Saturday, December 31, 2022

Cougar or Not, Here Comes COUGAR'S EVE!

Happy New Year's Eve! 

Some of you probably have big plans for tonight. I know I do! But I realize you aren't all lucky enough to have brothers willing to share their new jigsaw puzzles with you while staring at the Netflix screen and doing the whole "What do you want to watch?" "I don't know. What do you want to watch?" routine.

For you, there's COUGAR'S EVE.

Cougar's Eve is a book about a robot jungle cat trying to make it in the big city. Just kidding! It's about a resort where older women hook up with younger men (and the pretty receptionist too, if they're lucky) on New Year's Eve.

If you're looking for a book to share New Year's Eve because your brother's hogging all the puzzle pieces, you can buy Cougar's Eve as an ebook or in print from such retailers as:

Friday, December 30, 2022

New Year’s Mix-Up: A Spicy Romantic Comedy

New Year’s Mix-Up
A Spicy Romantic Comedy
by Giselle Renarde

Geeky Amira is desperate for fun. When she meets Keith at a first aid training course, she sneaks a peek at his registration form to get his email address. After exchanging some very naughty notes, they plan a get-together on New Year's Eve… but the man she meets isn’t Keith at all! Will Amira ring in the New Year with her online romance, or will she be left out in the cold?

Forget all your troubles and leap into a spicy new year with a short novella from award-winning author Giselle Renarde!

Previously published as “Out of the Cold.”

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I hate myself a bit right now...

...and here's why:

I think I've been unconsciously downplaying the queer content in my books recently. That's not cool, and thus the self-hatred. But I know why I've been doing it, even if I've been doing it without meaning to do it. I keep getting subtle whispers in my ear that romance readers don't like bisexual women. Bad, bad, yucky, uncomfortable!

I've let those whispers get to me and it's impacted the way I market my books--but not anymore, baby! I'm here, I'm queer and you're used to it, but from now on I'll make a concerted effort to show the reading public my books are queer too.

If some readers don't like bisexual women, queer women, trans women, lesbian women or genderfucked assholes like me, they'd better steer clear of my writing. The end.

Cougar's Eve ebook cover
After that sickly sweet introduction, let me say: Cougar's Eve is a NYE novella about two middle-aged women attending a wild cougar party at a luxury resort (though one is very reluctant and there is some mild trickery involved in getting her there). Lori's all for this hooking-up-with-younger-men scene. Trish hasn't been with a man since her husband left her, and that was forever ago.

Maybe Trish will meet a special young man who will turn her world upside-down. Or maybe it'll be a special young woman. Or maybe it'll be two guys and Trish will be upside-down. Or maybe she'll have one guy behind her and a gorgeous girl working her front...

I'll leave it to your imagination.

Just kidding! Here are seven paragraphs of Trish being seduced by Raye the receptionist. 

Avert your eyes if you don't like bisexual women...

Spreading her shirt wide open, Raye traced her fingertips across Trish’s bare skin. Trish hadn’t been touched this way in so many years… so many, many, many years.

“This is a pretty bra,” Raye said, gently touching the borders. “Simple cream-coloured lace. It’s classic.”

“Thank you,” Trish replied.

“Can I take it off?”


With a sly smile, Raye said, “I want to look at your breasts. I want to see them naked.”

A blast of heat spread across Trish’s skin, but she said nothing.

Cougar's Eve print cover

This post was originally published December 6th, 2014

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Have A Poly Jolly Christmas with this #Spicy #Holiday #Romance!

This book not only has a new cover, but a new name. 

It was originally published in 2010 as ALL THE WAY. I really wanted a title that shouted "threesome!" from the rooftops, but nothing came to mind immediately.  Then, last week, my partner and I went to a neighbourhood carol-singing thingy in a nearby park. The first song on the roster was Holly Jolly Christmas. 

As I was falling asleep that night, it came to me: Poly Jolly Christmas! Perfect!

Finding the right cover image was another story. I spent days looking for the right stock photo.  I looked at a ton of Christmas-themed vectors too, because that look is very popular in romance and rom-com covers right now. But nothing.

The characters in this book are a Black woman, white man, and Asian man. I didn't even try looking for an image with that combination of individuals, because I figured I'd never find it. I thought I'd go with something subtly representative of the number three that also had to do with Christmas.

I spent hours looking at stock photos on Sunday. I was about to give up when the word "throuple" popped into my head--like couple, but three. So I searched that on a stock photo site where I have a lot of credits and only ONE image came up in the search results.

It was PERFECT. Kismet. I added some holly to make it Christmassy, and voila!

When Josie invites her high school sweetheart Kaz to stay over for the holidays, there are a few things she doesn't anticipate: Kaz admitting he's never been with a woman after all these years? That's a surprise. Her husband Rob's attempt to give Kaz a little training in the hot tub? A very sexy surprise! But after the married couple treats Kaz to the best nights of his life, who will he end up with when the holidays are through?

