Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming Together: Against the Odds

Happy Victoria Day!

As I listen to the fireworks igniting across the street, I reflect upon everything we have to celebrate. In and amongst the long list I'm compiling in my mind is the fact that today is a special release day!

Today is the day Coming Together: Against the Odds becomes available! If you're a print anthology lover, you'll have to wait until June, but you can get your hands on the e-book today.

I'm a proud contributor to three volumes in the Coming Together series, and I'm delighted that the fabulous Alessia Brio selected my poem Will She Kiss Me? to open the collection.

About Coming Together: Against the Odds...

All behavior is communication. The trick is to figure out just what it's saying. No behavior communicates as clearly or on as many levels as sex. All the physical and emotional senses are engaged. Add the element of intrigue, and the intellect is engaged as well.

Phaze Books, in partnership with editor, Alessia Brio, is proud to announce the release of Coming Together: Against the Odds, a collection of erotic fiction with a mystery theme, with an introduction written by the one & only Maxim Jakubowski.

All proceeds from the sale of this special anthology will benefit Autism Speaks.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction (Maxim Jakubowski)
  • Will She Kiss Me? (Giselle Renarde)
  • Under a Moving Star (Angela Caperton)
  • Blind Tasting (EllaRegina)
  • Undercover Angel (Alessia Brio)
  • Always a Bridesmaid (Andrea Dale)
  • Choke (Gregory L. Norris)
  • The Booty Call Caper (Kathleen Bradean)
  • Sen-Sen (Alicia Night Orchid)
  • It Had To Be You (GS Wiley)
  • Missing Pieces (Jasmine Black)
  • Claim Mate (Brenna Lyons)
  • Sixth Sense (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
  • No Boundaries (Moondancer Drake)
  • The Arch (Eva Batonne)

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