Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cover Reveal! The Beast In Me (the one with three werewolves)

Twitter doesn't want me to share pics these days, so here we are, back at the blog, looking at a hot new cover.  Here's one I saw for the first time today, for my upcoming werewolf historical menage novelette "The Beast in Me."  It looks all professional and stuff. Love it!

Sarah doesn't have much in common with the other girls in town. She's never even kissed a boy… until the evening Anderson walks her home. Over time, Anderson presses her for more than just kisses, and on the one-year anniversary of their first kiss Sarah might just give in to his whims. But the woods are dark at night, and there are creatures about, howling in the distance.

When Anderson is accosted by a wolf under the light of a full moon, will Sarah save her beau? Or will she be caught in the crossfire? And, if she survives the attack, will life ever be the same?

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