Thursday, May 31, 2018

More #Erotica #BookTrailers, including #Taboo, #NewAdult, #DarkRomance and More!

I can't stop making these things. It's too much fun. I get to the end of my workday, and I think to myself: "I don't feel like writing, but I'm not ready for dinner." So I sit down and make another book trailer. Perfect end to a day of typing.


Friday, May 18, 2018

Mercy: Sex with an Ex... for Money #BDSM #Erotica
Want to know who Mercy is for?

She's for readers who revel in the darker side of desire. She's for readers who want sex tinged with spite. Sex at the intersection of love and hate. Sex that's antagonistic, destructive. Rough. Sex with no redeeming factors. Sex where money changes hands between people who know each other well, people who used to say "I love you."

This ones for those of us who have gone back for more even when we knew it was a bad idea, those of us who've been left feeling empty and still wanted seconds. Those of us who were curious. It didn't work then, but might it work now?

She's engaged. He's married. It's never going to work for them.

But they just keep trying. Right before your eyes.

It's dirty. It's dark. You'll love it.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Let Me Entertain You!

I'll do it with book trailers, because that's what I'm into these days.

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Many more videos to come!
Love you!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mothers and Daughters and Love Again: A Second Chance #Romance Short

With Mother's Day coming up next weekend, my mom is on my mind more than ever. My grandmother, who always said she'd die in her house, has just moved into a retirement home. It's a big surprise and my mom is having a hard time with it.

My mom is just... sad. Really sad.

I haven't been visiting my mom enough lately, or even calling her as often as I should, so I'm making a concerted effort to spend more time with my mother. And to listen better. Funny, I was trained in Active Listening when I worked in a shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence, but I haven't often put those skills to use in my personal life.

So I'm making an effort to listen with more compassion during this tough time for my mother. The family is in transition. There's a lot going on, a lot of messy stuff, siblings divided into factions, arguments about money, the kind of things I never thought would happen in my family. It's hard on everyone, but my mother is a particularly sensitive person. She takes these things to heart.
When I came across my sweet romance story Love Again, there was a mother/daughter aspect to it that touched me deeply. The main character is an older woman who lives with her youngest daughter, a teen who encourages her mom to start dating again.

Because of the mother/daughter angle, I thought now would be the perfect time to publish Love Again.

Not just that, but I want to give everyone who needs a good dose of sweet romance an opportunity to warm their heart this week. That's why I've made Love Again available for free at certain retailers, like Smashwords and Kobo. The price will go up after Mother's Day, so consider it my gift to you.

You can find Love Again for sale at multiple retailers, and for free at some until Mother's Day (that's May 13th, 2018 in case you need to run out and buy some flowers for a certain someone).

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Love Again is a second chance romance short previously published by Untreed Reads. It appeared in the first edition of my collection Ugly Naked People. Now you can read it on its own as an ebook. Enjoy!