Sunday, November 25, 2018

Anonymous: An #Erotic Novel #Audiobook

What kind of wife dreams of watching her husband with another man?

A wife like Hannah.

For years, she and Nathaniel have fantasized about bringing a third into the bedroom.


But will one night with a hired hand satisfy their desires, or will Hannah become obsessed with discovering the true identity of Mr. Anonymous?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Girls Just Wanna Have Girls #Lesbian #Erotica #Audiobook
If you love lesbian erotica, this is the audio collection for you! It includes twenty erotic stories from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Giselle’s erotic fiction has appeared in nearly 200 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, and Best Women’s Erotica.

This steamy audio-anthology features first times, erotic fetishes, bondage, spankings, friends becoming lovers and much more!

7 hours and 40 minutes of lesbian erotica!

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

An Appreciation for Beautiful Things: #Spanking #Erotica #Audiobook
An Appreciation for Beautiful Things
Spanking Erotica
by Giselle Renarde

Dell's mother-in-law is convinced he's gay. That doesn't bother him. So what if he has an appreciation for beautiful things? Why should beauty be a gay guy's exclusive domain? What does irk Dell is that every time his wife Genevieve gets off the phone with her mother, she seems a little swayed by family opinion. Dell's got nothing to prove. Tying her up, spanking her, making her scream for mercy--he doesn't do these things to prove that he's straight. He binds her wrists and smacks her with an antique hairbrush because he just loves taking charge.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Life is hard and then you write a book called Tragic Coolness
How do you convince readers to buy a book based on an opera?

Search me.

A couple weeks ago I wrote an extensive blog post about my favourite opera, Eugene Onegin. That's because I've written a modern adaptation of that Tchaikovsky opera, which is based on the verse novel by Alexander Pushkin.

You are more than welcome to read what makes me so enthusiastic about this story right here:

What's happened since I wrote that article?

My book, TRAGIC COOLNESS, has been published and I haven't done a damn thing to market it.


Because my grandmother--my favourite person in the world--is dying. I spend most days by her bedside. I don't think she knows I'm there, but I'm not sure and it doesn't really matter. My grandmother has shaped my life in a positive way more than anyone else on the planet, and I'll lose her any day now.

Last week, after my mother and I fed her what turned out to be her last meal, my grandma's condition deteriorated quickly overnight. She could no longer swallow and was taken off food and water. The decision was made to remove IV fluids that same day.

It's hard to believe how long a person can remain alive with no food or water. I know someone whose mother lived for 12 days. I'm not sure how long my grandmother will continue to live. As I write this it's been 4 days. It's only a matter of time. Part of me hopes she'll go soon. The doctors say she's in a great deal of pain.

This isn't how she wanted to go. My grandmother wanted a quick death.

So now we're watching and waiting.

Meanwhile I've written this book that hasn't sold a single copy, as far as I can tell. I put two years of my life into TRAGIC COOLNESS, but my grandmother put nearly 40 years of her life into rearing me, and devoted more than 70 years to her children--my mother, my aunts, my uncles.

As much as I love this book and want you to read it, nothing truly matters to me right now except my family.

Please do read my new book. Buy a copy or read it somewhere like Playster or ask your local library to acquire a copy. Oh, I forgot to mention this is a work of mainstream fiction, not erotica. I realize I'm known for writing erotic, but... this ain't it.

If you want to know more about the work TRAGIC COOLNESS is based on, read the post I wrote earlier and enjoy this book trailer:

Please do forgive me for not going into more detail or being more... I don't know... marketing-y. Anyone who has watched a loved one die will surely understand it co-opts all your strength and energy.

TRAGIC COOLNESS is available from Smashwords:
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