Previously published as “All the Way.”

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Delta's Diary Audio Now Available

DELTA'S DIARY from the Lesbian Diaries series is now available as a digitally-narrated audiobook.

Why did I create an AI-generated audiobook instead of narrating it myself? 

Well, I wanted to get an audio version to market as soon as I could because I know a lot of readers rely on audio. Not only is it way faster to get an audiobook to market this way, but the price-point is lower. 

I also find the AI versions cleaner than the audiobooks I produce myself, since there's no danger of hearing the bus going by my apartment building or my upstairs neighbours dropping things on the floor. (I try to create the cleanest audio possible when I do my own narration, but I know there's stuff I miss.)

Anyway, buy this audio version and enjoy! This book is close to my heart.

Delta's Diary
from the Lesbian Diary series
by Giselle Renarde

Can a big-city butch find community in a small town?

Delta's sunk about as far as she can go when she moves in with her brother. He's in the same boat: his wife just left him and he's down in the dumps. They don't do much to cheer each other up, but at least co-existence is peaceful.

When Delta crashes the town's Friday Night Queer Club, the girl she's got the hots for is not the one who wants her back. How she ends up with a girlfriend she doesn't even like is anyone's guess, but that's not the only thing ruining her chances with the femme of her dreams. Her crush claims to be straight, and she doesn't exactly ingratiate herself by doubting Melanie's word.

Even when you've hit rock bottom, you can always sink lower. If there's one thing Delta knows how to do, it's burn bridges.

How will Delta untangle the mess she's created when she's running on nothing but street-smarts and grit?

Audiobook created using Digital Narration Technology

Available exclusively from Google Play 

Friday, December 9, 2022

Stranded with the Professor: A Gay Christmas Erotic Romance Story

Stranded with the Professor
A Gay Christmas Erotic Romance Story
by Giselle Renarde

Professor Klein got dumped right before Christmas. When Jacob's parents invite the boring prof to Christmas dinner, they don't want the poor guy to be alone and insist Jacob ride back to campus with him. Who knew a blizzard would kick up and trap the misfit pair on the roadside overnight? Every attempt at conversation fails miserably. If they don't talk at all, will they discover that opposites attract?

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Universal Book Link:

Also available as an AI-narrated audiobook from Google Play!

Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Threesome for Christmas #MFM #Menage #Erotica #Romance
Just in time for Christmas, I got my rights back on a story that was previously published as Three in a Tub. This threesome story was originally published by Evernight Publishing, in an anthology of kinky Christmas tales called Vanilla-Free Christmas.

Well, the anthology is no longer graces the shelves of your favourite ebook retailer, but now you can grab my MFM story on its own. I re-titled it A Threesome for Christmas because there are some titles that work okay in collections but when you slap them on a book cover they become things that make you go hmmm...

Oh! I should mention I wrote this story in... I want to say 2011 or 2012? Wrote it because I saw the call for submissions and wanted in on the action. So when I read it over just a couple of weeks ago, I went WOW, THIS IS SUCH A SWEET STORY!

I don't expect sweet stories to come out of me, but when I'm writing for a romance publisher I guess I'm capable of anything. There's even an HEA. Like, what???

It's a perfect morsel for Christmas. It's got feels, it's got happy, it's got two dudes because I know a lot of readers like two dudes.

There's a lot to love here.
A Threesome for Christmas
A Holiday Menage by Giselle Renarde

Cathy takes care of everyone else’s needs. This Christmas, who will take care of hers?

The holidays are coming. For Cathy, that means getting the house ready for her elderly mother’s arrival. Things are going to change in the New Year. She’ll be taking care of Mom full-time. It’s the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean she’s looking forward to it.

Enter Jeremy, the young tenant who lives in her basement, and Vance, the rugged handyman who makes Cathy weak in the knees. If anyone knows how to look after Cathy, it’s these two guys!

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Delta's Diary: Big-City Butch in a Small Town #LesbianDiaries #ButchFemme #LesRom #LesFic

Last year, my partner bought a house in a small town. I've been splitting my time between city and country since then.

The first thing I read in this small town's local paper was homophobic rhetoric. The last thing I read in this small town's local paper (and I'm talking two minutes ago, right before I started typing this post) was homophobic rhetoric.

Living in a big city for forty years could not and did not prepare me for life as a small-town queer.

That's probably why I set my latest Lesbian Diaries book in (you guessed it) a small town. When I sat down to start Delta's Diary, I didn't anticipate writing a book about a character finding community in her small town. I remember finishing the first draft and kind of feeling irritable because, although Delta was experiencing some of the same mental health shit I continue to experience, she didn't face the homophobia I felt and still feel confronted by.

