
8. Individual Story Giveaway – More info below
9. Lottery Donation (opt.) – More info below

Final Decisions of Stories to be Included – No later than November 10th, 2010
** I have gathered help in reading through submissions and deciding which are chosen to fill the spaces available.
**Contracts will go out to the authors of the stories selected just giving me rights to use the story once in the ebook and possibly print. Not getting complicated here, this is a promo opportunity.

Edits/Beginning Promo – November & December, 2010
**General Promo Information will be emailed to authors to give them a place to start.

Book Release – January 1st, 2011
**Will be released on Amazon & Smashwords, as well as hopefully a few others I am looking into. Suggestions welcome. Ebook will be available at an inexpensive price - thinking like $0.99 Again, all the money made after costs are covered will go into the final Lottery. If I decide to go with Print, the price will be $1 over cost to print through CreateSpace. I have considered the idea of doing print after with authors best reviews from the contest in it, and make it available at cost if authors wanted to use it later as a giveaway themselves. Open to thoughts and ideas.

Sales/Giveaways/Promo – January and February 2011
**Through these months the following things will happen:

1. First few days of sales each story will be featured on the blog (short blurb/tagline, genres, author name, author links, other works). Giveaway for that individual story will be announced. Depending on amount of stories accepted, I may end up grouping these to get them all out in the first days.

2. Readers will purchase the book, read it and submit one line minimum reviews of a single story to be entered into any story giveaways plus the final lottery. The more reviews entered for individual stories – the more entries into the final jackpot giveaway. These reviews will be posted on the blog daily. Info about the reviewer can be anything from anonymous, a name, an author name with website link, a blog owner with blog link, a publisher with pub link, etc. So, lots of chances to win, plus a little free advertising for those who want it – more enticement to enter.

3. Authors By Authors as well as the authors in the Anthology will continue to promote the book. I (as Authors By Authors) plan on purchasing a banner and buying some cover ads as well as getting a book tour going on other blogs to advertise the anthology and giveaways. I will encourage authors to do all the promo they wish/can on blogs, yahoo groups, Facebook pages, etc. as well trying to get reviews/entries for their story.

4. Story Giveaways and Final Lottery Winners Announced and Contacted – February 28th, 2011
**Number of winners for Lottery will be determined by amount of entries. Prizes will be a $25 gift cards, plus division of any donations of items (books, booksmarks, etc) by authors, or anyone else involved in making of the book.
NOTE: How many gift cards to be won in the lottery will be determined by total sales minus costs to produce book -- costs will be editing provided by Gateway Editorial Services (, cover costs, banner and ads, etc. The donations I get from authors for the lottery will be divided up as evenly as I can between the prizes.

If this goes well, response wise, I will be planning on doing additional anthologies.

Any questions please send to
Permission to forward or repost granted!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Six TNG with Robert C Roman

1. What does "vanilla" mean to you?
Vanilla is a fantastic flavor that often gets diluted and coated in sugar. Take away some (all?) of the sugar, concentrate it to where it tastes like vanilla rather than milk, and suddenly you remember that vanilla is a spice!

2. Is there any moment from your life that you remember in slow motion?
Yep, sorta. First time for a certain Ur-Goth and I. More to the point, her initiating that time, and the manner in which she did so. She surprised me. I don't get surprised often. I suppose the 'slow motion' thing might just be that I was stunned, like an ox thwonked on the head with a mallet.

3. What's the most unsettling movie you've ever seen?
Never been that 'unsettled' by a movie that I can remember. The most unsettling IMAGE I can remember is from the 'Pressed Fairy Book'; one of the fairies is flattened while desperately trying to keep her skirt down. She's almost perfectly preserved, down to the look of offended modesty on her face, but on second glance what first appears to be a halo of flower petals behind her head is actually hair stuck in splattered grey matter. Don't know quite why I found it disturbing, or why it stuck with me, but it has. I don't even own the book, never did. Just paged through it at the store one day.

4. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would you want it to look like?
Something feline. I believe in truth in packaging.

5. How many monkeys jumping on the bed?
Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed!

6. Which of the books or stories you've written is your favourite?
That's SUCH a hard question for me. I'm so terrible fond of all of them. If I simply must choose, I'm going to let your spelling of favourite be my guide and say 'The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones'which is due out September 13th from Decadent Publishing. It's a Steam Punk Action Adventure Novella, and the first story in the Iron Angel series.


