Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Nice Package, Love Bites and Rainbow Reviews

I had an exciting mail day. Snail mail, to be precise. Did you know that still existed? Yes, that’s right: a real live person brings stuff right to your door and it doesn’t cost you a penny. What service! And it’s been around for how long, you say?

Anyway, silly-time over. I received in the post my contributor copy of a great little anthology called Love Bites. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. It’s the paranormal M/M/F ménage antho brought to you by the letter Bare Back Angels and the number Torquere Press. Some really hot guy-guy-girl stories in this baby.

But we still haven’t come to the exciting bit. Believe it or not, before the mail came this morning, I had never seen my work in print! That’s right. All my other work has appeared in some or another electronic format. Gosh, is it ever exciting to see your name in print, and to flip through a paperback to find your own words inside. “Q” – I wrote that! “Well-greased stripper pole” – my words! “Tell me what happened or I’ll tie your ass hair to your pubes!” – ahem… yes… also mine.

To add to the excitement, I came upon a great review of my story “The Regular,” which appears in Love Bites. Emily at Rainbow Reviews calls “The Regular,” “an ingenuous twist on the classic tale of Cupid’s arrow.” Aw, shucks! And it gets even better: “This lovely story explores how love is often found in the most unexpected places, with the people we see each and every day.”

There’s also a character cross-over I should mention. Anyone who read Tangled Roots must be wondering what happened to poor, spurned Toby. Buy a copy of Love Bites and read “The Regular.” You’ll die a happy man.

Here’s to the print anthology and many happy mail days to come! (I hear my contributor copies of Coming Together: With Pride are on their way—just one more reason to celebrate life and work!)

Cuddles all around!