Maybe I want to take care of my characters. It's bad enough, what we queers have to endure in the real world. Maybe I wanted my dear Delta to get off a little lighter.

Not that she gets off light. She's had a rough life, and it gets only marginally easier throughout the book.  Her personality is based very much on mine. In fact, the scene where she's walking around town screaming at nobody is based on a true story. I was having a rough night soon after we moved here, and... well, you can read the book to find out more. 

By the way, I did not actually eat the Doritos.

Anyway, I feel like I've swallowed a rock. That's what small-town homophobia does to my body. 

Sometimes I write books.

Read Delta's Diary today. Consider this my personal invitation to you. I want you to read this book.

Delta's Diary
The Lesbian Diaries, Book 11
by Giselle Renarde

Can a big-city butch find community in a small town?

Delta's sunk about as far as she can go when she moves in with her brother. He's in the same boat: his wife just left him and he's down in the dumps. They don't do much to cheer each other up, but at least co-existence is peaceful.

When Delta crashes the town's Friday Night Queer Club, the girl she's got the hots for is not the one who wants her back. How she ends up with a girlfriend she doesn't even like is anyone's guess, but that's not the only thing ruining her chances with the femme of her dreams. Her crush claims to be straight, and she doesn't exactly ingratiate herself by doubting Melanie's word.

Even when you've hit rock bottom, you can always sink lower. If there's one thing Delta knows how to do, it's burn bridges.

How will Delta untangle the mess she's created when she's running on nothing but street-smarts and grit?

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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Blood Addict: Paranormal Romance, Menage and BDSM Erotica

Blood Addict
Paranormal Romance, Menage and BDSM Erotica
by Giselle Renarde

A jealous god cages wicked Eve while a monk guards his chastity with similar restraints. Recovering vampires fall to temptation when a haircutter claims to hold the cure. A Gothic mesmerist meets his demons in a repressed patient's nightmares. Twelve men fall to an enchantress’s curse while a sea creature drags a fisherwoman beneath the ice. A husband keeps his thirst for blood secret to protect his wife, and an office romance blossoms between an employee and his succubus boss.

Paranormal erotic tales from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Blood Addict contains the following eight stories: A Jealous God, Jungfrau, Blood Addict, The Mesmerist and the Mare, Princess of the Ravens, Beneath the Ice, Simple, and Neither Love Nor Money.

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Becoming the Succubus: Paranormal Menage

Many years ago, I wrote a paranormal threesome tale called Jolene. Torquere Press had a call out for an anthology they were putting together.  In those days, I was working full-time.  I'd also promised my mother I would visit her.  

It was a Sunday.  I hadn't started writing.  Submissions were due the next day.

I brought my laptop to my mother's house and I wrote the entire 8,500-word story in one sitting. In my sixteen years as a professional writer, that's the most words I've ever written in a single day. That's my record.  I haven't even tried to beat it.

Jolene appeared in the anthology I wrote it for. After I got my rights back, it was published as an ebook, also called Jolene. It never did well with that name, so this time around I've brought the succubus front and centre.

Jolene is now Becoming the Succubus.

This story currently appears in my collection Men in Menage, which many of you have purchased. (Thanks!) If you have a copy of Men in Menage, you've already got your hands on this story. (Thanks again!) 

Becoming the Succubus

Paranormal Menage
by Giselle Renarde

Jolene's got it all: a great new dress, lots of friends, a popular entertainment blogger beau, and to top it off, it's her birthday. But her relationship with Wesley is not what it seems. Just when she thinks she's found herself the perfect man, she discovers her boyfriend has a boyfriend of his own. Where did this Seth guy come from and why is Wesley acting so weird around him? A wise old woman warns they're dealing with an incubus. Jolene will sacrifice anything to save Wesley, but can she possibly defeat Seth?

A paranormal menage previously published as Jolene.

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Saturday, October 15, 2022

A Tale of Fur and Flesh #Paranormal #Shifter #PNR Fairy Tale Adaptation

A Tale of Fur and Flesh
by Giselle Renarde

Princess Lally has lived in misery for many years. After fleeing her father’s kingdom, she takes refuge in darker realms, surrounded by a forest of shapeshifting creatures. Disguised as a peasant girl under layers of furs, she seeks shelter and protection in the land of good King Aelwyn. Will Lally remain in the dark world of shapeshifters for all time? Or will the secret princess find relief from her suffering in the one man who treats her with kindness?

A romantic adaptation of the fairy tale Allerleirauh.

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vampires, Witches and Weres

Girls Gone Carnal

Lesbian Vamps, Witches and Weres
By Giselle Renarde

Furry. Vicious. Wicked.