The Triple Alliance, led by Kaiser Otto II, struck without warning. The combination of Prussian military might, Austrian clockwork, and Ottoman funding cut through the unprepared Entente powers like a chainsaw through Brie; hamstringing Britain, pinning Russia, and very nearly destroying France. The year is 1908, and the Entente is almost defunct. One base in the south of France is all that remains in Entente hands. All that remains to defend freedom are three Engineers.

One is an ingenue.

One is crippled.

One is dead.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Hope We Don't Get Caught

Let's talk about sex in public.

(Eep!) *Giselle scurries far, far away. Giselle peeks her head out, sighs, and then drags her feet back to the computer*

Okay...I've written about public sex quite a lot. In THE BIRTHDAY GIFT and TANGLED ROOTS, I wrote about the exhilaration of being naked outdoors in the summer sun. In ONDINE, I described a ballerina's fear of being scolded by the Mistress when her fellow ballet student turns her on during lessons. In KANDINSKY'S SHIRT BUTTON, I included an under-the-table handjob in a fancy restaurant. You might think I enjoyed getting it on in public.

I don't.

I did when I was younger. Correction: when I was younger, I had fewer options. When I was young I didn't have a place of my own, of course. I came from a large family and had little privacy. Sexual experiences were relegated by default to a bit of rubbing in a public park, or in the woods, or in a parked car. And back then, of course, I was so overwhelmed by hormones that I didn't give a good gosh-darn if a dog walker, or a family of humans, or a family of wolves passed by. The sex drive overpowered the social propriety fight-or-flight response.

That was then. This is now. This is Giselle among the grown-ups. Oh no...I just looked in the mirror, and I'm not entirely certain, but I think I might be one of them! Career, apartment, steady relationship, 2.5 cats...yup, I'm an adult all right. *sighs* Well, we all knew this was coming.

And with that security, for me, has come the fear of getting caught.

Now, I happen to have a partner who pushes my limits. I can't even begin to tell you all the bizarre places we've had a go at each other and yet Sweet claims she's no exhibitionist. She has little interest in public sex, but early in our relationship she hit on this area of vulnerability for me and chose to exploit it. This, she freely admits. Nice girl, huh? But we've always had a smidgen of a D/s thing going on, and I love the power she wields over me.
So...I've been procrastinating a bit by telling you all that. There's a story I want to tell you, and I'm working myself up to it. *Giselle takes a deep breath* Okay, I think I'm ready.

I think we got caught.

The other day Sweet had me alone. We were indoors in a place where every door was not only unlocked but wide open. Very restricted privacy. People would be arriving any moment. These impending arrivers knew us, but not as a couple (I might have mentioned Sweet is still very much in the closet) and I take my job of protecting her secrets very seriously.

But she's bad. Oh, that girl is just bad, bad, bad. Right out in the open, she set her hand between my thighs. She started rubbing. And she said what she always says: "I can stop if you want me to."

Oh, that vixen! Once she's got her hands on me, I can never tell her to stop. Even though I'm scared to death of being caught and facing all the consequences, all the repercussions, all the feels so good. And it's not just how it feels. It's a battle of wills. If I tell her to stop, she wins. Maybe I'm not such a good sub after all. Maybe I don't like to lose.

We were in a very open room, and even so, clothes came off. Not two minutes later, we heard the distinct sound of approaching footsteps. They were right inside the building. I know we heard them at the same time because we both stopped what we were doing and dressed fast. By the time the lurker arrived before us, we were fully clothed, yes, but looking extremely shifty.

The lurker knew. I'm sure of it. You can tell when somebody's nervous around you by the evasive gestures and the lack of eye contact. What's worse, I'm sure the lurker saw something, and if not saw, certainly heard. And I don't know yet if those moments of questionable resolve will have consequences.

As I said, I don't like public sex. The hands tracing flesh, tearing off clothing, racing hearts, whispered words, suppressed cries...oh...oh no, I don't like that one bit.

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Merchandize Me!

Yes, it's true: Giselle Renarde Erotica has a new CafePress shop where you can buy all kinds of cool LGBT gear and Giselle Renarde branded merchandise! For instance, you might swing by and pick up one of these fine items:

The shop is located at
Hope to see you there soon!

If you've got any recommendations for messages you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment! (Don't ask about the kids and babies section--I can't seem to make it disappear! LOL)

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Promo Ops for Paranormal Authors!

Hi Authors!

You know I love sharing the promo ops with you, so here's one from 'D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters' for all you authors of Halloween titles, romances with paranormal characters like vampire, shifters, etc, or angels! (Too bad my book "Only Angels" doesn't come out until the end of November!) Again, this isn't my promo event, so if you've got questions, comments, concerns, make sure to address them to Renee, via the link provided below:

'D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters' is looking for Halloween romance titles (and/or titles featuring vampires, shape-shifters, demons, or witches) and Inspirational romance titles (and/or titles featuring angels) for two separate events.

