Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Street Change Challenge, continued...

A couple months ago, I told you about this royalty cheque I received in the amount of $1.90.  (Since then, I've done even better--I got a royalty statement for 10 pence!)  When I got that $1.90 cheque in the mail, I thought, "My God, I could probably pick up more change off the sidewalk!"

Street Change at 2 months (and Hello Kitty)
So that's been my challenge, ever since: pick up every penny I see and find out if I can "earn" more than $1.90 in 3 months. 

I promised you an update, so here's the deal after 2 months.

According to Hello Kitty, the 2 month total is $1.37.

Gettin' there!

As you can maybe see in the picture, 10 cents of that $1.37 consists of Canadian Tire Money, which I probably need to explain for my non-Canadian readers. 

See, Canadian Tire is Canada's oldest (I think?) big box type hardware store. They have a loyalty program called "Canadian Tire Money" where you get a certain percentage "money" back on purchases, except that "money" is only redeemable in-store.  Okay, not true currency, but if I get to count the American quarter I found, I'm going to count the Canadian Tire Money too.

So that's today's lesson in Canadiana.

I should mention that I also found nearly $20 worth of subway tokens in a station, but without even thinking I picked them up and handed them to the ticket collector.  All that was going through my mind when I found this little token pouch was, "The person who dropped this is going to be kicking themselves when they realize they lost it, especially if they're on a budget.  I hope they get it back!"  And I very much hope they do.

Oy, the compassion!

Anyhoo, the clock's a-ticking.  Once we hit the 3-month mark, I'll let you know if we've reached our target of $1.90.  Fingers crossed!  If I can't make more money picking up change off the sidewalk than writing fiction... well, I might just have to keep working as an author to earn my living.



I'll keep you posted,

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