Friday, November 14, 2014

Monsters and Shifters and Men IN PRINT!

When you release a new book, it's smart to have the print version available right away. It's stupid to wait a month and then make the paperback available. As you know, I'm fond of doing stupid things, and so Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is now available in print (fourteen million years after the ebook came out):

Just can’t get enough? Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is full of spicy paranormal romances!

Inside you’ll find a princess in hiding, a forest full of shapeshifters and a faery with a secret. Curious about that mysterious man at the coffee shop? So are baristas Saada and Toby. Meanwhile, paranormal investigators Geoff and Anna are northward bound to search for the legendary Shadow People. And how will Artemis react when she encounters a cunning incubus who knows what he wants… and takes it?

Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! includes:

Shadow People
The Regular
A Tale of Fur and Flesh
Monstrous Obsession
Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice

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