Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homes Away from Donuts

I'm special-guesting at two different sites today.

Did somebody say threesome?
Well, I'm not exactly a "special" guest at Flirty Author Bitches.  I'm actually a regular contributor to that blog (every 4th Tuesday, yo!).  Also, my post there today is totally ripped off from Donuts & Desires, but, hey, maybe you haven't read it: http://flirtyauthorbitches.com/2013/02/im-not-going-to-ask-who-wore-it-best/

The second guest appearance is the one I'm REALLY excited about.  It's an interview that features the sexy-assest Snape fan art I've ever seen. Visit for the sexy Snape, stay for the stuff about me: http://sexyreads.co.uk/interviews/what-is-sexy-to-giselle-renarde

That's all for now.
Happy Tuesday!

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