Lesbian shifters, vampires, and witches come in all shapes and sizes. From the humblest mouse to the most ferocious cougar, from maids and their mistresses to urban vamps and the women they lust after, these eight stories of lesbian sensuality are sure to inspire chills, thrills, and delicious shivers:

Milady’s Bath ~ a Gothic tale from a Lady’s maid at midnight
Mrs. Fox and the Cat of Nine Tails ~ a fairy tale cat girl seduces her mistress
Sneak ~ a mouse shifter saves the day in a backwoods bordello
Sparrow Takes Flight ~ a wind witch leaves as often as she comes
Blood Lust ~ this vamp leaves a mark
Wild Things ~ a deaf witch meets her match in the rainforest
Taken from Behind ~ cougar shifters must be extra careful
Blood Money ~ urban fantasy from a student just vamping for the cash

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Blood Money #Lesbian #Vampire #Erotica #Audiobook

Blood Money
Lesbian Vampire Erotica
By Giselle Renarde

When Charlotte answers Lucrezia's cryptic classified ad, she figures she'll earn a little money for tuition, textbooks, and other student expenses.  She never imagined she'd find Lucrezia so alluring, or that succumbing to seduction would change her forever.

Now Available as an Audiobook from Kobo:
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Sunday, September 11, 2022

MEN IN MENAGE #Paranormal #MMF #Erotica

Looking to put a little spice in your night?

Enjoy a threesome of supernatural MMF erotic romance stories! 

Jolene discovers two incubi are better than one. 

Menage gets Shakespearean in Midsummer Morning Woods. 

Wonderful Wing Boys takes us to an underground cougar club hosted by actual angels. 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Creatures of the Night: 6 Erotic Stories of the Paranormal

We're heading straight from wedding season to spooky season with Creatures of the Night, an anthology of supernatural erotica that started life as an audiobook!

Creatures of the Night
6 Erotic Stories of the Paranormal
by Giselle Renarde

There’s nothing more seductive than a sizzling story of sex and the supernatural. In this collection, you’ll find six thrilling and chilling tales of the paranormal from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. Go ahead. Stay up late tonight with six haunting stories of vampire lust, ghostly encounters, succubus sex and more!

Included in this collection are the following sexy stories:
Ghost of a Chance
Blood Lust
Neither Love Nor Money
Skyggen, the Shadow Woman
Milady's Bath
The Mesmerist and the Mare

Now available as an ebook and in print from a wide variety of retailers, including:
Google Play:



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Saturday, September 3, 2022

This is it! The Final #WeddingHeat: HAPPY EVER AFTER

It's a departure, for sure, but it's a decade in the making and it's here. You can buy it now and read it today.

It's HAPPY EVER AFTER, the fifteenth and final book in my Wedding Heat series!

Happy Ever After
Wedding Heat
Book 15
by Giselle Renarde

Margaret always dreamed the baby she gave up for adoption decades ago would one day track her down. When she receives an unexpected wedding invitation, she discovers her long-lost daughter has been fed a pack of lies about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. What will Margaret do? Gently fade out of her daughter's life? Or finally meet the truth head-on?

Available Now!
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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Stepbrother Heaven: Five Forbidden #Erotic #Romances
Got a good book for the weekend? 

Yeah, you do? 

Well, forget about that one and buy my new collection of stepbrother stories, novels and novellas!

Fill those rainy days and nights with stepbrothers galore as you flip through the pages of STEPBROTHER HEAVEN: Five Forbidden Erotic Romances!

In one collection, you're getting my novel IN SHADOW, the step-version of Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation (STEPBROTHER SUMMER), a novella called MOVING MAY that I actually stole from my sock puppet Lexi Wood, plus two short stories: one called COLD HARD CASH (which I really wish I'd titled My Sister, My Stripper) and another called LOVE IN THE LEAVES, which is a pretty romantic name for a story about a dude and his best friend having a threesome with his stepsister in the backyard.

Because this collection contains so much taboo content, it's not available from many retailers. In fact, I think you'll find the print version at more bookstores than the ebook

He’s sexy. He’s solid. He’s her stepbrother!

Anyone can fall for a bad boy, but it takes a special sort of girl to surrender to a guy who truly drives her crazy. And when those illicit impulses take hold? Oh baby! There’s no use trying to resist!

In these five erotic romances by Giselle Renarde, you’ll meet obedient Felicia, innocent Clover, sultry Sheree, money-hungry Jenna and high-maintenance May. They don’t have much in common, but they’re all hot for guys they shouldn’t want!

Sexy, sweaty love prevails in five incredibly lusty tales of girls falling for guys… who are strictly forbidden!

Stepbrother Heaven includes (two novels, two stories and one novella) the following complete works: Stepbrother Summer, In Shadow, Love in the Leaves, Moving May, and Cold Hard Cash.

Start reading today, and immerse yourself in a world where stepbrothers always get what they want!

Where can you buy your copy?