-- First Event --
48 Hours of Halloween

Halloween is on a Sunday this year, which means most people will be partying on Saturday. DRB 1st Chapters is partying on both days. Every hour, one minute past the hour, a new first chapter post will drop. That's 48 chapters in all starting 12:01AM EST 30 October.

48 first chapters that are either...

*** Halloween-themed romance
*** Romance featuring (ie - one of the main characters is) either vampires, shape-shifters, demons, or witches.

*** 15 October

Follow the guidelines at the above link and you can read more about the event there as well.

*** Promotion, of course. Also, the post with the most people commenting (counting individual people, not the comments themselves and comments from me and the author of the title don't count) will win a two week spot in "Blatant Plug" box AND the author will have their blog link added to the blog roll.
*** Bonus - Winning also means your book becomes the prize for the lottery. Me, myself, and I will purchase FOUR copies of your title (ebook through All Romance eBooks, though other arrangements will be made if your title is not available in ebook and/or via ARe) to be given to the lottery winners. That's right. The tab is on me.

-- Second Event --
All Saints' Day Event

Time for the flip side of the coin. 01 November is All Saints' Day and DRB 1st Chapters will host inspirational romance and romance titles featuring angels (good or bad). Every hour, one minute past the hour, a new first chapter post will drop. That's 24 chapters in all starting 12:01AM EST 01 November.

Like I said above, I need 24 first chapters that are either...

*** Inspirational romance
*** Romance first chapters featuring angels (good or bad)

*** 15 October

Follow the guidelines at the above link and you can read more about the event there as well.

*** Promotion, of course. Also, the post with the most people commenting (counting individual people, not the comments themselves and comments from me and the author of the title don't count) will win a two week spot in "Blatant Plug" box AND the author will have their blog link added to the blog roll.
*** Bonus - Winning also means your book becomes the prize for the lottery. Me, myself, and I will purchase TWO copies of your title (ebook through All Romance eBooks, though other arrangements will be made if your title is not available in ebook and/or via ARe) to be given to the lottery winners. That's right. The tab is on me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Six TNG with Seleste deLaney

1. What does "vanilla" mean to you?

Vanilla means a lot of things, but the primary one is "waiting for more". I love vanilla ice cream because it's the perfect base for some really decadent additions, I suppose the same can be said of vanilla sex.

2. Is there any moment from your life that you remember in slow motion?

Haha. The moment in my wedding where the minister forgot my husband's name. That was the longest minute or less of my life, and every time I remember it, it gets longer.

3. What's the most unsettling movie you've ever seen?

Arachnophobia, but that's only because I am arachnophobic and my "friends" forced me to watch it. I had nightmares for weeks. On a less silly note, Se7en. The part that got to me was how well the killer played Brad Pitt's character. Serial killers both repel and fascinate me because to be successful at it, a certain level of brilliance is necessary, and there is nothing scarier to me than a crazy genius.

4. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would you want it to look like?

A phoenix (preferably in a tribalized style). I like the phoenix both because of its meaning--rebirth from the ashes. As someone who has struggled with depression, that's very empowering. Plus, one of my characters has a phoenix tattoo on her cheek, so it would have another level of meaning for me.

5. How many monkeys jumping on the bed?

Now that depends entirely on my mood, but tonight I say the more the merrier.

6. Which of the books or stories you've written is your favourite?

I hate this question. I love all my stories for all sorts of reasons. Right now, Of Course I Try holds a special place in my heart both because it was my first release and because people have responded to it so favorably. It's available right now at

Love is a wonderful thing. Unless you don't get a choice in the matters of your own heart.

Jocelyn has loved Max since the day she met him. Even when he scares her enough to leave, she can't resist going back. No matter how many times she tries to break free from him, she ends up in his arms and bed again. Not this time. Jocelyn needs to be free and Max isn't going to stop her from walking away -- no matter how hard he tries.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Got a gorgeous cover this week for my upcoming MMF rodeo menage release FRIENDS OF DOROTHY and just had to share with all you wonderful people!

