Friday, April 17, 2020

Fingered in the Ass by my Best Friend’s Bisexual Lover #Lesbian #Erotica

In case you're under the misapprehension that I'm some kind of classy-ass writer, I'm here today to prove that I am not.

This short story was originally written as an anthology contribution. It was called "Sweet Hart," which is nice and all, but "Fingered in the Ass by my Best Friend’s Bisexual Lover" is much more to the point. A little on the nose, perhaps, but I want readers to know what they're in for.

This story does exactly what it says on the tin.

I'm in the middle of writing another book in my Lesbian Diaries series, but it's taking longer than I'd expected (which is to say it's going to be a longer book than I'd planned).  I wanted to get something out there while you're waiting. Hopefully this short ebook will tide you over. If not, I've written hundreds of short stories and dozens of novels and novellas. Maybe those will do the trick?

Fingered in the Ass by my Best Friend’s Bisexual Lover
Lesbian Erotica
by Giselle Renarde

Analee (who acquired an unfortunate nickname in high school) hasn't seen her good friend Hart since graduation. When they meet up at a swanky restaurant, he surprises her with a woman--his new girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie and Hart aren't shy about sex, or about sharing, as it turns out. When Sophie learns that Analee is a lesbian who has never ventured into the realm of anal sex, Sophie pulls her into the bathroom to teach her a thing or two (or three).

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