Here are a few links:

Smashwords (ebook):
Amazon (ebook, paperback, hardcover):

Here are a few more links for the paperback:

Hopefully the ebook will also be available at other retailers, but so-called "pseudoincest" (people having sex with their step-relations) is getting trickier to publish all the time.


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Chef's Kiss: A BDSM Romance Short

Chef's Kiss
A BDSM Romance Short

by Giselle Renarde
ISBN: 9781005491642
Word Count: 7,000

Holly wants more than just an autograph from TV’s sexy Chef Burley. Every time she watches the celebrity sweating over a hot stove, her imagination runs wild. Holly’s not usually the kind of woman who would throw herself at a man, but she’s willing to make an exception for Chef Burley.

Every woman at the book signing wants a piece of the sexy celebrity chef. How will Holly stand out from the crowd?

Fast-paced fiction from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Previously published as “Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef.”

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Fantasy of Romance

Note: originally posted in 2014

Here's something you should never admit when you work in this industry: I'm not a romantic.

But that's my truth.  I soured on romance early in life because I never felt represented in Disney-esque storylines.  I'm queer and I'm weird.  I was never a princess and I never wanted a prince.  Romance as a genre did not speak to me.

Apart from being queer and not identifying with heteromance (which struck me as prescriptive and ridiculous in terms of what's considered acceptable and appropriate behaviour in establishing a relationship), I also found the idea of the happy-ever-after a little... well, unrealistic.  Fantastic, in other words.

Romance is a fantasy.

A couple months ago, there was a hashtag on Twitter that had something to do with romance readers' guilty confessions.  I noticed a lot of readers tweeting that they didn't care how a story resolved itself so long as the lovers lived happily ever after.  They didn't care if the romance was realistic.  They just wanted to feel warm and fuzzy at the end.

Of course, not everybody following the conversation agreed.  Some readers want the plot to resonate, or at least to... you know, make sense.  For myself, I'd rather watch everything fall apart.  That's reality.  I'd rather see real, deep troubles between people--troubles that aren't easily or ever fixed.

But the fantasy of romance must have wriggled its way into my writing brain. I happened to be writing a fluffy bit of erotica, at the time, called "Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef"--now renames "Chef's Kiss."  I intended it as a hardcore romp--a woman's sexual fantasy of getting it on with a domineering TV chef. 

But as I wrote my Chef story, its intention began to morph.  I was trying to write a story that was all about sex, and suddenly it was infusing itself with romance.  Suddenly, my famous chef wanted even more than my star-struck woman.

I tried editing out all that fantastic romance, even as I wrote it.  For some reason, I couldn't stop myself.  Romance overpowered me.  When I handed the manuscript over to my girlfriend, who is also my contract editor, I asked her, "Is this too far from reality?"  I really hoped she'd tell me it was.  I hoped she'd advise me to change the story and remove some of that gushy, far-from-life romance.

But she didn't.  She liked it.

What is it that's so satisfying about the fantasy of romance?  Even as I reread that story and told myself, "This would never happen--not in a million years!" I couldn't change it.  Maybe even the most jaded among us maintain the fantasy of an easy love, an easy romance, an easy life.

That's not reality.  Maybe that's why we (yes, even the cynics and the pessimists) need a fictional shot of happy every once in a while.


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Other Talents

I find my happy place in graphic design. My partner's constantly asking me why I don't offer up my services, if it's something I enjoy so much.  I was thinking about this as I designed myself a new book cover just now, and that's when I remembered this post I wrote a few years ago for a writers' blog I belonged to.  

It still seems apt, so I'm sharing it here:

(c) cocoandwifi
(c) cocoandwifi

My grandmother is terribly proud of the new kitchen light my uncle installed for her. "He's such a perfectionist," she told me. "But he takes his time. He enjoys the work."

"He could make some extra money as a handyman now that he's retired," my mother said.

"No, no. He'd never do that. If this was a real job with pay and clients, then it would feel like work and he wouldn't want to do it anymore."

Same thing with me and graphic design.

I've mentioned before that cover art was, in my mind, a barrier to entry to the world of self-publishing. I knew I couldn't afford to commission quality cover art, but I also didn't know how to create it myself.

That was a big hurdle, but the less I earned in royalties from small presses, the more I realized I needed to make a change--and self-publishing was the best change for me.

I'm a self-taught cover designer. It's a skill I've acquired by trial and error. I won't say it's a "talent" necessarily, because I know some spectacular graphic designers and my covers really don't stack up.

From time to time, I do commission covers from people I consider "real" graphic designers, but the truth is that I've grown to love playing with my design program. Even after four years using it, I learn something new with every cover I create.

I was an artist, as a kid. Teachers told me I'd grow up to be a writer but I never believed them. I only wrote stories so I could draw pictures to go along with them. Maybe cover art is my adult version of book illustrations.

But there's a reason I don't offer up my skills for cash, and it's the same reason my uncle will only do handiwork around my grandmother's house and his own: once you're working for pay, working for clients, it's a job rather than a pleasure.

