Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stranded With The Professor

It's winter, so everybody wants to see characters get snowed in.  Good thing there's a new anthology from Ravenous Romance called (you guessed it) Snowed In!  It featured erotic romance stories wherein everybody's getting (that's right) snowed in--inside, outside, outside-down.

Mine takes place in a car, when a blizzard makes the highway impassable.  It's a gay first-time story--those are always popular, in my experience.  (Okay, all I really have to go on is "Skinny Dipping" from my Wedding Heat series. That's a gay first-time story and it sells like a mofo: http://weddingheat.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/sexcerpt-from-wedding-heat-3-skinny-dipping/ )

In "Stranded with the Professor," a college student and a stodgy professor get stuck.  The young guy tries to engage the professor, but the older dude is coming off a bad breakup and doesn't have much to say.  But, hey, sometimes actions speak louder than words... especially when you're keeping warm under a fresh pile of laundry.

Here's an excerpt from my story, "Stranded with the Professor":

Completely naked, Jacob buried himself in laundry, which was, amazingly, still warm from the dryer.  Max was somewhere behind him, but not touching.  The professor stretched a sheet and then a blanket over their bodies and the laundry pile, and Jacob felt the warmth trapped next to his skin, even as the coldness of night encroached through the windows.
“Closer,” Jacob said.
For the longest moment in the history of everything, Max didn’t move. 
And then he did.
“You won’t tell your parents…?”
Jacob smiled.  “I won’t tell them if you don’t tell them.  Whatever happens.”
Max drew closer.  His body heat met Jacob’s back, and then his skin did.  Chest to back, arms circling around, hard cock lodged between two very receptive ass cheeks.  Yes, thank you! Jacob couldn’t get over the mass of that erection, or the heat coming off of it.  The professor’s arousal encouraged his cock to grow big and thick.  God, he ached to touch it, but he was frozen in place. Couldn’t move a muscle.
“If I’ve been rude to you, I apologize.”  Max hugged Jacob hard, then planted a hot kiss at the crook of his neck.  That mustache tickled, but Jacob didn’t laugh.  “I’m not type to talk about my emotions, but I appreciate your compassion—more than you’ll ever know.”
Jacob warmed from the inside out.  “You can do anything you want to me.  I mean it.  Anything.”
A grizzly growl emerged from deep in Max’s throat.  He sieged Jacob’s neck with kisses, sweeping his mustache up its length and then down Jacob’s shoulder.  Was this really happening?  Jacob was about to lose his gay cherry to a professor from his very own school?  Never in a million years did he imagine this happening.
A hot hand met Jacob’s dick, and he gasped.  He seriously couldn’t believe how good this felt.  Nothing like touching himself.  Nothing like the rare occasions on which he’d been able to convince a girl to touch it.  Max’s hand was practised and sure.  It wrapped around Jacob’s erection like a serpent, then tightened, tightened, then stroked.  God, if he wasn’t careful he’d come before anything really happened.
“Feels good,” Jacob said, his throat clicking between the words.  “So good.”
Max didn’t say anything, but his staggered breath on Jacob’s shoulder said more than words ever could.  Jacob wondered if he should reach back and paw at the professor, but he felt nervous about that idea.  He didn’t know what he was doing, so he just let Max do all the heavy lifting.
The professor’s hand streaked up and down Jacob’s erection, and the rampant friction warmed his thighs and his belly.  If the plan was to generate heat, it was sure as hell working!

If you want to pick up a copy of Snowed In, it's available from Ravenous Romance: http://www.ravenousromance.com/anthologies/snowed-in.php

I didn't find it on Amazon, but I assume it's coming.
Happy Winter!

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