Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Six Interview with Jacqueline Applebee

1. Hi Jacqueline! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. First off, what types of stories do you write?

JA: I write erotic romances. I write all flavours including Queer and Interracial.

2. What are you reading right now?

JA: I've just bought "Speaking sex to power" by Patrick Califa. I'm also reading "Gilgamesh" which is fantastic!

3. I hear music in the background…what's playing?

JA: Oh dear, it's the Fontanelles, playing 'Kiss-Kicker' which unfortunately sounds like 'Pig-Licker' I first heard it on the MST3K episode, 'Hobgoblins'

4. Do you have a favourite naughty word?

JA: Don't tell anyone, but I seem to say the word 'Bollocks to that!' an awful lot. My work mates are not impressed...

5. Is there a word or phrase that absolutely makes you cringe?

JA: "Girl Power." Calling a grown woman a girl is not empowering in any way.

6. Be honest: What are you snacking on?

JA: Apple pie and orange juice. Not very exciting, but I feel a cold coming on, so I'm in need of lots of Vitamin C

7. Promo time! Any exciting new releases? How can readers find out more about you and your work?

JA: "Battle Cry: Sweet Pet 2" will be released with Shadowfire Press on 20th November. To find out more about my work, please pop by my website at There are plenty of stories to read, with something for everyone!

Jacqueline Applebee
Breaking down barriers with smut.

Yes, "Girl Power" has a tad too much of a Spice Girls tinge to it to be in any way appealing to me. I don't much appreciate being called a "girl," much less a "lady." I'm a semi-butch bitch. There's nothing ladylike about me. I'd rather be addressed as a "woman" or a "person" or, better yet, a "radical feminist." Lady? Hardly.
Thanks for the interview!

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