I want to retain graphic design as my pleasure. I want to keep learning and keep enjoying.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Birthday Gift is Back! #Summer #OutdoorSex #GroupSex

The Birthday Gift is the first story I wrote that was ever released as an ebook.  A small (now defunct) publisher called Dark Eden Press put it out back in 2008.  I've written about the extensive editing process it went through back then, and how much I learned about writing from my first editor, in a post you can read here.  

The Birthday Gift has been through a number of revisions since that time, and now it's back on the market in all its small-town pansexual group sex glory. It's also available as a paperback for the first time ever!

The Birthday Gift
by Giselle Renarde

Meredith is a cake-baking, apron-wearing small-town Canadian. Her guiding principle in life is, “What would June Cleaver do?” That is, until a curious set of circumstances cause her to crash an outdoor gathering where she stumbles upon a pair of delicious hunks getting a little hands-on with each other. Surely June Cleaver would have headed for the hills! Not Meredith. This relaxed get-together really heats up when one man’s wife appears on the scene... and encourages Meredith to join in!

Hot stuff! But the story’s not over yet. There’s still the tropical vacation, the confinement in foreign prison, the trial for freedom... and, hey, where’s Meredith’s husband in all this? It is his birthday, after all...

Buy now from Nook:

Google Play:

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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend (or Lesbian MILF Takes the Taboo Tramp)

My taboo sleep sex smut story, Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend, is back and it's got a new cover as well as a new name.  

Actually, it has two names.

Sorry to be confusing.

The last time this story was published, its title got it banned by Amazon. 

So this time I created an alternate title for Amazon: Lesbian MILF Takes the Taboo Tramp.

Same story, different names.

As a taboo dubcon title, this ebook ain't gonna see wide distribution.  So far, it's pretty much only available at Smashwords:

and Amazon:

Saturday, July 23, 2022

A Little Burlesque #lesbian #historical #erotic #romance

If you enjoy sapphic sensual fiction, you're in for a treat!

A Little Burlesque was originally published in 2010 as "The Little Burlesque by the Sea." It's been overhauled at least once since then, and I went over it just last week before publishing it again. I hadn't looked at this novella in a while, and, to be honest, I didn't have high hopes when I picked it up. When I got into it, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a great little book: lots of secrets, lots of stripping, lots of sex! 

By Giselle Renarde

Madame Mireille's ocean-side parlour, Les Trois Dames Jouissantes, is one of the last houses holding to the tenets of classic burlesque. They specialize in raunchy comedy sketches, undulating fan dances, chorus lines and, of course, the striptease. In post-war Maritimes, Madame’s burlesque house enjoys notoriety thanks to an all-female cast combining the smart with the sensual.

It was this reputation that attracted the troupe's two newest members. Ginger, the saucy redhead, has been around the block a few times. She might come on strong, but she’s a master of the comedy striptease. Orchid is young, new to the stage, and embodies all that is innocent—or so she'd have you believe!

Secrets abound behind the scenes, and it’ll take more than slippery fingers to bring them to the surface.

Historical lesbian romance with an erotic edge.

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Big Annual July Smashwords Sale is Back!

It's been a big half-year for publishing, over here at Giselle Renarde Erotica. I got my rights back from Excessica Publishing when they closed up shop, and I started republishing those books on January 1st. 

Honestly, I thought I'd be done by now. 

Practically, that's not how things have worked out.  It's taken much longer than anticipated.

The focus on publishing has taken time away from creative work (by which I mean writing new books), and I'll tell you right now: that gets me antsy and out of sorts.  It's incredible how much I rely on writing for my mental health.

I guess I'm in a chatty mood today, because what I really came out here to tell you is that the big annual July sale at Smashwords is on right now

The sale is on for the month of July, and it's a great opportunity to pick up copies of my books at a discounted price.

This year, I've discounted most of my books by 25%, 50%, and 75%. 

You can also snag some free titles, like ONE IN THE HAND, the first story in my Wedding Heat series. Hopefully you'll get hooked and buy the rest of the series, as many readers are currently doing.

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Stock up and save!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Cherry's Back! #NewAdult #OMYW #Erotica #BeachRead

Nearly ten years ago, I wrote an incredibly smutty book called Cherry. It was published by eXcessica, but since I felt it was one of my absolute best pieces of erotic writing, I decided to make it available for free on the following platforms:


Thousands of readers have enjoyed this nasty piece of smut online, and now it's back as an ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Why buy a copy when you can read Cherry for free? Buy it to support me and my writing business! Or buy it because you prefer other formats over online reading. I just want to make sure you know you can read Cherry for free OR you can buy yourself a copy. The choice is yours!

Oh, and the new version has a new cover!

