Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Six TNG with Valerie Mann

1. What does "vanilla" mean to you?

Aromatic and sensual. Warm nights in front of a fire…or maybe under the covers with a warm man.

2. Is there any moment from your life that you remember in slow motion?

Running down a hill when I was 13 years old and slipping on wet grass. I twisted my leg and heard it break. I can still remember every moment like time-lapse photography. Sorry…but you did ask. Ewww.

3. What's the most unsettling movie you've ever seen?

Well, as an adult, it would have to be Silence of the Lambs. But when I was a very little girl, my mom (who’s a night owl) used to stay up late and watch scary movies. One time I remember watching what I think was the true story of a girl who was kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin. All she had was a light of some sort and enough oxygen for a few hours. How horrifying! The other one, and this is all I remember, was a bathtub filled with blood and a hand rising up out of it. Yeah, you can ask the question; what was my mother thinking allowing me to watch that stuff?? 

4. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would you want it to look like?

You can’t be serious. Hmmm, I can’t even begin to contemplate. As one tattoo artist once said, “Drunk people get tattoos on their faces.” I’d have to be really drunk. Like wake-up-the-next-morning-and-not-remember-a-thing drunk.

5. How many monkeys jumping on the bed?

Ha ha! I think five. Because I have five children and I can picture them all doing it. And now I have that rhyme running through my head, thanks so much! LOL

6. Which of the books or stories you've written is your favourite?

The one I’m currently working on, as yet untitled, is like a lover to me, I seriously am in love with it! It’s about a woman who has a ménage experience with two demon brothers. Until one of them realizes she’s his mate. His conflict is that she’s not a demon and he thinks he can’t be with her for more than a short time. The story becomes a love story between the two of them as they work through their issues and live happily ever after! (buh bye, other brother)

Valerie Mann

Mile High Club - Noble Romance Publishing

Hide & Seek - Wild Rose Press

Fanning Old Flames - Cobblestone Press

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