Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shadow People (now available as an e-book)

Once upon a time in the year of 2008, a story of mine called Shadow People appeared in an anthology called Bite Me! It was an anthology of MMF menage paranormal stories.

If you've been paying attention to this blog, you might have noticed I recently published my own anthology of MMF menage/multiple partner paranormal stories/novellas/novelettes called Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! I included Shadow People in that book.

Maybe you've read it.

And maybe you haven't!

And if you haven't, I'm here to announce that Shadow People is now available as its own little ebook exclusively with Amazon. Why would I do such a thing? Because I'm counting on some of you/them/people/readers being Kindle Unlimited subscribers. If you are, that means you can borrow Shadow People for free!

I'll also mention I used Amazon's "Cover Creator" feature (which has been in Beta for the past 45 years) to make that particular cover. What can I say? I like playing with software while I watch TV.

Anyhoo, blah blah blah I talk too much. Here's the blurb and links:

Traditional stories tell of Inuit who have crossed into the shadow world. No one has ever returned…

Paranormal Investigator Anna Fairclough hasn't had much luck getting interesting assignments. When her boss, Gentle Geoff, picks her to investigate the existence of the elusive Inuit Shadow People, Anna jumps for joy. When he decides to come along for the trip, she's over the moon!

But when their attempts to find the legendary Shadow People fail at every turn, Geoff doesn't seem so gentle anymore. In fact, he blames Anna for their failure. Will the novice parapsychologist ever discover the secret of the Shadow People? And have rumours of their shyness been greatly exaggerated?

Author’s Note: Shadow People includes mature content not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. 

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