Thursday, February 18, 2016

New #Taboo #Erotica (and it's FREE right now!)

Lexi's been begging me to tell you about this new book she put out: 6 original stories of the stepfather/stepdaughter variety. That "variety" includes the exchange student and the man of the house, sad divorced guy and the girl his son has a crush on... I think there's a man living on a family's couch who hooks up with the virgin daughter? Anyway, stuff like that: people having sex with people they probably shouldn't be having sex with.

This book has been wildly successful. Lexi's books always sell better than mine, but since I'm such a generous and giving person I've decided to promote her smut to you. Not that she'll thank me for it. Lexi has got to be the rudest, most irritating sock puppet on the planet. And that's saying something!  Sock puppets don't exactly have a reputation for being sweet and kind.

Anyway, here's her damn book. It's free today, tomorrow, and Saturday. That would be... where's my calendar? February 18, 19, 20. Of the year 2016, in case you're reading this from the future.

Good Girls, First Times, Forbidden Lust and Punished Brats

FREE at Amazon 
Thursday February 18-Saturday February 20th

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