Friday, July 18, 2014

Bad Boy Menage and Bye For Now

Hieeee everybody! That was an especially enthusiastic greeting because, as of tomorrow, I am on vacation. That's right--I'm blowing this Popsicle stand commonly known as "the internet" and trading up for a week in the woods. And, let me tell you, I can't wait! Sweet's taking care of the cats, bless her, and she's already looking after someone else's dog, so looks like she'll have a veritable menagerie on her hands. Shout out to my great girlfriend!

And another shout out to a new anthology I happen to have a story in that just came out today and is the book of the day and is on sale:

Bad boys are irresistible; insert one into menage...well the results are indredibly sexy! Bad Boy Menage is one hot sexy story after another, with an even sexier bad boy to drool over. Starting with Nicole Wilder's The Bounty and ending with Kimber Vale's Carrie's and Bridget's Bucket List, this anthology will be more bad boys than you can handle in the very best way!

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