A New Adult Novella
by Giselle Renarde

Late nights by a roaring fire, star-gazing with the cute park ranger, lazing around the balmy beach—sounds like a perfect summer vacation, doesn’t it? Cherry loves camping so much she doesn’t even mind spending a week with her parents. Anyway, camping is kind of their family tradition.

That’s why Cherry’s so upset when her father invites his recently-divorced friend, Phil, along. A geeky guest intruding on their vacation? Not fair!

But when Phil arrives at the campground… WOW! Was he always so cool? No, definitely not. When she was younger, Phil had been just another dorky dude. Now he’s stylish and fun and even pretty hunky! Divorce suits him nicely, as far as Cherry’s concerned.

Phil is the last man in the world who should turn Cherry’s head, but that makes their love so much tastier. The forest isn’t big enough to keep these two apart… even if they’re totally wrong for each other.

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Friday, May 20, 2022

Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On #OMYW #NewAdult #BestFriendsFather

I wrote Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On one summer, thinking I'd put together a nice little fluffy sex romp about a geek girl and her roommate's father. And, in essence, I suppose that's what it ended up being, plot-wise, but I didn't expect the characters to take such firm hold. I didn't expect them to flesh out quite so fully. But they were insistent.

After I'd written this book, I realized it wasn't just for the nerdy girls who want to express themselves sexually in a non-Girls Gone Wild sort of way (like me) but it was also very much for those who grew up with addiction in their households ( me).

There's something that stays with you all your life if you were raised by a parent or guardian with an addiction. It's a quality of trepidation, an immediate mistrust not only of people but of the potential impact of all substances. In this book, Savannah, the girl who falls for her roommate's dad, is all about clean living, and probably more out of fear of what alcohol and other things might do to her... or make her do.

But she really resents the assumptions other people make about her based on her choice not to drink or do drugs--people ask her to her face if she's a recovering alcoholic, or if she's a religious nut. She's been so focused on school and high achievements that she hasn't given much thought to guys, even though GOD does she love to get laid when the opportunity arises.

Against all odds, and much to my bewildered satisfaction, this book blossoms into a romance when Savannah, who is so like me in so many ways, finds someone who understands the quirks leftover from childhood are still a driving force of her life and personality. Let's just say it surprised me, and I always love it when a book can do that.

(This blog post was originally written when the first edition of Stacy's Dad came out in 2011.)
Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On
By Giselle Renarde

When Stacy's dad shows up unannounced at her apartment, her roommate Savannah is smitten. Eric's career in humanitarian relief makes him college-girl catnip, and his good looks and hot body only sweeten the deal.

Eric doesn’t often visit, but after catching his wife with a younger man he doesn’t know where to turn for consolation. Stacy does her best to cheer him up, but no amount of daughterly compassion is going to heal his bruised ego. He needs a special woman to lick his wounds.

Too bad nobody warned Savannah that Eric would bring more baggage than she'd bargained for...


“I’m not going to the hospital.”

“Yes you are,” Eric replied simply. But instead of pulling off his pajama pants and pulling on his jeans, he collapsed beside her on the couch. “Just give me five more minutes.”

She sighed and reached again for the remote, this time with more care. “See?” she said, turning down the volume. “As long as I don’t move too quickly, I’m fine. I’ll just put another round of ice on my ankle and in the morning I’ll be healed.”

Eric’s eyes popped wide open at the mention of ice. “You know, that’s not a bad idea.” Pressing both hands down on the couch, he pushed himself up and hobbled to the kitchen. He sighed as he opened the freezer. The cold seemed to revive him. He brought the tray out and snapped it back and forth before dumping the ice into a metal mixing bowl. Even before leaving the kitchen, he picked up one piece and traced it along the base of his jaw and down his neck. “That’s better,” he said. “Nothing like ice dripping down your neck to wake a guy up.”

“If you say so.” Savannah chuckled. “That’s never been my game.”

He brought the ice to the TV room and sat on the coffee table before placing the metal bowl on her ankle. She flinched, but she didn’t move her foot away. Anything so unnerving must be a help.

“How does that feel?” Eric teased.

“Like hell.”

He moved the bowl from her ankle and set it on top of a magazine. From it, he swiped a single cube. Savannah cringed as she watched it coming for her, but when the ice made contact with her skin, she was surprised it wasn’t painfully cold. If anything, it tickled.

“How about this?” Eric asked, tracing the cube around her slightly swollen ankle. “How does this feel?”

The ice melted quickly between his fingers and her flesh. Droplets of water trickled down her foot and dripped from her heel onto the throw pillow underneath.

“Good,” she said. To her surprise, it was true. “It feels really good, actually.”

“What if I do this?” Eric asked, picking up a fresh cube and tracing it up the inside of her calf. Shifting her robe aside, he circled it around her knee before drawing it slowing up her thigh. The cold made her tremble now. She felt its effects more between her legs than she had against her ankle. A whole line of water droplets tumbled down her inner thigh, soaking the terrycloth beneath her. She knew where he was going with this, and she wanted to show him she was on board.

