Sunday, October 23, 2022

Becoming the Succubus: Paranormal Menage

Many years ago, I wrote a paranormal threesome tale called Jolene. Torquere Press had a call out for an anthology they were putting together.  In those days, I was working full-time.  I'd also promised my mother I would visit her.  

It was a Sunday.  I hadn't started writing.  Submissions were due the next day.

I brought my laptop to my mother's house and I wrote the entire 8,500-word story in one sitting. In my sixteen years as a professional writer, that's the most words I've ever written in a single day. That's my record.  I haven't even tried to beat it.

Jolene appeared in the anthology I wrote it for. After I got my rights back, it was published as an ebook, also called Jolene. It never did well with that name, so this time around I've brought the succubus front and centre.

Jolene is now Becoming the Succubus.

This story currently appears in my collection Men in Menage, which many of you have purchased. (Thanks!) If you have a copy of Men in Menage, you've already got your hands on this story. (Thanks again!) 

Becoming the Succubus

Paranormal Menage
by Giselle Renarde

Jolene's got it all: a great new dress, lots of friends, a popular entertainment blogger beau, and to top it off, it's her birthday. But her relationship with Wesley is not what it seems. Just when she thinks she's found herself the perfect man, she discovers her boyfriend has a boyfriend of his own. Where did this Seth guy come from and why is Wesley acting so weird around him? A wise old woman warns they're dealing with an incubus. Jolene will sacrifice anything to save Wesley, but can she possibly defeat Seth?

A paranormal menage previously published as Jolene.

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