Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Tearful Goodbye: Six Sentence Sunday is Gone

Maybe I'm late to the pity party with this announcement, but I've only just discovered that Six Sentence Sunday has shut down operation--hot on the heels of free erotica sites like Oysters and Chocolate and Every Night Erotica.

Six Sentence Sunday was a nice little marketing thingy (sign up your blog, then on Sunday post 6 sentences from one of your books, stories, or WIPs).  It had a wide following, too. Now it's gone. *poof*

Here's the seemingly hasty post that appears at

Six Sentence Sunday has come to close.

This site does not endorse any sites, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, etc duplicating the concept of Six Sentence Sunday or its efforts.

So, I guess that message is pretty clear.

Another one bites the dust.

Rest assured, I'll never leave you.
Love always,

(and if you're looking for free reads and erotic excerpts, check out the FREE SMUT section here at Donuts & Desires:

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