Savannah untied her belt and let her robe fall open at the front. Her breasts were warm and soft with sleep. “Do my tits,” she bid. “With the ice. Make them hard.”

A churlish grin bled upon Eric’s pink lips. “You want me to?”

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Narcissist Seeks Narcissist: A Lesbian Romantic Comedy

This is a book I wrote because, like 86% of the planet, I've got a huge crush on Joanna Lumley. So I fictionalized her, turned her into a lesbian, and put her in this erotic comedy. 

Ahh... how one can dream...
Narcissist Seeks Narcissist
by Giselle Renarde

Szuszu the former model has survived on women and scotch since she was just a teenager. All these years, she's had her best friend Babette by her side, but now that Babette is married and setting off on a world tour, Szuszu feels utterly abandoned. As a pre-departure joke, Babette writes up a silly and snide little personal ad, which narcissistic Szuszu posts in hopes of attracting a woman who looks just like she did when she was young.

Naomi thinks Szuszu's post is hilarious -- what a great sense of humor! She can hardly believe the centrefold she stole from her dad's collection way back in the day is looking for love. It's not like her to answer a personal ad, but for the infamous Szuszu she'll make an exception. She thinks Szuszu looks fantastic, and Szuszu (who refuses to wear her glasses) thinks Naomi looks just like her. What could ensue but sex, love, and a whole lot of comedy?

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Friday, April 22, 2022

#WeddingHeat Pretty Bride #Lesbian #Cousins

Where to begin, where to begin?  

Well, PRETTY BRIDE, which was formerly titled "Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin" is now available.  I guess it's best to start with the basics.  

Pretty Bride is the fourth story in the Wedding Heat series, but it was actually the FIRST story that came to mind when I conceptualized this series.

Because... okay, well... a lot of people have crushes on their cousins.


I definitely have one cousin I was a little sweet on at one point in life--not that I would ever have acted on it, and she's straight anyway, but fantasy is a huge driving factor in erotica.  I wouldn't surrender to temptation the way Vanessa and Maggie, but I sure as hell enjoyed writing about it!

The last thing I want to mention before sharing the blurb and an excerpt from PRETTY BRIDE is that, because this title falls into the "pseudo-incest" category (the girls are not blood relatives), it will not be available from ALL the usual vendors.  Most e-tailers don't allow this sort of content on their sites.  You can check out a preliminary list at the end of this post.

Pretty Bride
Wedding Heat, Book 4
by Giselle Renarde

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Vanessa’s had a crush on her cousin Maggie since before she knew what love was. They were inseparable growing up—that is, until Vanessa came out as lesbian. That confession sparked a rift between the girls that stretched out more than ten years.

Two days before her wedding, Maggie meets up with Vanessa for the first time in years. Will Vanessa give in to her lust and try to seduce Maggie so close to the wedding? Or will Maggie give Vanessa no choice?


“I can’t.”

Vanessa spoke so softly she could barely hear her own voice.  Shaking her head, she let her gaze wander the length of Maggie’s naked flesh.  God, what a body!  Maggie’s thighs were like cream, two milky paths culminating in pinkness hidden beyond a trim strip of hair.

“I can’t, Mags, I just can’t.”

“Can’t what?” Maggie whined, reaching for the soap dish indented in the shower wall and pulling herself to standing. She opened the tiny bottle of shower gel and drizzled it across her breasts.  “You can’t wash me?  You can’t just wash me?”

The way Maggie said that word, wash, made it seem like not such a big deal.  Still, Vanessa fought with herself: should she let go and abandon her good sense, or obey moral law and fight her urges and Maggie’s advances?

Maggie didn’t give her much choice.  Grabbing Vanessa’s sopping shirtsleeves, the girl pulled her in for a kiss. She didn’t even see it coming.  Her mind was clouded, hazy, lost in the heady sensation of Maggie’s tongue whipping around her mouth.

Moaning, Maggie pressed her big breasts against Vanessa’s front.  They writhed together under the shower’s hot flow as the mango-scented body wash began to froth between them.  In the midst of their frenzy Vanessa felt the tiny bubbles working their way through her undershirt and popping against her nipples.  The sensation defied description.  All she wanted was more.

“You’re such a good kisser!” Maggie cried as Vanessa licked her wet neck.  “Oh god, that’s amazing!”

Vanessa hesitated for an instant, assuring herself that Maggie wasn’t really her cousin, and then ran her hands across the supple length of the girl’s waiting flesh, tracing the perimeter, exploring all the boundaries.  “I want to lick your pussy so bad, Mags.”

“Do it.”  Maggie’s voice was tight and high, like she was so desperate for this to happen she could barely speak.  “Do it now!” 

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