Leslie Goosemoon is a rodeo star with legions of ladies fawning over him. Things are getting hot and heavy with Sheryl, the one-night-stand he picked up at Dorothy's Tavern, when she zips open his jeans and finds Leslie Goosemoon wearing ladies' panties--silky and red with lace around the top. By the time he returns toDorothy's, the whole bar's heard about his predilection. Some laugh. Some call him faggot. Nobody understands him, but that doesn't mean Leslie's going to roll over and play dead. Hell, he doesn't fully understand himself! The best he can do is duck the punches and repel the spit.

Ricky, Dorothy's living-in-sin boyfriend, has a theory about the undies: Leslie dresses like a lady because he secretly wants to get with another man. That doesn't sound right to Leslie, but he has no counter. He doesn't know why he likes the silky feel against his skin. When Ricky gets hit in the head with a boot, Dorothy becomes mother bear. She kicks out the offenders and sends Leslie to take care of Ricky upstairs in their apartment. They all know what's going to happen next.

I'll let you know more when it comes out!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Act Fast to get SMOOTH for FREE!

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is giving away 15 review copies of her new anthology Smooth! My story "Shower Fittings" (about a woman and her husband who break into a friend's house to have sex in her shower) appears in this book all about sex and nakedness!

If you're interested in receiving a free copy of Smooth and you're willing to post a review of it on Amazon by October 30th 2010, send your Amazon URL & US mailing address to Rachel at nakedantho AT gmail DOT com.

That means you need to be able to post reviews on Amazon, and have a US mailing address! (Sorry, my fellow Canadians--I dont' qualify either!)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New and Naked Anthology: Smooth

For some reason, I thought this antho was coming out later in the year...although...I guess this is later in the year (later than April, say) so here it is!

Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women; is an erotic anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, to be published by Cleis Press in October 2010. It is available for pre-order from Amazon.

The caress of skin against skin, the warmth of another’s touch, relishing the sight that few others get to see — these are the reasons that disrobing before sex can be so gratifying. The stories in Smooth, collected by award-winning erotic editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, capture the heat of being stripped bare, of flaunting your body, and of reveling in pure sensuality. Read along as women get tattooed, become “the sushi girl” at a restaurant, strip on the subway, go commando, host tea parties, enjoy sploshing, and much more. Featuring stories by Donna George Storey, Heidi Champa, Angela Caperton, Charlotte Stein, Louisa Harte, Jacqueline Applebee, Susan St. Aubin and other leading erotica writers, these adventurous characters have more to reveal than just being naked.

Table of Contents

Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction: Naked Girls in All Their Glory

Löyly Angela Caperton
Her Brand New Skin Elizabeth Coldwell
Eden Molly Slate
Three Stops Away Heidi Champa
The Sushi Girl Anika Gupta
This Night Suzanna V. Slate
Ink Jennifer Peters
Adornment is Power Teresa Noelle Roberts
Muscle Bound K D Grace
Shower Fittings Giselle Renarde
Clean Slate Lisabet Sarai
Live Action Susan St. Aubin
Chilly Girl Rachel Kramer Bussel
Stripped Clancy Nacht
The Tea Party Charlotte Stein
Rapunzel Jacqueline Applebee
Getting the Message Kay Jaybee
Ivy League Associates Donna George Storey
True Colors Louisa Harte

Quick Six TNG with Ellen Keener

Quick Six TNG with Ellen Keener

1. What does "vanilla" mean to you?
Cookies! Candles!

2. Is there any moment from your life that you remember in slow motion?
I wish I could say there was. It would be terribly romantic and dramatic I'm sure. Everyone would be brought to tears. But it hasn't happened yet. :)
3. What's the most unsettling movie you've ever seen?
Unsettling movie? Hmmmm. Probably Gothika. It had a good plot line, but I found the twist at the end terribly disturbing.

4. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would you want it to look like?
Something swirling and gradient.

5. How many monkeys jumping on the bed?
Bed? I thought we were swinging from the chandeliers?

6. Which of the books or stories you've written is your favourite?
Probably Blood Moon (and not just cause its the first published one.) I loved it, I hated it, and when it finally came out, I loved it even more. And of course, I like to pretend Lukas is really waiting for ME at home. Here's the blurb:
Fugitive shifter, Aria Legreve, is always on the run. With her own life at risk, she helps a badly beaten shifter to his Pack, knowing the danger her meddling entails. Hoping to use her status as an Outcast and be set free, her world changes when she meets head on with no other than her Mate—who is dead.

Alpha Lukas MacLeod has been searching for his wife for the past year, until Aria walks straight into his lair. Fate intervenes and gives them a second chance. Caught up in an intricate web of lies and prophecies in the making for generations, Aria and Lukas must discover a way to balance the darkness in their world, but will their love be strong enough to save their pack and each other?