Friday, December 30, 2022

I hate myself a bit right now...

...and here's why:

I think I've been unconsciously downplaying the queer content in my books recently. That's not cool, and thus the self-hatred. But I know why I've been doing it, even if I've been doing it without meaning to do it. I keep getting subtle whispers in my ear that romance readers don't like bisexual women. Bad, bad, yucky, uncomfortable!

I've let those whispers get to me and it's impacted the way I market my books--but not anymore, baby! I'm here, I'm queer and you're used to it, but from now on I'll make a concerted effort to show the reading public my books are queer too.

If some readers don't like bisexual women, queer women, trans women, lesbian women or genderfucked assholes like me, they'd better steer clear of my writing. The end.

Cougar's Eve ebook cover
After that sickly sweet introduction, let me say: Cougar's Eve is a NYE novella about two middle-aged women attending a wild cougar party at a luxury resort (though one is very reluctant and there is some mild trickery involved in getting her there). Lori's all for this hooking-up-with-younger-men scene. Trish hasn't been with a man since her husband left her, and that was forever ago.

Maybe Trish will meet a special young man who will turn her world upside-down. Or maybe it'll be a special young woman. Or maybe it'll be two guys and Trish will be upside-down. Or maybe she'll have one guy behind her and a gorgeous girl working her front...

I'll leave it to your imagination.

Just kidding! Here are seven paragraphs of Trish being seduced by Raye the receptionist. 

Avert your eyes if you don't like bisexual women...

Spreading her shirt wide open, Raye traced her fingertips across Trish’s bare skin. Trish hadn’t been touched this way in so many years… so many, many, many years.

“This is a pretty bra,” Raye said, gently touching the borders. “Simple cream-coloured lace. It’s classic.”

“Thank you,” Trish replied.

“Can I take it off?”


With a sly smile, Raye said, “I want to look at your breasts. I want to see them naked.”

A blast of heat spread across Trish’s skin, but she said nothing.

Cougar's Eve print cover

This post was originally published December 6th, 2014

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